• Suggestion for a breakfast in Saigon 
  • Suggestion for a breakfast in Saigon 

  • on May 19, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Breakfast plays a very important role as it is the energy source for a whole hard working day. In the past, breakfasts were cooked by deft hands of women in a family which enhances much the taste of the foods. In this modern day, Vietnamese women are busier with their social roles and cannot cook breakfast so frequently, so street-food stalls and restaurant are more appropriate choices. This article is going to present most popular breakfast dishes in Saigon that you should not miss. 

    Banh mi chao (pan bread)


    Despite having been well-known for more than 50 years, Hoa Ma bread shop now still appears as a small cartful, not being upgraded to a luxurious restaurant. The shop is only open in the morning, not all daytime and it is not popular among Saigon people only, but foreign tourists as well. You can order a set of omelet and ham or a mixed one then sprinkle some black pepper, soy or chilli sauces to enjoy that tasty breakfast dish. Plastic chairs in a small alley are available for customers and the price for one set is at least 40.000 dong.

    Hu tieu (Noodles with seasoned and saute" beef)


    It is not challenging for you to find a shop of noodles with seasoned and saute” beef no matter where you are in Saigon. Hu tieu may be the most adaptable dish for customers with various ingredients to choose like chicken, pork, “lòng lợn” (steamed rolls made of rice-flour served with pig’s inner organs), pork ribs, etc.
    There are also some well-known “Hủ tiếu” restaurants in Saigon such as Than Xuan on Ton That Hiep street (district 1), To Ky xate hu tieu on Go Cong street (district 5) and Phu Quy in Ho Thi Ky market (district 10). The price for 1 bowl of hu tieu is 30.000 dong on average.

    Pho – Rice noodle with soup 


    A plate of bean sprouts dipped in boiling water is what distinguish Saigon pho from Hanoi pho. People in Saigon serve Pho with coriander, basil, rice paddy herb, green onion and other types of herbs, according to their own tastes. The taste will not be complete without the red chili sauce, black soy sauce, lemon and chili slices. 

    There are 5 types of Pho available in Saigon: chin (well done), tai (rare), gan (tendon), nam (flank), àn gau (brisket); and you can also see how diverse a bowl of Pho can be with other delicate types such as Pho with beef shanks, beef tripe, chicken, beef balls or without meat.

    Hoa pho restaurant have been an ideal place for Saigoners who love iconic dishes of the North. The price here is 75,000 dong for one bowl of mixed ingredients. Ordering a bowl of broth with egg and green onions is nothing short of amazing!

    Bun bo Hue (Hue beef noodle soup)


    Hue beef noodle soup is not from Saigon but still is a favorite dish of many customers. The food is spicy, fragrant and makes you feel full for long. Sepcially, steamed beef bone and lemongrass create signature red color of the sauce.

    A bowl of Hue beef noodle soup would not be perfect without some slices of beef, lean pork paste, pork shanks, green onions, etc. In the morning, Ha uncle Hue beef noodle soup restaurant on Vo Van Tan street is so crowded with lots of customers. Each bowl costs at least 45,000 VND.

    Com tam (broken rice)


    Broken rice is a dish that is sold at all times of the day. Located on Dang Van Ngu Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ba Gien Restaurant is one of the oldest addresses in the city. The restaurant won the heart of many consumers only by delicious taste of the dish but also thanks to the palm size of pork ribs. There are many types of additive food such as lean pork paste, pig’s skin, omelet, fried eggs, pork meatballs, Chinese sausage, etc. These dishes are cooked in Southern style so they are slightly sweet. Each set of broken rice is priced at least 44,000 dong and the more additives are order, the higher the price will be. And the shop is open at 8am. 


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