• Visit Sapa from A to Z 
  • Visit Sapa from A to Z 

  • on Jun 5, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Located in Lao Cai province, Sapa is a famous destination to many tourists. It is undeniable that the mother of nature has endorsed Sapa with the poetic and yet majestic beauty, together with the cool weather for all year round and the unique features of ethnic tribe. In particular, what makes Sapa attractive are definitely the cultural heritage by Mong and Dao ethnic people and the ancient Western architecture. 

    Let us show you the beauty of Sapa in this article!

    ♦ Brief introduction about Sapa Vietnam 
    + Level of hight: 1,600m 
    + Average temperature: 15°C – 18°C 
    + Rainy season starts from May till the end of August 

    ♦ Best time to visit Sapa Vietnam 
    The question which time to book the ticket to get to your dream land may be the most concern of every tourist. In the case of Sapa, each seasons has it significant beauty. 


    + During April and May, tourists may catch the rainfall season in Sapa; however, it is a good chance to admire the green rice paddies fields.


    + September and October is when the rice terrace turns into the golden color, showing a striking a picturesque view. 


    + The period from December to February is the coldest time in Sapa Vietnam. Icing and snow can be seen in Sapa this time. 

    In short, September, November or March and May are the most suitable month to visit Sapa Vietnam, when you can find a fine weather with light sun in the morning and cool atmosphere at night.  

    ♦ How to get to Sapa Vietnam? 
    Sapa town is 38 Km from Lao Cai province and 376 Km to Hanoi city. To get to Sapa, tourist can take a bus or a train. 

    1. By bus (bed included) 


    + Ticket price: 280,000 VND – 280,000 VND (around $12/person) 
    + Bus station: My Dinh station &  Gia Lam station. 
    + Travel duration: 8 - 9 hour. 
    + Recommended Bus Brand: Sapa Express, Queen café, Hung Thanh, Sao Viet. 

    2. By train 


    There are many options for tourists taking train from Hanoi to Sapa Vietnam
    + Schedule: Hanoi (9.00pm) – Sapa (6.00am) 
    + Ticket price is varied from 400,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND 

    Note down
    Tourists should not carry laptop or expensive properties when traveling by train and must pay attention on their camera and cellphone. 

    ♦ Transportation in Sapa Vietnam
    There are 4 ways to move around Sapa

    Option 1. Rent a scooter (120,000VND or $5 per scooter per day) 
    Option 2. Rent a "Xe Ôm" or motorbike taxi (100,000 VND or $4 per tour)
    Option 3. Trekking to the most famous destination in Sapa
    Option 4. Book for a private tour in which you shall have your own driver.

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    ♦ Explore local specialties in Sapa – what to eat in Sapa? 


    1. Sapa stream salmon and sturgeon
    Unlike other types, salmon and sturgeon in Sapa give a mildy flavored meat that came straight out of the streams. What could be a better than a cool night sitting around the fire, enjoying the suble and refreshing flavor of Sapa salmon Sour Hotpot

    2. Bam boo sticky rice 
    Among different types and methods of cooking rice, bamboo sticky rice in Sapa is an abnormal version which offer an absolutely amazing taste. 

    3. Fresh mountainous vegetable 
    Sapa is a promising land, not only for tourism but also for national agriculture. During a trip to this land, tourists shall not miss the special taste of Cải Mèo, which is one of the most popular vegetable in Sapa, processed in various ways to create different dishes. The most typical way Cai Meo is served is to slice it into small pieces, mix it with ginger and boil them together to have a nutritious soup.

    4. Mini mountainous pig or “theft armpit” 
    The theft armpit is a localized breed in which the local people let the baby pig grow up naturally and sell to the market when the pig reach 20 Kg of weight. Pig “theft armpit” is usually marinated carefully in many kinds of spices and served with wine. You will fall in love with this special dish of Sapa at first sight!

    5. Sapa grilled meat 
    The night falls over the whole town is when tourists are attracted by the smoky fragrant of local food. And nothing is better than sitting near the cozy fireplace and enjoying hot grilled food. The fragrant from the tasty BBQ has such a strong attraction to whet your appetite.

    6. Thang Co – A special feature of Mong people 
    With more than 27 different kinds of spices, such as cinnamon, lemon grass, ginger, cooking with the broth and sliced horse, Thang Co brings along with a special flavor that might not match every diners taste. However, it worth’s trying this during your trip to Sapa Vietnam.

    7.  Brook fish 
    Besides Salmon, brook fish is also a well-known dish in Sapa. The fish is directly grilled on fire, bringing along with the crunchy and greasy taste. Price per Kg: 50,000 VND (with only $2 you can enjoy the special local taste.) 

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    ♦ Indispensable attraction in Sapa


    1.  Fansipan – the roof top of Indochina
    What can be more wonderful than putting yourself at a height of 3143m to breath in the fresh air and admire the magnificent panorama view of Sapa. It will take you around 2 or 3 days to conquer Fansipan – the roof top of Southeast Asia. The period between September to December and April to June.  

    2.  Ham Rong mountain 
    With only 70,000 VND ($3) for one ticket, you can admire the panorama view of Sapa, Muong Hoa Valley. 

    3.  Love waterfall 
    Located at about 12km from Sapa town, Love Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Sapa. 

    4. O quy Ho pass 
    One of the things you should do when coming to Sapa is to immerse yourself in the grandeur and splendid view of O Quy Ho pass. You should come here at 17.30 to fully admire the sun set behind the mountains. 

    5. Ta Phin village – Home of red Dao tribe. 
    Ta Phin is where the Red Dao people live. The Red Dao in Ta Phin is famous for cigarette butt joints.  Once you visit Sapa, this will be an unmissable experience. 

    6.  Lao Chai 
    Situated at about 7km from the center of Sapa town, Lao Chai - Ta Van is inhabited by ethnic minority people. By visiting Lao Chao, touirts can immerse into the rustic daily life of nothern tribe. 

    7.  Cat Cat village 
    From the center of Sa Pa town, follow the road towards Fanxipan mountain about 2km, tourists come across Cat Cat village (San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province). Located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, amidst clouds of thousands of winds, Cat Cat is an ideal eco-tourist destination for visitors to explore and explore the cultural life of the Northwestern people. 

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    Accomodation in Sapa Vietnam 

    When coming to Sapa, tourists can be spoiled by various choice of accommodation. There hundreds of well-furnished hotels with standard ranged from two to five stars. Besides, spending one or more night at a local homestay will leave you the best experience ever. 

    Note: Tourists should book for the accommodation in advance 

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Justine Poore
Jun 13, 2018
Vietnam was amazing! We spent time in Hanoi, Sa Pa, Ha Long Bay, and several other small towns over a month long period. The people, the food, the place. Everything is just so nice, its the best country in the world.
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