• 7 Notes for Vietnam Visa
  • 7 Notes for Vietnam Visa

  • on Mar 5, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Before traveling to Vietnam, you must prepare Vietnam Visa or Vietnam visa approval letter in advance. Otherwise, your trip would not be feasible. Most of the citizens in the world must have Vietnam Visa for entering Vietnam. And these are some notes about Vietnam Visa that will be easy to obtain it without your much efforts and time.

    1/ If your living area is near Vietnam Embassy or consulate. 
     It will be good for you to get Vietnam visa.  Just fill your information in a form to obtain the visa directly. You will have to submit your original Passport there and it will take around 3 working days to get visa.

    2/ Besides obtaining Vietnam at Embassy, You still get visa from your home by getting Vietnam Visa approval letter online. With this document, you could easily get Vietnam visa on arrival at airport ( VOA). You just send a request to any travel agents then they will support you to get Vietnam Visa approval letter and send you by email attachment.
    It means you just need a copied visa approval letter, you print it out and bring to Vietnam. This one will be applied at any international terminals in Vietnam such as Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat ( Ho Chi Minh city), Danang airport...
    Important note: Vietnam Visa approval letterat border will be a different one. You will need to show the original one at checking point to get Vietnam Visa.

    vietnam visa stamped on passport
    Vietnam visa on arrival

    3/ Obtain E-Visa Vietnam directly at official website of Vietnam Immigration. You click on this link ( click here) and do follow the instructions.
    This will help you get E-visa Vietnam easily for a holiday under 30 days with single entry. 
    If you have a longer holiday, you will have to apply Vietnam visa approval letter with multi entry.

    With E Visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam at most of international airports and border check-points.
    Please be sure your nationality is in the list of 46 countries allowed E-Visa Vietnam.(Click here to see the list)

    4/ Vietnam Visa fee:
    -Vietnam Visa obtaining at Embassy or consulate will cost you some fees. Ranged from US$ 30 - 90 or maybe more depends on single or multi entry.
    You may have to submit your original passport and wait some working days to get Vietnam Visa.
    -Vietnam Visa approval letter will cost you some fees from US$10 - 20 depends on the different travel agents. However, many travel agent will offer you FREE if you book a tour with them.
    With this Visa approval letter, you will obtain Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA) at airport and cost you US$ 25 for single entry and US$ 50 for multi entry. Pay directly for officers at airport.
    -Evisa Vietnam may be the most economical way. Just only US$ 25. However, you just get only single entry for 30 days. Not many countries which is listed for for Evisa Vietnam.
    You also have to fill the form exactly, otherwise, if you have to do another one and you pay another fee. Or worse, you do not see the incorrect in your Evisa as you fill the wrong information, it means you could not enter Vietnam.

    5/ Vietnam Visa Exemption:
    Most of the citizen in ASEAN countries as: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia will not need Vietnam visa if they stay less than 30 days
    Citizen from Philippines will allow to stay under 21 days and Burmese (Myanmar citizen) is exempted 14 days visa.
    These citizens will be exempted Vietnam visa 15 days if they are from France, Germany Spain, UK, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, S.Korea, Japan, Russia.

    vietnam visa exemption
    Vietnam visa Exemption

    6/ Some special nationalities will have to obtain Vietnam Visa at Embassy or Consulate or through Travel Agent to get a special Vietnam visa approval letter. Once you get this special visa letter, you can get visa on arrival easily. For more detail, please contact us.

    7/ Your passport must be 6 months validity before your travel date.
    This is one of the most important notes to get Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. You may obtain Vietnam visa but once your passport is expired or less than 6 month validity, you may be denied the immigration.

    With 7 notes for Vietnam visa as above, we hope this will help you to select the most convenient way to obtain visa for your trip to our beautiful country.

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Harry Raymond
Mar 7, 2019
Very useful information, it is good to know that I do not need Vietnam visa. thanks alot
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