• Top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon
  • Top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon

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  • Renowned as the country's first lively and welcoming economic centre, it's no wonder that Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest attraction for expats in Vietnam. For various reasons, historical, cultural, commercial or entertainment, the ex-Saigon is turning into an interesting international city that will make visitors of any country feel like being a resident of this place.

    Like it or not, there is still a Chinatown in Saigon that has been an integral part of its history for centuries. Other Asian, European or American expatriates have reasons for settling in certain particular districts of the megalopolis but which ones? Discover the typical life and atmosphere of each of the diverse communities that make Ho Chi Minh City the multicultural city of this country.

    District 5, Chinatown of Saigon

    You meet the Chinese everywhere by going to districts 5, 6 and 11, the most condensed of which is the first, also known as Cholon Saigon meaning "big market". District 5 is undoubtedly home to the oldest and largest Chinese population in Saigon. It immerses you in the living and meeting place of generations, especially those from Chaozhou and Fujian who settled there around the 18th century. Like district 13 in Paris, you will discover a particular facet of Saigon by strolling among old houses, small shops, markets and temples with typical architecture.

    Top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon chinatown

    Tasty Chinese cuisine, colourful Binh Tay market, old Ba Thien Hau temple, and Hai Thuong Lan Ong street sanctuary of traditional medicine as well as the alley with lanterns present in the famous film "The Lover", these are all essential places to feel a legendary Asian corner while strolling through Saigon's Chinatown.

    District 7, "Little Seoul"

    Top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon seoul district

    Are you in love with the culture of the country of kimchi? Head to district 7 to take advantage of another trendy and attractive Asian space for international employees in Saigon. It is from the development of the famous urban city Phu My Hung in this southern part of the city that "Little Seoul" has taken shape in Saigon for ten years. This upscale living space meeting the strictest criteria is also voted as the best urban area in Vietnam. Pleasant surroundings, comfortable apartments, high security and privacy are among the reasons which explain the choice of many foreigners, notably South Koreans coming to work or live in Saigon.

    District 1, the beating heart of Saigon

    Top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon centre city

    The cultural heart that is a must stopover for all visitors, old Saigon seduces not only with its historical charm but also with its environment conducive to any activity, whether to visit, work, study or go shopping… Large enough and with so many things to see, District 1 compels you to wander along the busiest attraction spots, luxurious hotels and shopping centres, super chic restaurants... It's not easy to meet visitors and expatriates from all over the pedestrian street Nguyen Hue and the banks of the Saigon River, but do you want to extend your evenings and meet new people? The city centre has no shortage of unusual corners to surprise you. Go to the "pho Tay" or the Western quarter to experience a hectic Saigon. In one of the three streets Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham which ignite particularly at night, where you will be perfectly seated in Saigon for a night dedicated to extravagant outings.

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    Little Tokyo in Ho Chi Minh City

    top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon little tokyo

    Are you a follower of the gastronomy of the country in the Rising Sun? The famous Le Thanh Ton and Thai Van Lung streets are like Little Tokyo in the heart of Saigon and will satisfy you in one of their very calm and nice restaurants and cafes.

    District 2 Thao Dien, young cosmopolitan district

    Top 4 favourite expat neighbourhoods to live in Saigon thao dien district

    A little away from the bustle of the city centre, above the suburbs, the Thao Dien urban area in district 2 is known as the other district 1 of Saigon but ideally devoted to relaxation and well- to be. With its high standard villas, apartments and multifunctional complexes cradled in sumptuous vegetation, this recent agglomeration on the banks of the Saigon River has everything to offer a high standard of living. Tranquillity and green space, nice restaurants and shops, international schools and hospitals, good accessibility... This eastern part is a favourite place for expatriates coming with their families to Ho Chi Minh City.

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