• Where to sleep in Sapa? Sapa hotel guide
  • Where to sleep in Sapa? Sapa hotel guide

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  • The resort of Sapa is renowned for being the destination of choice for trekking in Vietnam and exploring the cultural wealth of seventeen ethnic groups. In the misty town which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year, it is not difficult to find accommodation for all budgets. From budget hotels to 5-star hotels and also local homestays, there is something for everyone.

    How to find accommodation that suits your wishes during a getaway over a few days or several days in the mountains? Do you want a room well located in the middle of hotels, restaurants and bars of all types or nestled in a remote village opposite the rice terraces? Considering the hotel types on offer have greatly expanded in size and standard in recent times, you will surely be spoiled for choice. Don't worry, the selection and advice from our experts will help you  choose a good hotel in Sapa.

    There are two directions namely first, the Sapa town and the surroundings in Lao Chai and Ta Van or Ta Phin villages that are a little further.

    Sapa hotel guide

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    Sapa town, the starting point

    In the beating heart of Sapa, you can easily find many establishments ranging from inns to luxurious palaces that rub shoulders with bars and lively day and night shops. It is also handy for having access to any other tourist service, motorcycle rental, bus station, etc. It’s the first reference to remember especially for your first time in Sapa.

    Local spots: In addition to the many cafes and restaurants offering Asian and Western menus, you will have quick access to the Sapa Church, the Sapa Love Market and a beautiful artificial lake in the centre of the town.

    Budget hotel in Sapa town

    A decent, economical room with easy access to a number of attractions and services in the centre of Sapa is perfectly conceivable regardless of the location of your hotel, near the lake or along Cau May and Muong Hoa streets. You will find a range of choices available corresponding to a very affordable budget ranging between 11 and 21 USD room per night.

    + Sapa Pinocchio Hotel at 21 USD, 15 Muong Hoa
    + Green Valley at 11 USD, 45 Muong Hoa
    + Pumpkin Sapa at 21 USD, 14 Dong Loi

    Mountain huts in Sapa in the green of Ta Van and Lao Chai villages

    Away from the crowds, the hotels located around 7.9 kilometres from the village and in the heart of the magnificent Muong Hoa Valley are undoubtedly ideal for sleeping in Sapa in the heart of nature. Heading to Ta Van and Lao Chai villages, nice bungalows or houses on stilts embraced by the mountains and the rice fields on the terrace are popular for those who are thirsty for nature and tranquillity, but the choice of catering and leisure is less varied compared to the centre.

    Some vintage "homestay" in Lao Chai and Ta Van villages

    Phori’s House

    hotel in sapa phori house

    Renovated from a wooden house over 50 years old, this vintage corner entirely dedicated to relaxation and well-being will make you feel at home. Surrounded by terraced rice fields and lulled by the sounds of the trickling stream nearby, Phori’s House is a real haven of peace to spend a night in.

    Address: Ta Van village
    Price: between 28 and 30 USD room per night

    Hmong Mountain Retreat

    hotel in sapa hmong mountain retreat

    If you are planning a stay close to nature in a traditional thatched house on stilts, settle in to the Hmong Mountain Retreat. This authentic house, over 70 years old, facing the undulating mountains and rice terraces will immerse you in the ethnic culture with its furniture and typical meals of these varied groups.

    Address: Ban Ho, Lao Chai
    Price: around 35 USD room per night

    Eco Palms House

    hotel in sapa eco palms house

    A panorama of the breath-taking landscapes of the Hoang Lien Son Mountains and the Muong Hoa valley makes Eco Palms House one of the best choices for accommodation in Sapa. Treat yourself to a carefully thought out room in a bungalow full of ethnic charm and breathe in the smell of rice, you will quickly forget about the rest of the world.

    Address: Lao Chai village
    Price: between 60 and 110 USD room per night

    Low-cost accommodation in the Ta Van and Ta Phin villages

    * Ta Van Village, 10km from the town

    + Ta Van Riverside Ecolodge at 16 USD, this accommodation with a very good rating on Booking.com seduces visitors with tasteful decor and above all a picturesque view of the landscapes between river and rice fields. This is a good choice to relax in complete tranquillity.

    Other possibilities in Ta Van to see:

    + Tavan Ecologic Homestay, between 6 and 15 USD
    + Ta Van Family Homestay, Ta Van Heaven Hostel at 5 USD

    * Ta Phin Village, 17 kilometres from the town

    + Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological at 16 USD
    + Sapa Homestay Ta May at 12 USD

    Homestay in Sapa

    For total immersion into the daily life of a local family in Sapa, opt for a homestay in an ethnic village like Ta Van and Ta Phin. It offers modest comfort or acceptable at best, you can, however, spend a few days full of authenticity.

    + At Toan in Ta Van: 250,000 VND or 11 USD per person per night, including room, breakfast and lunch.
    + At Phu in Ta Phin: 280,000 - 300,000 VND between 12, 13 USD per person per night, including room, breakfast and lunch.

    5-star hotel in Sapa, in the village and the surrounding area

    Hôtel de la Coupole Mgallery by Sofitel

    hotel in sapa coupole mgallery

    This first 5-star hotel named Mgallery in Sapa lives up to its name by combining comfort and elegance to convince the most demanding palates. Its perfect location in the heart of the town, its refined architecture down to the last detail and its high-end services, the Hôtel de la Coupole Mgallery by Sofitel has everything to enhance your stay in Sapa.

    Address: 1 Hoang Lien, Sapa town
    Price: between 91 and 103 USD per room per night

    Topas Ecolodge

    A corner of paradise to shine in height, Topas Ecolodge is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Sapa, whether for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. With its exceptional location amidst the misty landscapes of Hoang Lien Son Park, its 25 charming bungalows and its famous swimming pool are some of the reasons to attract visitors.

    Address: Lach village, around an hour's drive from Sapa town
    Price: between 188 and 211 USD per room per night

    Pao’s Sapa Leisure

    Its architecture in the form of rice terraces fits perfectly with its magnificent natural setting, situated away from the tourist uproar. Pao’s Sapa Leisure makes you enjoy every moment of your stay in a luxurious hotel in Sapa.

    Address: at the end of Muong Hoa Street, Sapa town
    Price: between 88 and 98 USD room per night

    Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

    hotel in sapa victoria sapa resort

    Always at the top of the most popular hotels in the region, elegance and privacy are honoured in this starred structure. Conveniently located in the centre, Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa offers breath-taking views of the town, rice fields and lake. What better way to sleep like a king in Sapa?

    Address: Xuan Vien, Sapa town
    Price: between 87 and 103 USD per room per night

    Sapa Jade Hill Resort

    hotel in sapa jade hill resort

    Like a sleepy village in the mountains of the Northwest, Sapa Jade Hill Resort is an unsuspected option to spend the night under the starry sky between valleys and rice fields. With a view of the Muong Hoa natural setting, this corner has nothing to envy other mountain huts.

    Address: Ly hamlet, Lao Chai village
    Price: between 87 and 115 USD per room per night

    Tips for a successful reservation of accommodation in Sapa

    Given the enormously large need for accommodation in Sapa during Vietnamese national holidays, especially between April 30 - May 1 and September 2, a trip to Sapa during these dates is not recommended at all.

    In its high season between September and October, one of the best times to go to Sapa and enjoy the rice harvest, remember to make your reservation as early as possible, especially on weekends.

    Finally, don't forget to ask about rooms and prices to book on credible pages like Agoda and Booking for example.

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