• Forget the way back, once you get to Sapa
  • Forget the way back, once you get to Sapa

  • on Apr 29, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Arriving in Sapa, you can choose to conquer the mountain top of Fansipan or pleasantly look at the terraced paddy fields. Ten things-to-do list below may provide you with great experiences in Sapa. 

    1. Fansipan trekking
    2. Watching the wonderful terraced paddy fields
    3. Overlooking at the Sa Pa town from Ham Rong top
    4. Blending into Sapa market-day
    5. Taking a stroll in the middle of the hill area
    6. Experimenting a homestay night at a resident’s house
    7. Enjoying 2 waterfalls of Silver and Love
    8. Looking at the superb view of O Quy Ho top
    9. Relishing Sapa local food
    10. Seeing Sa Pa without tourism 

    1. Fansipan trekking


    If you are up for challenging or winning against yourself, Sapa is place where you can conquer the roof of Indochina, a dream of many youngsters. What are you looking for? A trekking along with magnificent views of bobbing clouds and impressive terraced rice fields are waiting for you. 
    Fansipan's wild, lonesome beauty has been somewhat shattered with the opening of a 6282m-long cable car (return adult/child 600,000/400,000d, from 6.30am to 4.30pm), taking people across the Muong Hoa Valley and up to the summit, where a new complex of shops awaits, in 15 minutes. A taxi here is a little over 100,000d.

    2. Watching the wonderful terraced paddy fields


    Sapa is best-known all over the world by its wonderful terraced fields. Natural sceneries and climate together with skillful people have turned Sa Pa into a marvelous land of up ladders. Green terraced paddy fields are going to turn its color into impressive yellow. Let’s capture this moment!

    3. Overlooking at the Sa Pa town from Ham Rong top

    Gazing at the town from the top of 1800-meter height, you can see Sa Pa in different angles by looking down at the small path, tiny hotel and tourist area, which brings you a new-fangled experience. Moreover you also can enjoy beautiful flowers at the Ham Rong top and thread through mountain gorges.

    4. Blending into Sapa market-day


    Hill market days of ethnic minority groups in this Northern town of Vietnam will take you to a discovery of special regional practices such goods bartering or purchasing experience. You also can opt for some things in the Sa Pa market such as a souvenir or explore the culture and special customs of ethnic people of Hmong, Dao, Xa Pho, Tay, Giay.

    5. Taking a stroll in the middle of the hill area 


    It would be an unforgettable memory to slowly step your foot in Sa Pa that has been listed as one out of 10 greatest places for taking a stroll by the famous travel magazine – Lonely Planet in 2011. 
    Staying away from busy days in city and taking a slower pace of life brings you closer
    to local life.
    Just by wandering around you can be amazed by the beauty of the wonderful valleys such as Mường Hoa or Lao Chải, the villages of Cát Cát, Tả Van, Tả Phìn, Ta Van reef or Cat Cat waterfall flowing Hoang Lien Sơn bottom, stone church in the center of old Sa Pa.

    6. Experimenting a homestay night at a resident’s house


    Spending a night at a local house, waking up in a mountain village then have a breakfast with Sapa- thunderstruck local food is thought to be indispensable undergoes in Sa Pa. Recently, homestay service here has rapidly developed to meet the demand of tourists; therefore, you can feel free about hygiene and food safety.

    7. Enjoying 2 waterfalls of Silver and Love


    About 12 kilometers far away from the town center, two beautiful waterfalls are on the road to Lai Chau. Coming here, you have a chance to enjoy a buoyant feeling when facing the cool and fresh water flow. Besides, a legend of a love story will be told as the origin of the Love waterfall. This is the place where a woodman who deduced seventh fairy by his talent tone from flute. As a punishment for her mistake, the god turned the fairy into a yellow bird that keeps flying around the waterfall.

    8. Looking at the superb view of O Quy Ho top


    Located on the road to Lai Chau, O Quy Ho pass top can be reached when you pass the waterfalls of Silver and Love. From the top, you can take a look down to the long tiny path connecting Lao Cai to Lai Chau along with Hoang Lien Son ranges.

    9. Relishing Sapa local food

    It must be of regret if you miss the taste of stone-like mustard green (the local vegetable in Sa Pa), stream fish, local pork meat or smelly barbeque stalls in the old town center at night. The combination of cold weather in mountainous area along with tasty local will crave in your mind an unforgettable experience.

    10. Seeing Sa Pa without tourism


    If conquering the Fansipan top does not fulfill your interest of seeing nature, the distant mountain villages of Thanh Kim, Nam Sai, Nậm Cang can. You will listen the quietness of nature, uncontaminated habitat and pure villages and local people without other tourists. Only the sound of you and nature are heard there. Let’s take a trip away from the town centre and enjoy yourself on the wonderful reef and beautiful waterfall on the road, you will find your own peace.  


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