• Hanoi Opera House - A Landmark in Hanoi city
  • Hanoi Opera House - A Landmark in Hanoi city

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  • Hanoi opera house is the biggest theater in Vietnam. It is not only a place for art activities but also for historical and cultural evidence from French Colonial period. This is one of the lankmarks in Hanoi city.
    Hanoi opera house is an architectural building in Hanoi, Vietnam. Serving art performances. The Opera house is located at the August Revolution Square. At the beginning of Trang Tien Street. Not far from Hoan Kiem Lake and the Vietnam History Museum.

    Address: 1 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

    location of hanoi opera house
    Hanoi Opera House Location 

    The construction of Hanoi Opera House was started to build in 1901 by French people and completed  in 1911. Following the model of Opera Garmier Theater in Paris but it is smaller and used the materials which is suitable for the local climatic conditions.

    The work of 2 architectures Harlay and Bronyer brings many colors and architectural features of theater in the southern France.

    The work used up to 12 000 m3 of materials, nearly 600 tons of iron and steel and about 300 workers participate in the construction every day.
    After 10 year of construction, the theater was inaugurated.
    When completed with 870 seats, Hanoi Opera House was a very large project compared to the population of Hanoi at that time.

    The theater became a center of cultural and artistic events for the French and few upper-class Vietnamese people in Hanoi. This was also an ideal place for group of troupers, music bands from France and Europe for their touring. Sometimes later, some performances for charity purposes also began.

    From 1940, many Vietnamese troupers had been able to re-rent this theater. Since then, Hanoi Opera House was no longer place for French. The formation of urban people and new intellectuals made this place into a cradle for many Vietnamese art activities.
    On 9 Dec 2011, Hanoi Opera House celebrated 100 years old of theater.

    inside hanoi opera house
                                                    Hanoi Opera House                                                photo: zing.vn

    The Architecture

    Hanoi Opera House still bears the appearance of French Neo-classic. Especially, in the architectural structure, 2-piece roof style with black stone tiles and interior decorations similar to theaters in the early the 20 centuries in Europe.

    Born later than the theater in Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong city, Hanoi Opera House had the most complete architecture and became a familiar image, typical of Hanoi city.

    The building is 87-meter-long, 30 meters wide and the highest rooftop is 34 m high.

    The construction area is about 2600 square meters.

    hanoi opera house stairs
                                        Stair in Hanoi Opera House                        Photo: Zing.vn

    The premise of Hanoi Opera House was divided into 3 clear sections. The first space right at the entrance is the main hall with the T shape of staircase leading the second floor. This is also the place to welcome guests to the theater.

    On the second floor, the mirror room is the place where the important ceremonies are taken place, the signing ceremony of government documents or welcome the VIP. This room is also for chamber art shows, small press conferences.

    The next space of the theater is the audience room with the size 24*24m, included a large stage, three seat levels. Total 598 seats.

    The interior of the theater is like a combination of lights, colors and sounds. Finally, behind the stage are 18 make up rooms for actors, 2 gyms, working rooms, libraries and meeting rooms.

    Surrounding the Hanoi Opera House are many entertainment spots such as The Opera House Garden located in the southwest, Highland coffee café in the two sides and the basement of the theater.

    Nowadays, there are alot of shows in the Hanoi Opera house, visitors could check the show and book online at their official website.

    Special Show: Lang Toi - My Village is at Hanoi Opera House every day at 18.00 tickets from 30 USD. Book online by click here

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