• What to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days?
  • What to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days?

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  • Perched at 1600 metres above sea level on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range in a magnificent natural setting, Sapa is a must-see destination for travellers wishing to hike or simply walk to admire some of the most beautiful rice fields in North Vietnam. Another great interest of Sapa is the meeting with the many ethnic minorities that populate the region. Visiting Sapa and its surroundings requires at least 2 days, and a 3rd day is not a stretch at all as Sapa has many beautiful things to offer you.

    What to do in Sapa in 2 days?

    Two days is the minimum for a hike in Sapa and its surroundings since coming there requires time and because there are many things to do in this incredible place. For hiking lovers, the two days can be used to go hiking in the majestic valleys of Sapa. Two days of walking the steep valleys of Sapa where superb rice terraces tumble against the flowing landscape.

    what to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days minority ethnic group

    The hike offers breath-taking views of some of Vietnam's most spectacular mountain scenery. The hike will allow you to meet the ethnic minorities that inhabit the region, of which the Black Hmong and the Red Dao are the two most important minorities. During your meeting with these two mountain tribes, you will be able to distinguish them by observing their traditional costumes which they wear with pride every day. The Black Hmong wear sober and dark suits in indigo-dyed cotton while the Red Dao wear more colourful suits, notably their red headdress which may be a simple scarf or an imposing headdress adorned with old silver coins dating from the French colony. Women of two ethnicities like to adorn themselves with silver jewellery to make themselves beautiful and to display their wealth. Staying overnight at a Hmong or Dao homestay on your two-day trek in Sapa will allow you to learn more about the customs and traditions of these ethnic groups. But the conditions of comfort are basic, conviviality and discussion are essential.

    what to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days red dao

    If you don't want to spend your two days of hiking, you can still spend a few hours walking. Sapa offers walking routes for all tastes and all levels. In addition to the walk, you can discover Ham Rong Mountain which offers a beautiful panoramic view of Sapa and its surroundings. Along the way, you can also visit its garden of orchids, roses, rhododendrons and hydrangeas. The park often organizes artistic programs about the culture of the ethnic minorities inhabiting the region.

    what to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days fan si pan mountain

    You can also go to the roof of Indochina, Fan Si Pan mountain, which rises to an altitude of 3,143 metres thanks to the installation of a cable car. If the weather is not too cloudy, once at the top you can enjoy a breath-taking panorama of the Tonkinese Alps and the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The cabins pass through a series of tunnels and then viaducts allowing you to admire the picturesque landscapes of the Muong Hoa Valley with its ethnic minority villages below. A visit to the picturesque Sapa market, the discovery of local crafts, the discovery of local gastronomic specialities and a traditional herbal bath, a speciality of the Dao ethnic group, which have relaxing and invigorating therapeutic properties will complete this stay for two days in Sapa.

    what to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days handcraft

    Hiking in Sapa in 3 days

    The third day can be devoted to hiking again with a second night at the inhabitant. A formula is much appreciated by walkers. This is an opportunity to visit some even more remote areas.

    what to do in Sapa in 2 or 3 days hiking

    This third day of trekking in Sapa can be devoted to the discovery of ethnic markets which are held on certain days in the region. It takes a few hours to travel by vehicle through beautiful mountain scenery to get there. But there is always a spectacle with the presence of a multitude of ethnic minorities coming from the neighbouring valleys to come and trade in a very unique atmosphere. It can also be an opportunity to discover more distant areas of Sapa such as the magnificent Ta Phin or Lao Chai valleys for a few walks and to admire splendid panoramas of rice terraces.

    Useful information

    To make the most of yourtrip to Sapa and not waste time, you can use the Hanoi - Lao Cai night train by travelling in sleeper cabins and return to Hanoi either by night train or by a comfortable bus that reaches the capital in just 5 hours.

    Be careful to choose the right season to go to Sapa. Choose April, May, June, late September, October or November.

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