• Tam Coc and its unique floating market
  • Tam Coc and its unique floating market

  • on Mar 24, 2020       By: BN
  • If you are already impressed by the iconic water markets on the Mekong River, immerse yourself this time in the warm atmosphere offered by a floating market unique in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh. The atmosphere that reigns on the Tam Coc river trip is not the same as in the Southern delta, but travellers can really feel the pleasant moments in front of the scenes of life on the water.

    tam coc floating market

    Prized by the beauty as if on a postcard, Tam Coc - Bich Dong is ideal for a relaxing excursion along the Ngo Dong river, between sugar loaves, rice fields, caves, wildlife and wild flora on the banks. This is such a picturesque atmosphere that enchants walkers in search of total immersion in the great outdoors.

    tam coc ninh binh Merchant

    Departing from the pier, you will meet here and there, a sampan filled with fruit, candy, a bottle of water... handled peacefully by a local. Smiling, some rowers approach to offer you, without insisting, a few things to eat.

    tam coc ninh binh boat

    After a three-kilometre journey, these boats find themselves disembarking from the third cave, where the "floating market" of the Halong Bay on land is in full swing. The animation created by a dozen small points of sale on the water allows visitors to get closer to local life.

    tam coc ninh binh meeting

    It’s an opportunity for visitors to have a good time by having a few things for a little hunger, or simply, to get to know the rowers

    tam coc ninh binh goods sample

    Local fruit and water are the most sought after by walkers after more than an hour of sailing in Tam Coc

    tam coc ninh binh on the river

    These rowers need three kilometres of navigation on the river to access the market and return in the other direction at the end of the day

    tam coc ninh binh taking note of business

    The note-taking stopover

    tam coc ninh binh merchant rower

    It takes time and patience to hire these traders at Tam Coc. Whether you buy or not, they always leave you with a smile

    tam coc ninh binh a break on the river

    A well-deserved rest after hours of paddling and business on the water to make ends meet

    Like the real guides, these rowers are also friendly in explaining the surrounding landscapes and historic places to you. The hospitality of the people of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh is reminiscent of the thousand-year-old culture and history of Hoa Lu, the land of Vietnam’s first capital.

    Rowing with the feet, the scenes that remain etched in the memories of the passengers at Tam Coc

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