• Xoi or the 5 glutinous rice recipes to absolutely try in Vietnam
  • Xoi or the 5 glutinous rice recipes to absolutely try in Vietnam

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  • Vietnamese cuisine is rich and diverse with countless dishes appealing to Vietnamese people and foreigners. This attraction comes even from the simpler things, which are very popular. These are versions of xoi or sticky rice that you will always remember after your first try.

    1. Xoi ngu sac or five-coloured steamed sticky rice

    xoi ngu sac

    Xoi ngu sac or five-coloured steamed sticky rice is a hallmark of the mountain dwellers of the Northwest. It already enjoys a healthy reputation among Vietnamese gourmets.

    As the name suggests, five colour sticky rice has a brilliant shape with colourful spots such as white, purple, yellow, green and red which are 'dyed' by leaves from the trees in the garden of the House. These colours represent the five basic elements of the cosmos and combine to form yin and yang.

    xoi 5 colors

    The xoi ngu sac is nowadays appreciated by all foreign and Vietnamese tourists who travel to the mountains of Vietnam. It is also a dish that brings customers a memorable dining experience.

    2. Xoi xeo or sticky rice with mung beans

    Xoi xeo

    If you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi, you will easily find vendors of this dish on the streets. The grains of rice, which are soaked in turmeric water, make the irresistible appeal of this sticky rice dish unique.

    Xoi xeo, traditionally, contains only sticky rice, mung beans, fried shallots and a few drops of oil. They are then wrapped in a lotus or banana leaf. These leaves perfectly keep its attractive smell and flavour inside.

    xoi xeo mung bean

    Xoi xeo becomes not only the charm of Vietnamese gastronomy, but also the pride of Hanoi cuisine. While tasting xoi xeo, you can feel the gastronomic quintessence as well as the soul of the popular and refined cuisine of the capital.

    sticky rice with mung beans

    3. Xoi vo and xoi che

    xoi vo

    This sticky rice dish is famous for its quintessence although the ingredients are still only beans and sticky rice.

    mung bean

    To prepare this dish, you must first steam the beans, then crush them and finally mix them with sticky rice.

    xoi che soup

    The rice should be fatty and soft, with well separated grains. You can taste this xoi vo with a sweet soup, as well. Its harmonious combination makes a delicious xoi che dish.

    4. Xoi dua or sticky rice with coconut

    xoi dua

    One of the xoi dishes that makes Vietnamese cuisine so appealing and characteristic is xoi dua or sticky coconut rice.

    Xoi dua coconut

    Although it is a simple dish, the aroma of coconut mixed with the rich taste of sesame makes it a favoured dish among foodies.

    5. Xoi san or sticky rice with cassava

    xoi san

    The sticky cassava rice tastes familiar, reminding people of the hard years of old grandparents. The ingredients that make up this dish are mainly sticky rice and cassava.

    Cassava was once a staple of Vietnamese daily life. It is now becoming food for livestock or the material for traditional medicines.

    sticky rice with cassava

    Xoi san is not a difficult dish to cook. The sticky rice and cassava are mixed together and then put in a steamer. It is then cooked over a medium heat until the mixture is cooked through. Once the sticky rice is hot, gently add coconut milk and grated coconut meat.

    It is a simple dish, but very popular and tasty.

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