• What to visit in Moc Chau, Son La?
  • What to visit in Moc Chau, Son La?

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  • Known as Da Lat in the North for its temperate climate and its magnificent natural setting, Moc Chau awaits summer visitors with open arms who are only waiting for the holidays to go there. Located almost 190 kilometres from Hanoi, this gem of the mountainous North is ideal for spending a weekend to immerse yourself in the nature and cultures of Thai and Hmong. Renowned for being one of the most beautiful plateaus in Vietnam, Moc Chau also stands out as a must for a trip to Son La which is known for wild landscapes and astonishing ethnic wealth.

    On winter or summer days, in foggy or sunny weather, this beautiful plateau has what it takes to enhance your trip with a festival of colours and scents through its meadows.

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    Moc Chau Weather

    Characterized by a tropical climate marked by monsoons, Moc Chau experiences cold and dry weather in winter, and cool and rainy in summer. Found at an altitude of 1,050 metres, the Moc Chau plateau stretches over 80 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide at most. This provides visitors with a breath of fresh air as annual average temperatures are around 18-20 degrees.

    When to visit Moc Chau?

    If the daily life exhausts you, Moc Chau is synonymous with an escape and a big bowl of fresh air to do all year round. However, it is better to take note of what awaits you at each period of the year in order to fully enjoy your stay at Moc Chau.

    + January - February, peach and plum blossom season

    + March, bauhinia flower season and the traditional Het Cha festival on March 26th

    + Between April and August is the plum harvest. Moc Chau is meanwhile a paradise to go to avoid the sweltering summer heat of the North. It’s also the opportunity to pick and taste tasty plums with the locals

    + Between the end of August and the beginning of September with the Independence Day, one of the largest festivals of the Hmong in Moc Chau and Son La

    + Between October and December, the season of white mustard flowers

    How to get to Moc Chau from Hanoi?

    ha noi moc chau road

    Located nearly 200 kilometres from Hanoi and approximately 147 kilometres from Son La city, Moc Chau is easily accessible from the capital by national road 6 after four or five hours on the road. There are two ways to get there, motorbike and bus.

    Regarding buses, you will have a wide range of choices from either the My Dinh and Yen Nghia bus stations in Hanoi or from the city centre. Two types of class are available, seat and folding seat. The average price is 220,000 VND or 11 USD per person.

    The advisable option is for us to take a professional tourist bus which welcomes you in the old quarter of Hanoi and leaves you in Moc Chau town.

    Bus Hanoi - Moc Chau from the bus stations: Xuan Trang, Hung Thanh, Hai Van, Cuong Nguyet, Bac Son, Manh Cuong.
    Bus Hanoi - Moc Chau leaving from the city centre: Moc Chau Express and Pumpkin Limousine.

    The road to reach Moc Chau is passable by taking the RN 6 via boulevard Thang Long and highway to Hoa Binh city. From here, there are some 120 kilometres to travel to reach Moc Chau. If you are a more experienced driver, the loop is fairly easy to do.

    How to get around Moc Chau?

    Renting a motorbike or a bicycle is really a good idea to explore this beautiful region.

    + Cycling at 120,000VND per day or 30,000 VND per hour.
    + The motorcycle at between 150,000-200,000 VND per day.

    It is not difficult to find a taxi in Moc Chau and here are some companies:

    Huong Sen: tel 0212 3567567
    Sao Xanh: tel 0212 6262626
    Thao Nguyen Xanh: tel 0212 3868686

    What to visit and what to do in Moc Chau?

    Moc Chau tea hills  

    Land of tea, the first Vietnamese drink, the Moc Chau plateau is known for endless green tea plantations. A result of the hours of work of the farmers, the luxuriant cultures will put your eyes full of them, in particular in Tan Lap about 20 kilometres of the town. Please don’t forget the plantations forming a grandiose heart not far from the town. This place has charmed the young and couples who have come in large numbers to take beautiful photos. It’s a tasteful and sensual speciality to see without hesitation.

    Na Ka plum valley

    what to visit moc chau plum forest

    Along the way to Tan Lap town and about 16 kilometres from Moc Choc village, spans over more than 100 hectares the most beautiful valley of plum trees of Moc Chau. To admire her magnificent sight, go there in late January until mid-February to immerse yourself in the white fields. Between April and May, appetizing fruit is ideal for an equally pleasant stroll.

    Ethnic villages of Thai and Hmong

    Thung Cuong village

    what to visit moc chau child

    Located between Dong Sang and Xuan Nha towns, Ban Thung Cuong or Thong Cuong is a small Hmong village lost in an ocean of white mustard flowers in bloom. You can go out and meet the little Hmong in front of the traditional house or young girls in colourful dresses going to school, the sweetness of life is felt here.

    Pa Phach village

    It is in Dong Sang ward that you arrive in Ban Pa Phach or Pa Phach village, a mustard paradise of Thai and green Hmong. This plant is cultivated by almost all households for the extraction of oil. Nestled between the wooded karst mountains, the path to Pa Phach is quite winding and completely misty at the end of the afternoon. When spring arrives, the place is adorned with plum blossoms which are just as picturesque to see.

    Ang village

    what to visit moc chau pine forest

    Neighbour to Pa Phach, Ban Ang or the Ang village, also located in Dong Sang ward, is known for its pine forest which has nothing to be ashamed of with Da Lat. With two natural lakes nearby, this haven of freshness invites to a totally relaxing excursion. You can have the opportunity to have contact with the Thai people and to discover their daily life, culture, breeding and crafts such as brocade weaving, basketry and the manufacturing of cotton mattresses.

    Dai Yem waterfall

    what to visit moc chau waterfall

    Also nicknamed Ban Vat or Nang waterfall meaning She, this beautiful stop is part of Thai history in Muong Sang ward, Moc Chau today. 100 metres high and 70 metres wide, it is well worth going to cool off, especially in its best period between May and September.

    Pha Luong mountains

    Culminating at nearly 2,000 metres at the Vietnamese-Laotian border, the roof of Moc Chau, Son La is accessible for hikers of all levels. The panorama of sumptuous landscapes shared by two countries should delight any nature lover.

    The border market

    what to visit moc chau border market

    Located at the Long Sap border crossing, this small market that comes alive every day is a meeting place for traders from two countries. On nearly 400 square metres, stalls are filled with everything, household goods, food and clothing. They exchange Vietnamese and Laotian currencies. A double encounter with the colourful men and women of two neighbouring peoples is definitely worth it.

    Other interests to see in Moc Chau

    + The Happy Land tourist area, designed to welcome visitors to its pretty garden of 5 hectares of flowers.

    + Two beautiful caves Son Moc Huong and Ngu Dong Ban On, each with its own beauty, are to be combined with other visits to Moc Chau.

    + Beef dairy and strawberry plantation farms are also places to see to learn more about the specialities of Moc Chau.

    Where to sleep in Moc Chau?

    To stay in Moc Chau, you have a range of choices between hotel, hostel and homestay to choose from. The accommodation is the most numerous and varied in Moc Chau town. There are also houses on stilts for groups found near the pine forest in Ang village.

    what to visit moc chau hotel

    Some good hotels in Moc Chau

    Muong Thanh Holiday Moc Chau Hotel
    Thao Nguyen Resort
    Lavallee Bungalow
    Moc Chau Top Hill

    Nice homestays in Moc Chau: Stella Moc Chau, Vhouse Moc Chau, Moc Chau Arena Village, MAMA's House, Moc Chau Retreat, Moc homestay, Happy Land Moc Chau.

    As Moc Chau is one of the first things to see in Son La, discover the richness of this magnificent region of a dozen ethnic groups here:

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