•  Visit Lao Chai Ta Van village in Sapa
  • Visit Lao Chai Ta Van village in Sapa

  • on Jun 19, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Along the street to Cloud Bridge and Muong Hoa valley, visitors will be lost in a peaceful area which is separated from the hustle and bustle of Sapa center town. There is no other place than Lao Chai - Ta Van that carries the rustic beauty with many little stilt houses and majestic rice paddy fields. And thus, we wonder, what have endorsed Lao Chai Ta Van with this unique rugged scenery? 
    Let Authentik Vietnam Travel help you find the answer.

    Geographical location of Lao Chai – Ta Van


    Lao Chai - Ta Van is located under the valley, the two sides are Hoang Lien Son and Ham Rong majestic mountains, surrounded by terraces rice terraces reared into the sky. The field extending to the door looks like as if it is the ladder connecting Lao Chai with the mountains and the fluffy clouds in the sky.  

    Transportation from Sapa town to Ta Van village
    The distance from Sapa town to Lao Chai Ta Van is estimated to be between 7km and 11km, depending on the chosen route. While tourists can walk from Sapa town to Cat Cat village (2km), due to the distance and rugged trail, the foremost choice to reach Lao Chai is to ride a motorcycle or rent a car from 7 to 10 seats.

    ♦ Best time to visit Lao Chai - Ta Van
    Every April and September, Lao Chai village is gorgeously wrapped up in a natural golden color of ripe rice.This is the right time to visit the village of Lao Chai Ta Van and indulge in the beautiful beauty of the place.

    Touristic value
    1. Values from the magnificent landscape   


    Lao Chai Ta Van is well known to tourists for mazing terraced fields that were formed hundreds of years ago, and are built by hard-working farmers of ethnic minorities. From a distance, the hundreds of hectares of land look like a spectacular landscape paintings with the contours of a poetic painting.

    2. Cultural values of ethnic villages


    Like Cat Cat village, Lao Chai - Ta Van is inhabited by ethnic minorities. Lao Chai is home to many ethnic tribes such as the Mong, Dao and Tay. Besides the breathtaking and spectacular of natural scenery, Lao Chai - Ta Van village opens up a brand new sense of cultural beauty. However, just stop by the village to take some pictures is enough to full fill the spirit of highland. Tourists have to sleep over to truly immerse into the local life. An exploration to the cultural identity will lack the poetic and perfection, if you do not enjoy the dishes by local people. The most remarkable thing to mention is the dishes made from: self-cultivation vegetables, pigs, chickens are self-raised ... Especially in the cold air and enjoy the specialty corn wine of the ethnic minority

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    Once booking a tour with Authentik Vietnam Travel, visitors have the opportunity to discover a unique cultural life. Visitors can better understand the idyllic life, the essence of ethnic minority people, enjoy the food and wildlife. They can also immerse in the life of ethnic people, learn the customs of ethnic minorities in all parts of the country. 

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