• Hanoi airport travel guide and 5 ways to transfer to city center
  • Hanoi airport travel guide and 5 ways to transfer to city center

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  • Hanoi airport is with the official name Noi Bai International airport. Located in Phu Minh committee, Soc Son District, Hanoi city. 30 km away from the city to the north. This is the biggest airport in the northern Vietnam, including domestic and international terminal.  These 2 terminals are 1 km away and on the same road. There are shuttles buses for transfer continuously between these 2 terminals.

    T2 International terminal:
    It was inaugurated in 2015. This is the most modern terminal in Vietnam with 4 floor architecture.
    1st Floor: International arrival with 2 gates: A1 and A2
    2nd Floor: Immigration check in.
    3rd Floor: International departure, lounge area.
    4th Floor: Vip area, Business Lounge, restaurant, café and representative of airlines offices.

    T1 Domestic Terminal:
    1st Floor: Domestic arrival
    2nd Floor: Domestic departure, lounge area.
    3rd Floor: Offices
    4th Floor: Restaurants and Café.

    noibai international airport
    Noi Bai international Airport 

    Services in Noi Bai airport:
    -There are full of services in Noi Bai airport to serve tourists. There are many restaurants, café, fast-food in both terminals, It is very convenient.
    -The Duty Free Shops and Souvenir shops.

    shops in noi bai airport
    Services in Noi Bai aiport

    -The Exchange money counter of banks serve tourists to change into VND so that they can use right after arrival. The exchange rate is very good at airport.
    -SIM 3G-4G counters of mobile network operators such as Viettel, Mobifone…
    -ATM Machines, just withdraw local currency VND from VPBank, Maritime Bank, BIDV, Vietin Bank, Techcombank
    -Free Information Desk to support tourists.
    Besides, tourists could find many other free services such as internet Wifi, power supplier sockets for laptops and cellphones everywhere at Hanoi airport. Free water for drinking from taps.
    Overnight in Sleeppod at airport for tourists need transit flights or connect flights. They can find it in T1 terminal with 14 cabins and T2 with 6 Cabins. Contact number: 0983 798 833

    sleepingpod at noi bai airport
    Sleepingpod at Noi Bai airport

    5 Ways to transfer from Noi Bai international airport to Hotel in the city:

    1. Transfer by Grab.
    Internet wifi at airport so you can download the Grab app to book a transfer without any worry about the cost and distances as you will know the price in advance. Normally, it costs around 250 000 VND to 390 000 VND ( from 12 – 17 USD). However, The grab could not pick you up at airport hall so you have to go out for it.

    2. Transfer by Taxi:
    There are many taxi companies at Noi Bai airport such as:
    Airport taxi:  024 388 66666
    Noi Bai taxi: 024 3886 8888
    Mai Linh Taxi: 024 3 8222 666
    Thanh Cong Taxi: 024 32 57 57 57
    And more others, you could see many of them right out of the airport hall, just book with them easily as they have operator staffs to help you. The price from Noi Bai airport to hotel in city will be around 15 – 20 USD.
    Note that there are many fake taxis, be sure that you book the corrected one with the trademarks as above that to avoid overcharge from fake taxis.

    3. Airport shuttle bus:
    Another way to transfer from Noi Bai airport to city with cheap price, just around 2 USD, you will have a seat in a 45-seat bus or minivan. The transfer will drop you off at number 1 Quang Trung Str, this is the head office of Vietnam airlines.
    If you need to get off on the way, just tell the bus staff your address. They will support to drop you off at the closest bus stop to your hotel.
    you can easily find the Airport shuttle bus at airport. Just out of the airport hall.

    4. Local Public bus:
    If you like a local experience and you have time so you can choose public bus transfer from airport to city.
    The ticket is very cheap, about 40 cents, there are many bus routes for your choice such as bus number 07, 17, 90.
    There is a better bus route with higher quality and price is higher at 1.5 USD. It is Bus number 86.
    These public buses are not allowed to park out of the airport hall so you have to go out of the bus stop about 200m to wait for them. 

    bus 86 from noibai airport to hanoi
    Bus 86 from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi city

    5. Private Car Transfer from airport to city:
    This is the costliest way of transfer. However, it is the most convenient way. You just book online through a travel agent or transportation services. Let them know your arrival flight then their driver will be in time to pick you up. You will see the driver as he will hold a welcome board with your name on it. The driver will transfer you to any hotels in the city. The price for this transfer will be around 25 – 30 USD.
    By Taxi or Private car, you could transfer from Noi Bai airport to Halong Bay directly. It will take at least 3 hours. So if you have booked an overnight cruise, be sure you arrive the pier before 11.30.
    The rate for this 180km transfer will be around US$ 100.

    welcome at noi bai airport
    Authentik Travel welcomes clients at Noi Bai airport

    The information about Hanoi airport travel guide will make you be self-confident, not confusing when you arrive in Vietnam, especially, your first time to Hanoi. Besides, Authentik Travel suggests you the most suitable transfer from airport to the city center. We hope you will choose the good transfer way for your great holiday in our country.

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