• 6 good reasons to come and live in Saigon
  • 6 good reasons to come and live in Saigon

  • on Dec 30, 2019       By: BN
  • "Ho Chi Minh City is the perfect city for living and working while Hanoi is the perfect city for travelling," is a phrase we often hear in Vietnam. We are therefore going to take a closer look at six good reasons (catering, cost of living, etc.) to come and settle in Saigon

    "This agglomeration in the very short term will emerge as a priceless pearl of Asia, you should, however, expect some madness".

    Vicky.P, blogger and newcomer to Saigon.

    Saigon: Pho and Banh Mi on every street corner


    Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich), among the popular dishes of Saigon

    All the specialities of Vietnam can be tasted in this city. From Pho (rice noodle soup with pieces of beef or chicken and herbs), to Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich), passing by Bun Mam (noodle with special sauce and a mixture of meat, fish, eggplant and lemongrass), Bun bo Hue (spicy soup of rice pasta with beef and pork), Bun rieu (noodle made from crushed crab and herbs), Mi Quang (typical noodle from Quang Nam).

    "Pho is my favourite dish, I eat it in the morning like the Vietnamese, but also at any time of the day. For me, Vietnamese cuisine is one of the best in the world (...) With each dish, I can feel the love that was used to prepare them."


    Street vendors are also another way to eat quickly and well in Saigon. No matter where you decide to stop to eat, you can count on a warm welcome and be sure to meet friendly people. All these possibilities make the city a good place to eat and always within a budget, limited to only a few euros or dollars.

    Saigon, an inexpensive city


    Ben Thanh Market, the city's hotspot

    Whether for food, as we have just seen, accommodation or entertainment, prices in Saigon are much lower than those in Europe or North America. Vicky has quoted us, for example, a few prices: 15 dollars for a meal with two drinks included, a street food costs 5 dollars on average. Massages cost an average of 4 dollars per hour. Prices for accommodation are also quite affordable and the blogger tells us about a nice room at 20 dollars per night.

    "Here we savour a sweet and quality life in Saigon"


    It will be necessary to pay attention to the price of taxis or certain products sold on the street which can increase their price for the only reason that you are Western. But again, don't worry, a simple smile and a little negotiation can help.

    Saigon, a safe metropolis


    Nguyen Hue Street, splendid with flowers in spring

    While many travel guides say that you have to watch out for snatching, in fact, it is quite rare to experience such annoyances. You will, of course, have to look after your business like any city in the world, but Saigon is said to be particularly safe about malicious acts.

    "Personally, Vietnam turns out to be a safe, hospitable and pleasant country."


    We can therefore serenely enjoy all the living spaces of the city, whatever the time of day and night.

    A city with many green spaces


    Zoological Park of Ho Chi Minh City

    Large cities are not often known for their greenery, a reproach that can hardly be made in Saigon. Of course, there is already a lot of green space here, but besides that, the rows of straight lines of trees that are almost always present in the city reinforce the impression that Saigon is a green city.

    An anarchic circulation, but easily adapt


    Traffic is always at a frantic pace

    When you arrive in Saigon for the first time, the traffic may seem completely frightening. The streets are filled with vehicles of all types. Scooters and motorcycles zigzag between cars and trucks at a breakneck pace. We can then easily recognize the newly arrived tourists who wait frightened by the roadsides for the slightest sign of lull to be able to cross.

    "At first glance, I was very hesitant about traffic, and on many occasions, I passed by praying to escape an accident. Over time, I can convince myself that these are the vehicles that avoid me."


    Fortunately, with time and a little experience, you can learn to tame it all. We get into the habit of using scooters to weave through the many traffic jams and we no longer worry about crossing the streets as soon as we adopt a calm and vigilant rhythm.

    You will understand that Saigon is a separate, lively and different city, but with many surprises in store. Whether it is food with its Pho, Banh Mi, it's quality of life accessible on the lowest budget or its rhythm between frantic traffic and islands of greenery, everything is combined to make you live a great experience in Saigon either for a few days or for many years.

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