• Visit Dien Bien Phu: Travel guide
  • Visit Dien Bien Phu: Travel guide

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  • The sacred land of the victory of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, Dien Bien province is a destination of choice in the north for a trip combining historical, cultural and natural discovery. In addition, this beautiful mountainous region in the far west is home to nearly twenty ethnic groups, Thai, Hmong, Khmu, Si La... If you have a plan to visit Dien Bien Phu to find out the memories of the battle there and explore a little its surroundings, this Dien Bien Phu travel guide is for you!

    Dien Bien Phu Travel Guide


    Found in the Western mountains, Dien Bien province is almost 500 kilometres from Hanoi. Located at the borders of three countries, it is contiguous to Lai Chau province in the North, to Son La province in the Northeast, to Yunnan province of China in the Northwest and to Laos in the Southwest.

    visit dien bien phu city

    Dien Bien Phu city, its capital, is a vast valley in the West of the mountains. Extending over 20km long and between 6 and 8 km wide, it is 190km distant from Luang Prabang.

    When to travel to Dien Bien Phu?

    The climate of Dien Bien

    Dien Bien has a tropical climate marked by monsoons in the mountains. Average temperatures range from 21 ° C to 23 ° C.

    + The summer during June and August is characterized by the heaviest rains of the year. It is not the right time to go to Dien Bien Phu due to the slippery roads and even the risk of landslide, nor was it conceivable to trek in the high mountains to the A Pa Chai peak during this period.

    + The dry season which lasts between December and March when night temperatures in winter can drop to 12 ° C.

    + If your stay in Dien Bien falls in May, this will be an opportunity to share with the residents of Dien Bien the great joy of the anniversary of the historic victory, on May 7, 1954.

    + The beautiful region has what it takes to photographers who come in large numbers to take beautiful pictures of bauhinia flowers, its symbol, in March, resplendent rice fields during the harvest month in September.

    How to get to Dien Bien Phu?

    For a fairly long distance between Dien Bien and Hanoi, around 500km, you have to plan to spend ten hours on the road for this trip. There are two ways to get to Dien Bien, by road and by air.

    Go to Dien Bien Phu from Hanoi

    You can choose from three methods, by plane, bus and motorcycle or private car.


    You should know that Vietnam Airlines is currently the only Vietnamese company which ensures the connection Hanoi - Dien Bien.

    + There are 2 return flights per day with 1h10 of flight.
    + The flight price Hanoi - Dien Bien and Dien Bien - Hanoi varies between 1,200,000 and 1,700,000 VND for one way.

    Dien Bien Airport is just 4 km from Dien Bien city. A taxi is very practical to get to the city centre.

    visit dien bien phu airport

    In addition to flights from Vietnam Airlines, Dien Bien Airport offers other international flights to Luang Prabang, Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore.


    A bunk bus connecting Hanoi to Dien Bien leaves daily from three bus stations in Hanoi: My Dinh, Yen Nghia and Giap bat.

    For a journey of 11 to 13 hours, this method can sometimes also transport your motorcycle if necessary.
    The price varies between 300,000 and 550,000 VND depending on the type of vehicle.
    Here are some Hanoi - Dien Bien buses with reference companies: Hai Van, Hung Thanh, Khanh An, Le Dung, Nam Ga and Cuong Lien.

            >> For more details onHanoi - Dien Bien busesfrom Hanoi bus stations

    Motorbike and private car

    Crossing superb landscapes between mountains and high plateaus on the road to Dien Bien Phu with your motorbike must tempt the most daring. Nearly 500km to cross offers a full day for those who like to drive by themselves.

    Itinerary: National Road 6 - Son La - Pha Din Pass - Tuan Giao - National Route 279 - Dien Bien

    Go to Dien Bien Phu from Saigon

    If you plan to reach Dien Bien by plane from cities and regions in the south, you must first reach Hanoi before taking another flight to Dien Bien.

           >> For more details and tobook a flight/bus Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu

    How to get around in Dien Bien Phu?

    The most common way to get around the city is by taxi. Motorcycle rental is possible but there is not always enough choice available. The price varies between 80,000 and 200,000 VND per day depending on the vehicle.

    Motorcycle rental addresses in Dien Bien:

    + At Tuan, 114 group 4, Thanh Binh district, Dien Bien Phu city
    Tel: 0215 3866866
    + At Hai Trang, second entrance of the School of Pedagogy of Dien Bien, Dien Bien Phu city
    Tel: 01 658 898 898 - 0941 306 999
    + At Duc, Him Lam district, Dien Bien Phu city
    Tel: 0968 734 734 - 0869 190 190
    + At Vuong Khanh, Dien Bien Phu city 
    Phone: 0904 875 050

    For those planning to reach distant corners like A Pa Chai, the extreme point in the West of the country, bringing your motorcycle from Hanoi is a good choice for its flexibility.

    What to visit in Dien Bien Phu?

    visit dien bien phu a1 hill

    A1 hill or Éliane 2 hill, the heart of the battle between the troops of Viet Minh and the French expeditionary force

    The places testifying to the highlights of the battle stage of 1954 are certainly the best reason to bring you to Dien Bien. However, you can combine this pilgrimage very well with other cultural visits and a green getaway in the surroundings of Dien Bien Phu. The hilly region is known for beautiful caves, thermal springs of great therapeutic value and beautiful lakes that surround peaceful villages.

    visit dien bien phu pa khoang lake

    Pa Khoang lake, a 600 ha haven of freshness in Dien Bien

    Without forgetting its primitive forest, the Muong Nhe nature reserve is appreciated for its important biodiversity in the foreground of the country. Many activities combining history and culture, relaxation and adventure make your trip to Dien Bien Phu a getaway as rich as it is memorable.

           >> For more details: Dien Bien Phu and top 10 things to see and do in Dien Bien 

    Culinary specialities

    visit dien bien phu culinary

    The local fish caught from the Black and Nam Ron rivers under the hand of the Thai cooks at Dien Bien will give guests a pleasant taste experience. Nothing like young bamboo, organic vegetables and especially the grilled food to finish off your dinner in style in a house on stilts by the river.

    Where to stay in Dien Bien Phu?

    Hotels and hostels in Dien Bien Phu do not offer enough choices compared to big cities. To welcome visitors who are more and more interested in the memories of the great battle and its natural assets, the hotel offers there has improved in recent times.

    Some well-located hotels in Dien Bien Phu city

    + Muong Thanh Dien Bien Hotel between 48 USD - 80 USD per night: at 514 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Him Lam district, Dien Bien Phu city. It is, without doubt, the best in Dien Bien offering the services of 4 stars
    + Ruby Hotel, between 15 USD - 35 USD per night: at 43 Muong Thanh district
    + Hotel A1, between 22 USD - 80 USD per night: at 3 Hoang Cong Chat street, Muong Thanh district
    + Phuong Nam Hotel, between 16 USD - 44 USD per night: at 211, group 3, Tan Thanh district

    Homestays in Dien Bien

    This type of stay allows you to get as close as possible to the locals for an immersion in the daily life of ethnic families. You can share authentic moments in one of the Thai stilt houses, for example.

               >> Interested in a historic visit to Dien Bien Phu? Choose a tour with a local travel agency in Vietnam for the best experience.


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