• Top 8 best places to visit in Son La, Vietnam
  • Top 8 best places to visit in Son La, Vietnam

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  • Home of a plateau among the most beautiful in Vietnam, Son La promises its visitors beautiful walks in the middle of tea plantations, exciting hikes in the high mountains and unusual encounters in a small village of Thai, Hmong, Dao... A large family of around ten ethnic groups, Son La is an ideal place to get lost in the great outdoors and discover the preserved cultures concealed in the mountains of the Northwest. To help you enjoy fully this refreshing step during your trip to North Vietnam, take advantage of our selection of 8 best things to see in Son La.

    The Moc Chau plateau

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    Perched at an altitude of 1050 metres and about 200 kilometres from Hanoi to the Northwest, the Moc Chau plateau forms a natural jewel of Son La, a must for nature lovers. The location provides the benefits of a cool climate characterized by average temperatures of 20 degrees in summer and drier weather in winter compared to other regions.

    Measuring 80 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide, Moc Chau will immerse you in its approximately 1,600 hectares of meadow where peach, bauhinia, plum and mustard flowers are displayed, depending on the season. A haven of greenery where you can avoid the heat and the crowds without going too far from the capital.

    visit son la vietnam tea hill

    Particularly, the tea hill in the shape of a heart, its iconic beauty is prized for making a nice and pleasant stopover. The ant work of the farmers of Moc Chau makes beautiful cultures an inspiring source for all photography enthusiasts and honeymooners.

    The Pha Luong summit

    At the crossroads of two countries, the Pha Luong mountains invite hours of walking to reach the roof of the Moc Chau plateau at almost 2,000 metres above sea level. If the ascent to its peak is not very difficult, the jungle slopes and dirt roads will give hikers unforgettable moments. At the top of Phu Luong, a breath-taking panorama of the Vietnamese and Laotian villages surrounded by wooded mountains will completely satisfy you.

    The ocean of clouds Ta Xua

    visit son la vietnam ta xua

    A small paradise for trekking enthusiasts, let yourself be tempted by another test to conquer one of the country's ten highest mountains in Ta Xua. Located in the Bac Yen district on the edge of Son La and its neighbouring Yen Bai, Ta Xua is renowned for its famous dinosaur backbone-shaped flanks and the Turtle rock overlooking the cloudy ocean. The dotted mountainous loops of the hamlets of Black Hmong end in a decor of reverie amid the waves of endless clouds.

    Son Moc Huong cave

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    One stop that you cannot do without while staying at Moc Chau is Son Moc Huong Cave. The inhabitants had called this place cave of the Bats as this species abounded there for a long time. Covering nearly 7000 square metres, it will amaze you with imaginative stalagmites in its various magic rooms. Reputed to be the most beautiful cave in Son La and the entire Northwest, the place is also classified as a national natural site for its particular historical and archaeological values.

    Dai Yem waterfalls

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    Found in the Muong Sang ward of Moc Chau, the name of the site evokes a silk band with which the girl saves her man from the floods, as the legend of the Thai. 100 metres high, they are divided into two arms, one to nine floors and the rest to five floors, creating a picturesque and relaxing painting. The best time to admire it is between April and September for its abundance of water.

    The Mong village

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    A stop will delight you for an immersion in the local life is Ban Mong or Mong village. In a peaceful and green setting, traditional dwellings on stilts mix with the vegetation of coffee, plum, pine and bamboo. It’s also the opportunity to chat with the Thai men and women over a convivial meal with typical traditional dishes. You can also enjoy a relaxing break at the Ban Mong natural hot spring, which is a joy for locals and visitors everywhere. A good idea to go to freshen your skin, or helpt alleviate cardiovascular problems...

    The dams of the Son La hydroelectric plant

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    Take the time to stop at It Ong ward, Muong La district to appreciate the grandiose landscapes created by the imposing dams of Son La. Built over seven years and known to be the most important hydroelectric power station in Southeast Asia, the presence of the structure reinforces the breathtaking natural setting of the mountainous region of the Northeast.

    Historical remains in Son La town

    To end your getaway between mountains and rice fields, villages and caves, a few historic visits in the heart of its capital are also worth a visit.

    visit son la vietnam son la prison

    The Son La museum and the former Son La prison offer you a memorable moment. The museum contains a large number of valuable ancient objects and also rich exhibits on the cultural diversity of many minority ethnic groups living in the country. The old Son La Prison was built by the French in 1908 to torture Vietnamese revolutionaries. The ruins of the place are reminiscent of a very dark time testifying to the tireless struggle of our compatriots against the colonial regime. The place is preserved by the Vietnamese state as a special national vestige.

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