• What is Vietnam Visa on arrival? The procedure to get VOA at airport
  • What is Vietnam Visa on arrival? The procedure to get VOA at airport

  • on Mar 7, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • One of the most convenient and trusted ways to get Vietnam Visa is by Vietnam visa on arrival or VOA. To do this, you will have to get Vietnam visa approval letter from online travel services and this is the list to do 

    You send your copied passport or your information as in your passport via email to online travel services or travel agents. After some working days, event some hours if you use their express service, they will send you the Vietnam visa approval letter to your email. You print it out then you can board in your flight to Vietnam. Once landing, you can easily obtain Vietnam Visa at airport. We call this VOA or Visa on arrival. These are 7 steps for it:

    1. To be sure that your passport is at least 6 months validity before your travel date and you have your printed Visa approval letter in hand before check in your flight to Vietnam.

    2. Once landing in Vietnam, you will go to the Immigration area. There, you will see the “ Visa On arrival” Counter. You go there to meet the officer to make procedure Vietnam visa

    3. Show Visa Approval letter, fill in the Vietnam visa application form (the entry and exit form) given by officer and once you finish, you will give it to them with your original passport with 2 photos size 4x6cm. In case, you do not have photos, no problem, you will take your portrait photo right there and the fee is US$5. Then wait for the procedure.

    4. You will hear the officer call your name and they are holding your passport up. It means your Vietnam visa is done. You pay the fee US$25 for single entry and US$50 for multi entry. And sure that you have cash for this service.

    5. The customer officer will return you your passport with Vietnam visa stamped on it and give you the receipt.

    6. You check carefully all the information in the Vietnam visa to be sure all is correct. If any mistakes, you have to report to customer offer right away to correct it. An important remark is your multi entry, sure that they stamp the multi entry visa for you.

    7. Once your Vietnam Visa procedure done, you go to immigration control to check in Vietnam.

    vietnam visa on arrival desk at airport
    Vietnam visa on arrival counter

    The Visa on arrival Counter at airport is 24/7 open so as long as you already Vietnam visa approval letter, you can obtain Vietnam visa on arrival at any time.

    Visa on arrival procedure may take 15 - 30 minutes or even longer if there are some big groups arrive the same time with you and they are also doing VOA. It will take your time at airport. However, this is still the top choice to get Vietnam Visa as its convenience.

    Tip: To shorten your VOA procedure, you could use Vietnam Visa Fast Track service. You must book this service through an online travel agent in advance before arrival. Once you land, you will be welcomed by staffs and they collect your passport, visa approval letter and your 2 photos. They will do all things to get Vietnam visa for you in the shortest time. You do not need to queue up and waiting for it.

    vietnam visa approval letter
    A sample of Vietnam visa approval letter


    Above is the information about VOA and the procedure to get Vietnam visa. Hopefully, this is useful for your travel plan to Vietnam. You book a trip even through Travel agents or you could do it on your own to discover our beautiful country, culture, Vietnamese people.

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