• Go cycling in the countryside of Hue City
  • Go cycling in the countryside of Hue City

  • on Dec 21, 2018       By: LucyH

  • For many tourists, just cycling along the shady side on the countryside streets in Hue is the best way to enjoy their trip in Hue at the fullest.

    Peaceful roads

    At that weekend, I got on the bus then pedaled to Thanh Toan tile bridge with some other foreign tourists. After a few minutes through the streets, the convoy began to travel to Thanh Toan. Hue days during May are rice harvest time. The tourists were quite curious and the group decided to stop at the place where the reaper and some farmers were working.Noticing the tourists were observing everything attentively, the tour guide began to present about rice production in Vietnam, from the harvesting, the drying and also other stages. Attentively listening, a visitor took a deep breath and asked: "There is a strange smell, I have never smelled."The tour guide replied, "It is the smell of rice when harvesting. For people born from the "village", this smell is associated with their childhood or for many other people it’s a lifetime.


    In addition to Thanh Toan tile bridge, can not ignore the small road, winding just two bicycles in the opposite direction in Thuy Bieu. Tran Quang Hao, director of Hue tourist, said that the difference is that the two sides of the road have the row of boats, or the row of ships leading visitors into the ancient house. If you ride in the morning or afternoon, visitors are covered by trees, feel the fresh, cool and relaxed.
    Recently, there have been more and more  tourist groups cycling on the roads in Lai An village, Sinh village, Tien Nong, Thanh Tien (Phu Mau, Phu Vang). The journey to Phu Mau is interesting as tourists can go on a boat across the ancient town of Bao Vinh. Companies that are running bicycle tour to Phu Mau said that each village would have its own strengths, with villages in Phu Mau, it is the scene of normal activities and unspoiled landscapes, no external impact.

    That village life in Hue

    In many rural villages around Hue, Thuy Bieu is considered as the traditional preserved integrity. Visitors who come here are not only for visiting but for understanding more about the culture and architecture of the ancient people in the imperial citadel, along with the characteristics of a traditional house designed with the typical architecture of feng shui.
    After the ride, the group went to a house where the host invited everyone to come for green tea and a cheerful conversation. Mr. Ho Xuan Dai confided: "The greatest pride for me is to introduce the traditional culture of the country to people from different places from all over the world. For me, it is impossible to turn cultural values into a business, therefore, unlike other places, my family is always welcome all visitors to come for some good tea and good talk about the Vietnamese history and culture. It’s incorrect to say my family has received nothing, we’ve brought the cultural values of the family, the land to go everywhere, that what matters.” Dai said in his diary, opened each page to show us: "Most guests are friendly, which makes me feel like they are just some good old friends that come to visit."
    Thanh Toan tile bridge recently has more interesting activities like boating with local people on the Nhu Y River, enjoy the beauty of countryside and learn how to use some fishing tools in the past as the net for example. Here, visitors can experience the rice production culture, Banh Tet making, vegetable cultivation, cooking classes with local chefs and then enjoy the dishes you have just finished cooking.
    Going back to Thanh Toan, after the ride getting some fresh air on the bridge, we got the chance to see Mother Nguyen Thi Hau re-reproduced the farmer's life in farming tools. Mother Hau has was cooking rice, hands on work then singing the lullaby ... Witnessing that scene, the visitors just could not help themself but admiring.


    Tourists who come to Hue can easily rent bicycles in the central roads such as Le Loi, Chu Van An, Hung Vuong, Pham Ngu Lao; or hotels have bike rental services. Bicycle rent ranges from 50,000 VND to 80,000 VND depending on the duration of the rental.
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