• What to do in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh in 2 days?
  • What to do in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh in 2 days?

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  • Found in the far West of Hoa Binh province, Mai Chau is synonymous with total immersion in a hilly region as peaceful as it is picturesque. Ideal for enjoying a weekend in the great outdoors without straying too far from Hanoi, whether as a couple or a family.

    How to come to Mai Chau?

    Located 140km from Hanoi, Mai Chau is easily accessible by motorbike or bus. The classic road to get there is to take QL6 or national road 6 according to the following route: Hanoi - Xuan Mai - Luong Son - Hoa Binh - Muong Khen - Mai Chau, around 3 and a half hours by car. The fastest is to follow the CT 08 highway connecting Hoa Lac to Hoa Binh city.

    If you plan to go out in a sleeper bus, there are a dozen buses that leave from the My Dinh, Giap Bat and Yen Nghia bus stations towards Mai Chau, for a price ranging between 90,000 - 220,000 VND.

    hanoi mai chau lac village road

    Hanoi - Mai Chau road

    Bus Hanoi - Mai Chau from My Dinh bus station: Ha Loan, Cuong Coi, Tuan Dung…

    Bus Hanoi - Mai Chau from the Yen Nghia bus station: Vinh Trong, Thu Bang and Yen Binh…

                    >> See more details onprices/timetable of Hanoi-Mai Chau buses

    Where to stay in Mai Chau?

    - Homestay in a house on stilts: a good choice for small budgets, the price varies 100,000 and 120,000 VND per night per person.

    - Hotel and resort, perfect for relaxing with more comfort. Opt for Mai Chau Ecolodge, Sol Bungalows, Mai Chau Lodge, Mai Chau Sunset Boutique, Mai Chau Riverside Resort and Mai Chau Hideaway for example.

    Some suggestions for your reference:

    - Resort Mai Chau Ecolodge, 4 stars, for a price starting from 2,000,000 VND per night
    - Mai Chau Riverside Bungalow, Sol Bungalow, Mai Chau Sunrise Village, for a price ranging between 1,400,000 and 2,000,000 VND per night
    - Mai Chau Sunset Boutique, Mai Chau Villas, for a price ranging between 1,500,000 and 1,800,000 VND per night (breakfast included)
    - Hotel Khoa Thanh, for a price around 500,000 - 1,000,000 VND per night.

    What to do and what to visit in Mai Chau in 2 days?

    1st day: Visit of the Lac and Pom Coong villages, walk along the rice fields, crossing to the Thung Khe pass

    The morning

    Departing from Hanoi, you will arrive at Mai Chau around 10 am - 10.30 am. If you want to stay in a traditional Thai house, the Lac village offers a number of accommodation and catering options at an affordable price.

    visit mai chau hoa binh in 2 days go cycling

    Pedal along the rice fields at Mai Chau, a feast for the eyes and the mind

    Start a tour of the village on foot or by bike according to your desires because these two modes are worth the detour. Bikes for hire are available from the locals.

    Bike rental price in Lac village: around 30,000 VND for half a day and 70,000 VND per day.

    Good addresses: houses on stilts No. 1 and No. 29 where we also offer other services, namely rental of traditional clothes, folklore shows... Other places are also good like houses No. 2, 5, 19...

    If you like to walk the paths around Mai Chau, a motorbike is available for a fee varying between 200,000 - 250,000 VND per day, fuel is your responsibility.

    Motorcycle rental address: houses on stilts No. 1, 19, 24…

    visit mai chau hoa binh in 2 days panorama

    Lac Village

    More than 700 years old, this old village is home to the inhabitants of the black Thai ethnic group who live on rice cultivation and brocade weaving. Meeting the weaving women, having lunch and sleeping with a local family will make you live an unforgettable experience in a peaceful village. Wandering in the village is an opportunity to shop by finding nice souvenirs, scarfs, bags with traditional clothes made by the women of Muong and Thai.

    visit mai chau hoa binh in 2 days bamboo raft

    Do you fancy a trip along the water? You can crisscross a bamboo raft on the spring surrounding the village to breathe freshness in a pleasant green setting. If you will come in transplanting season in April, or harvest in October, why not let the villagers accompany you to try to work for half an hour.

    Lunch: tasting of typical Mai Chau dishes

    visit mai chau hoa binh in 2 days meal

    Treat yourself to a meal rich in local flavours like sticky rice, grilled wild pork, young sautéed bamboo with mountain bee. What a memorable dining experience!

    The afternoon

    Poom Coong Village

    Meet at Poom Coong village to learn about the lives of Thai and Muong people who live in the houses nestled under the mountain feet. It’s a stop that delights nature lovers with the smell of rice fields as far as the eye can see and the murmurs of nearby streams.

    After the stroll through the villages, head to the main road to appreciate the majestic scenery of the surroundings of Mai Chau from the Thung Khe pass at an altitude of over 1000 metres. Watch the sunset behind the mountains and have a drink at one of the roadside taverns to close the first day at Mai Chau.

    The evening

    To liven up the evening in the middle of the valley, there is nothing like attending a traditional Thai dance performance sipping “Ruou Can” or corn alcohol.

    Enjoy the sweetness of life at every moment in Poom Coong village for its magnificent landscapes, relaxing atmosphere and wholehearted smiles

    2nd day: visit Pa Co market, Mo Luong and Chieu caves

    Pa Co market

    visit mai chau hoa binh in 2 days pa co market

    Held on Sunday, the Pa Co market is the largest in Mai Chau, located at the intersection of Hang Kia and Pa Co towns. A major trading centre for the Hmong, the place will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of a mountain market in full activity. You will find almost everything, agricultural products, fabrics, clothes, agricultural tools, poultry... Particularly, the stalls filled with multi-coloured brocades will certainly arouse your curiosity.

                    >> Read more about The Hmong Pa Co market in Mai Chau

    Mo Luong and Chieu caves

    Two kilometres from the Lac village, the mountain reveals a beautiful cave, Mo Luong, which is worth a detour to enhance your afternoon. 500 metres long and composed of four small caves inside, it is adorned by a number of mythical stalagmites.

    Before finishing your 2-day getaway in Mai Chau, let’s discover the Chieu cave or the "Afternoon cave" which, about 200 metres long, is not to be outdone by Mo Luong cave. You will reach it after 1200 steps to reveal another jewel woven by sparkling multifaceted concretions…

                    >> Discover our tours in Mai Chau!

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