• Beautiful and inhabitant islands in Vietnam
  • Beautiful and inhabitant islands in Vietnam

  • on Jun 3, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Follow the footsteps of travelers to discover the unspoiled islands in Vietnam, you will be absolutely astonished by the pristine and peaceful beauty of the deep blue sea. In this article, Authentik Vietnam Travel will suggest you 5 inhabitants in Vietnam so that you may have more options for your upcoming trips to this wonderful land. 

    1. Thanh An island 


    Located in Can Gio district, about 70 – 100 km from the city center, Thanh An island isolates itself from the bustling and hustle of Saigon. In order to reach the island, tourists can go to Can Thanh town and then spend two hour on a boat. Thanh An Island is still wild, possessing the pure beauty of nature. Getting to know about Thanh An, you will be delighted to immerse yourself in the cool sea, watch the beautiful nature and enjoy the moments of peace, peace with the simple life, rustic people around here. Thanh An Island offers the long-distance visitors unforgettable emotions, helping them find fresh and bloated emotions of daily life seems to disappear. Peaceful moment on the island of Thanh An will soon become a landfall of Saigon residents and neighboring provinces during the weekend.

    2. Hon Nua island - Phu Yen 


    Laying between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa province, Hon Nua which is called "paradise on the sea" in Phu Yen holds a special geographic position. From the Pass Ca, Hon Nua has a unique shape of the sleeping giant dinosaur. In the middle of the blue sea, Hon Nua is beautiful, fascinating and appealing to travel lovers. Those who have come to Hon Nua will be fascinated by the beauty of the blue sea, fine white sand and rocky rapids possess unique and fancy shapes. 

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    3. Robinson island - Khanh Hoa 


    Robinson is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cam Ranh Bay and is home to all the pristine wilderness as it was originally created. Recently, Robinson Island has become an amazing and attractive destination for those love adventurous voyage. As a promising land, Robinson island is where travel lovers can immerse themselves in to the cool and crystal sea while enjoy fresh air or explore the wilderness of natural habitats. 

    4. Ky co island - Binh Dinh 


    Located in Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon district, Binh Dinh province, Ky Co beach is the paradise of the central of Vietnam. Coming here, besides enjoying the fresh air, sun bathing or admire the beauty of nature, you can have chance to participate in many exciting activities such as taking water motor and surfing. 

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    5. Hon Son island - Kien Giang 


    If Phu Quoc island has become quite familiar with tourists who has the sea tour in Kien Giang, Hon Son is a wild island is less known. Hon Son Island is located between Hon Tre Island and Nam Du Archipelago, in the administrative area of Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province and about 65 km from the center of Rach Gia. Hon Son Island is natural lyrical and romantic. It will be a destination for visitors to choose when the South Vietnam land. This small island has many undulating rocks, clear beach with clear blue water, cool, green coconut trees, which tilted swaying by the sea breeze. 

    Discover the nature of Vietnam and enjoy the wonderful moments with us!


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