• Bui Vien street, place to go out in the evening in Saigon
  • Bui Vien street, place to go out in the evening in Saigon

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  • Known as one of the most exciting streets in Saigon, Bui Vien street was developed to become a pedestrian area in August 2017 for the great joy of the inhabitants and visitors. With Nguyen Hue, the first pedestrian street in Ho Chi Minh City, Bui Vien in perpetual animation warmly welcomes you with its renovated face. A must-see and share place for a night out in the beating heart of district 1 of Saigon.

    bui vien street going out at night in saigon traffic

    The usual face of Bui Vien street before the renovation

    The street is inaccessible to vehicles from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. on weekends. On 1.400 meters long, walkers will take advantage of the availability of "four free", toilets, wifi, tourist information and also "smiles" by exploring around twenty lanes.

    bui vien street going out at night in saigon ambiance

    A pedestrian area with friendly peoples

    From a tourist reference to a Western district

    Located in the Pham Ngu Lao district, Bui Vien street and the neighbouring Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham and Do Quang Dau form an area long called “Khu Tay ba lo” or western backpacker district. Populated by nearly a thousand inhabitants but frequented day and night by many travellers, the Bui Vien street never sleeps.

    Published in 1993 in the “Lonely Planet” guide, the Pham Ngu Lao district has made a place for itself in the meetings to be made in Saigon for Japanese, French, English, American tourists...  Restaurants, shops, bars and cafes follow one another without stop creating a favourite meeting for young people as well as those curious about extravagant outings.

    bui vien street going out at night in saigon cafe

    And a night owl sanctuary

    In this miniature Saigon, you will have a whole range of choices to eat, rent motorbikes, treat yourself to a massage, have your hair cut… Pho Tay Bui Vien is perfect where you can have a drink with friends and have fun until midnight.

    A cultural meeting

    bui vien street going out at night in saigon performance

    The alleys of Bui Vien are ignited especially on weekends by the demonstrations of two open-air theatres. Music, games and traditional but also modern shows create a cosy and friendly space attracting many adults and children.

    And gourmet

    The reputation of the Bui Vien pedestrian street is reminiscent of a small gastronomic paradise. The exceptional opportunity to discover Vietnamese cuisine in its great diversity with specialities from North to South. Pho, Quang noodles,  bun bo Hue, grilled meats and treats of all kinds, so many delicious dishes must delight you completely.

    From chic restaurants to street canteens, each stop along the alleys of Bui Vien will give you a memorable little surprise. In addition to popular Vietnamese dishes, travellers will enjoy varied recipes from all horizons, India, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, France…

    The other Ta Hien street in Saigon

    bui vien street going out at night in saigon beer

    If there are many Hanoians each evening in Ta Hien Street to savour the beer and the typical atmosphere of the capital, the Saigonese relax on the sidewalks of Bui Vien with a beer in hand. An experience to live without hesitation for a very affordable cost.

    Many other taste interludes are also worth visiting while wandering down this street, grilled meats, beer, snails, tropical fruit juices, Cong coffee and all kinds of Vietnamese snacks from street vendors.

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