• Kenh Ga Hot Springs - Ninh Binh Travel Guide
  • Kenh Ga Hot Springs - Ninh Binh Travel Guide

  • on Feb 15, 2019       By: LucyH
  • Talking about Ninh Binh, you will immediately think of Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An or Tam Coc Bich Dong ... but you should also know that there is a famous hot spring named Kenh Ga in this land. This is one of the top 5 popular hot springs tourist destinations in Vietnam. The water flows from the heart of a mountain and pours straight into the Hoang Long River. Today Authentik Travel will share with you our experience of visiting Kenh Ga hot springs in Ninh Binh.

       Kenh Ga Hot Springs Ninh Binh - 2019 Travel Guide.
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    The pristine and rustic look of the way to get to Kenh Ga

    Kenh Ga Hot Springs Ninh Binh - 2019 Travel Guide

    Road to Ga Ga hot spring, Ninh Binh
        + Address: Kenh Ga hot spring in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, about 15km from Ninh Binh city center to the Northwest.
    From Hanoi you can go to Kenh Ga hot spring according to the following way:+ From Hanoi you follow the direction of National Highway 1A about 84 km to Gian Khau intersection of Gia Tran commune, then turn to Road 477 to reach Me town. When arrive at Dong Chua wharf and follow the instructions of the signs on the street. You can go by waterway through a branch of Hoang Long River to Kenh Ga floating village. Pretty sure you will be in love with the beauty of the misty beauty of Kenh Ga which you can rarely find in any other place.

    Notice:  20km of the road to Kenh Ga hot spring is being repaired and paved so it makes the traveling there extremely difficult. Big buses should consider avoiding this route.

    Activities in Kenh Ga hot springs

    Hot strings have long been famous as a magical way of healing in both physical and mental problems. besides that, Kenh Ga hot spring also has a charming young water landscape with attendance through activities and attractions at Kenh Ga hot spring. Ok

    Hot spring - The most important highlight in Kenh Ga

    Hot water flows out from the clear mountain, constantly leaking for a long time, people here often take the water to drink for treatment. According to the study, the water in Kenh Ga springs contains a lot of Sodium chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium Chloride and Bicarbonate salt which is very good for health. The temperature of the stream is about 53 degrees celsius. If you are in the stream in the morning you can see a thick fog layer along with the fresh air and birds singing which is the way to refresh and to start a new day full of energy.
    Here you can bathe in hot water tanks with temperatures of about 40 degrees Celsius, cold water tanks with 26 degrees Celsius or hot medicinal baths.

    Kenh Ga hot springs

    Mineral bath
    When you come to Kenh Ga hot spring, you can swim in large hot mineral pools with a capacity of 50-70 people with 16 powerful jets. While showering, you’lI feel the cool breeze blowing from the Hoang Long River.
    If you want a private, quiet space, you can switch to the herbal bath soaking area in the Japanese style design, you also can adjust the temperature to your liking. With the exquisite designed space, it’s perfect to give yourself some time letting everything go to keep your body completely with “the relaxed you”.

    Accompanying services

    + Massage: When you come to Kenh Ga tourist area, you can participate in other activities and services here such as herb massage to reduce anxiety and fatigue.

    + Karaoke service: Karaoke is extremely popular in Vietnam, Ninh Binh is not an exception. The large singing rooms with a capacity of more than 100 people will make you completely satisfied to have a happy and cheerful space.
    + Campfire, dinner, dance: burning a campfire is also not a bad idea. Why not?

    Some information about fares at Kenh Ga hot spring 2019 reference:
    Entrance: 15,000 VND (0.5$) / person
    Bathing hot mineral pool: VND 75,000 ($3.25) / person
    It’s free for children under 1 meter tall.

    The Floating village in Kenh Ga

    The life of people in Kenh Ga floating village is very simple and rustic. Leave the noise and the bustle town for the floating village in Kenh Ga tourist area in Ninh Binh to find peace in your soul. Legend has it that this village has its name Kenh Ga ( Chicken Canal) because on the mountain there is a high-rise stone shaped like a rooster.
    The boat gently takes you to explore the floating village of Kenh Ga tourist area in Ninh Binh
    Kenh Ga floating village is a remote and unspoiled village, located isolatedly like an oasis. Because the village is surrounded by rivers and the mountains all year round. The only way to enter the village is by boat. Come to Kenh Ga floating village, visitors can experience not only the countryside life of the villagers here but also can enjoy such a beautiful landscape.

    Kenh Ga fishing village

    Kenh Ga Hot Springs has been always famous for the hot mineral water that dispels all tiredness of the disease. It is also bottled to provide for tourists if needed. Hopefully, with the above information about the experience of visiting Kenh Ga hot springs - Ninh Binh, you will have a clearer picture of what to expect when coming to the place. All the best to your Ninh Binh trip!

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