Terraces to Heaven

Terraces to Heaven - 11 Days

You will discover

  • Bac Ha  
  • Sapa  
  • Dien Bien  
  • Mu Cang Chai  
  • Nghia Lo  
    Ha Noi  
  • LAOS

Tour Briefing

  • Day 01
    Hanoi arrival (D)
  • Day 02
    Hanoi full day city tour (B/L/-)
  • Day 03
    Hanoi – Nghia Lo (B/L/D)
  • Day 04
    Muong Lo(Nghia Lo) – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai (B/L/D)
  • Day 05
    Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen – Tuan Giao – Dien Bien (B/L/-)
  • Day 06
    Dien Bien Phu – Muong Lay – Lai Chau (B/L/D)
  • Day 07
    Lai Chau – Na Tam – Sapa (B/L/-)
  • Day 08
    Sapa – Bac Ha (B/L/-)
  • Day 09
    Bac Ha – Thac Ba (B/L/D)
  • Day 10
    Thac Ba – Hanoi (B/L/-)
  • Day 11
    Hanoi – Departure (B/-/-)

You will be interested in:

  • Experience on the amazing roads with beautiful landscapes.
  • Discover the minory ethnic groups with their customs and daily life.
  • Marvelous rice terrace 
  • Magnificient 20km road in Ban Chat reservoir
  • Discover Dien Bien Phu battle field
  • Splendid panorama in the valley of rice terrace from Khau Pha pass
  • Beautiful rural tranquil landscape in Na Tam
  • Enjoy gorgeous and grandiose landscape from the from O Quy Ho Pass, the longest and highest pass in Vietnam.
  • Boat trip in Thac Ba Lake
  • Discover the traditional local dishes and specialties.

Detail Program

Hanoi arrival (D)

Day 01 : Hanoi arrival (D)

Our Authentik Travel’s tour guide and driver will welcome you at airport and transfer to Hotel in the city center.
Get give some first briefing information about our country and enjoy a welcome dinner in a finest local restaurant.
Overnight in Hanoi.

Hanoi full day city tour (B/L/-)

Day 02 : Hanoi full day city tour (B/L/-)

Today, we discover deeply the capital of Vietnam, filled with timeless charms.

Start to visit the Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) the first University of Vietnam built from the 11th century by Emperor Ly Thanh Tong. Continue to visit Chua Ha (Ha Pagoda) known as a sacred place to pray for the luck in love, especially for the future spouse.
After that, transfer to Ethnology Museum (closed every Monday) which offers a deep insight into our Vietnam cultures through traditional costumes, tools, music instruments and real typical traditional house of many minority ethnic groups. Enjoy a special water puppet show in the museum garden.

Lunch is served in Cha Ca Thang Long restaurant (Grilled fish with vermicelli) a Hanoi specialty.
In the afternoon, discover the Ho Chi Minh complex included: Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh House on stilts, fish pond.
For those who are interested in visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: it is opened only in the morning and closed every Monday and Friday. We have to queue up sometimes to a couple of hours to go inside the mausoleum.

Transfer to the old quarter to visit the Hoan Kiem lake (Restored Sword Lake) and Ngoc Son temples in the middle of the lake.
Overnight at Hotel in Hanoi.


Hanoi – Nghia Lo (B/L/D)

Day 03 : Hanoi – Nghia Lo (B/L/D)

Green tea hill Thanh Son and Rice Valley Muong Lo.

In the morning, meet our tour guide and driver at your hotel and transfer to Muong Lo via Thanh Son. Muong Lo is known as one of the most 4 important fertile valleys of the north west ( Muong Thanh in Dien Bien Phu, Muong Tac in Phu Yen and Muong Than in Than Uyen) in which the Thais ethnic predominates. The village consists of hundreds of house on wooden stilts. Thais people cultivate the water rice.

Drive to the national road number 32 along the black river (Da River) one of the most important rivers in the northwest. In Thanh Son, we will make a stop to visit the green tea plantation hill then walk through the villages of houses on stilts. It is Muong ethnic, considered as Authentic Viet. Muong ethnic group is one of few communities in the north that is immune to Chinese influence.

Arrive in Nghia Lo, check in home stay of Thai village and enjoy the green tea and their hospitality.
Walking or biking around the Thai village to discover the beautiful rice field valley and hamlets that still preserves authentic house on stilts, especially, meet the friendly locals. Back to the home stay for shower and take a rest.
Dinner will be served with special traditional local foods.

Driving time: 5hours – 200km
Cycling: 5-10km depends on your interests.
Overnight in Nghia Lo.

Muong Lo(Nghia Lo) – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai (B/L/D)

Day 04 : Muong Lo(Nghia Lo) – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai (B/L/D)

Thai people in Tu Le Valley – Khau Pha pass – Mu Cang Chai rice terraces.

After breakfast, visit a local market in Nghia Lo then transfer to Mu Cang Chai via Tu Le. Mu Cang Chai is well known for its marvelous rice terraces considered as the most beautiful in the world.
In 2007, Che Cu Nha, De Su Phinh, La Pan Tan were recognized the outdoor masterpiece on the list of national heritage.
At the exit of Nghia Lo, you will cross the hilly region populated by Zao on the hills and Zay in the valley. Stop by chance to take photos and meet the local people on the way.
Arrive in Tu Le. It is possible to trek to the valley where Thai people in the house on stilts. Several unusual encounters by chance that allow you immerse yourself into the authentic local life.

In the afternoon, continue to Khau Pha pass which offer you a splendid panorama in the valley of rice terrace. Then the car will take you to La Pan Tan which is the legendary routes of photographers. You will admire the gorgeous rice terrace masterpieces created by Hmong peasant artists from generation to generation.

Enjoy the majestic landscape and following the route from La Pan Tan – Mam Xoi. Arrive in the village and take a shower and rest. Delicious dinner awaits for you.

Driving time: 3hour – 100km
Trekking: 2-3 hours (optional)
Overnight at homestay in Mu Cang Chai.

Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen – Tuan Giao – Dien Bien (B/L/-)

Day 05 : Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen – Tuan Giao – Dien Bien (B/L/-)

Thai region and Dien Bien Phu Basin.

Depart to Dien Bien Phu via Tuan Giao, the beautiful landscape of rice terrace and mountain will follow you along the way. From Than Uyen, we turn to national road 279 to Tuan Giao. Not many traffic on this route.
On arrival in Ban Chat reservoir, a large reservoir will accompany you for 20km with a nice view to the lake. Stop for a short walk to enjoy the tranquility and spectacular landscape.  Keep driving to Pa Uon Bridge in Quynh Nhai, crossing Da River.  Da River is one of the most important rivers in the north.  Another stop for great photos and meets the local people. Arrive in Tuan Giao at noon and enjoy lunch at local restaurant.

Continue to Dien Bien Phu, crossing the region of black Thai and white Thai.
Dien Bien Phu is very important place. This is the valley with 18km long and 6km wide surrounded by 1000m high mountains. It is strategical location in the borders of three countries: Vietnam, Laos, and China. The valley is the main battlefield between Viet Minh and French expeditionary force in 1954.

Arrive in Dien Bien Phu at 15.30; take a visit to discover War Museum, A2 hill which offers a panorama view to the basin, De Castries' command post and the memorial to the soldiers of French expeditionary force, built 1992, it symbolizes for conciliation between Vietnam and France.
Check in hotel and relax
Driving time: 6 hours – 220km
Overnight at hotel in Dien Bien Phu.

Dien Bien Phu – Muong Lay – Lai Chau (B/L/D)

Day 06 : Dien Bien Phu – Muong Lay – Lai Chau (B/L/D)

The region of Hmong and Kho Mu.

Depart to Lai Chau, 20km from Dien Bien Phu, home to numerous or ethnic group including Kho Mu. Originally from Northern Laos, There are 60 000 Kho Mu people live on the hills slopes between Hmong in the upper and Thai in the lower. Discover the Kho Mu. You will find yourself in the land of colorful Hmong people, crossing Muong Cha, Muong Lay. Meet the local women in their colorful tradition dress and wearing silver or golden jewelries. Stop to discover the villages, authentic life and meet the locals.

Arrive in Muong Lay – a relocation place for hundreds of Thai villagers. Previously, they lived in the valleys flooded by the reservoir for hydroelectric Lai Chau – Son La.  Stop if you would like a tea break.
The journey is accompanied by the Nam Na River and the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Discover Thai and Hmong village on the way before arrival in Lai Chau City in the late afternoon.
Check in hotel and relax.

Driving time: 6 hours – 200km.
Overnight in Lai Chau.


Lai Chau – Na Tam – Sapa (B/L/-)

Day 07 : Lai Chau – Na Tam – Sapa (B/L/-)

The region of Laos and Lu ethnic – Crossing Hoang Lien Son pass ( O quy Ho pass).

In the morning, depart to Sapa along the Hoang Lien Son mountain  range.
At the exit of Tam Duong, we will turn right to visit Nam Tam Village where the Laos and Lu people live. This is a beautiful rural tranquil landscape.
Traditionally, the local women are distinguished by black teeth and indigo colored clothing encrusted with silver pieces. Take a 2 hour hiking through the river, villages, rice fields, hills and encounter the locals.

Meet our driver for a transfer to Sapa, crossing Hoang Lien Son pass (O Quy Ho pass). This is the longest and highest pass in Vietnam with 54km in length and 2047m in height. Stop to relax at the top of the pass. It is absolutely gorgeous and grandiose landscape from the pass, also a great place for photos.

Arrive in Sapa in the afternoon. This is a town discovered by French in 1903. With temperature climate, Sapa became an attraction for holiday with beautiful rice valley, splendid mountain range and the diversity of minority tribes such as Black Hmong, Red Zao, Zay ethnic…

Driving time: 4hours – 140km
Trekking: 2 hours in Na Tam.
​Overnight at Hotel in the town

Sapa – Bac Ha (B/L/-)

Day 08 : Sapa – Bac Ha (B/L/-)

Ma Tra Valley – Ta Phin and Bac Ha – the plum plateau.

Departure from your accommodation for the hike following the itinerary: Ma Tra – Ta Phin which is less touristic. The journey will lead you to the superb rice terrace valley, meeting the local people of Black Hmong and Red Zao ethnic group. They were original from south of China. They settled in Vietnam in the 11 century. They live in the high altitude and far away from modern world. This helps them to preserve their traditional, their own language and especially their ancestral way of life.

Make a stop on the way to visit a Hmong family in Ma Tra Village, and a school.  After 3 hour trekking, you will reach to Red Zao village to pick up our car for transfer to Sapa
In the afternoon, transfer in Bac Ha via Lao Cai City. Stop in the city for a visit Vietnam and China border gate.

Arrive in Bac Ha in the late afternoon. Located at the altitudes of 1000m, Bac Ha is home to several ethnic group such as colorful Hmong, Phu La and Tays. Bac Ha is well known for its weekly colorful Sunday market surrounded by wild and beautiful scenery. Bac Ha market is not only for goods exchange but also the culture exchange of the ethnic groups for centuries.

Walking distance: 12km – 3 hours.
Driving distance: 100km – 3 hours.
Overnight at hotel in Bac Ha.

Bac Ha – Thac Ba (B/L/D)

Day 09 : Bac Ha – Thac Ba (B/L/D)

Flower Hmong Village – Thac Ba Lake.

From Bac Ha, it is possible to visit an ethnic colorful markets if it falls in these days: Bac Ha Market on Sunday, Can Can Market on Saturday. Enjoy the striking atmosphere with so many goods such as vegetable, poultry, horses, buffalos while capturing many minority groups in the best colorful clothing of the week.

The next visit is to Ban Pho Village, famous for its corn alcohol. Discover the life in the village and the people who live from the cultivation of corn and plum.
Thanks to the village’s water source, it makes corn alcohol exceptional flavor. That is appreciated by both the locals and the tourists.

Take a trekking through some Hmong ethnic villages and end up at Na Kheo, a Tay ethnic village. Simply idyllic, a typical Bac Ha Landscape that mixed corn, manioc hills, clay houses. Plum gardens decorated with Hmong women with their colorful skirts will accompany you along the trip.
In the afternoon, depart to Thac Ba Lake, inhabit of Zao ethnic with white trousers. This is good ideal resting place as its ecological lake.
Along the way, encounter untouched ethnic group of Tay and Nung in the middle of authentic villages with hundreds of house on stilts covered with thatch.
Enjoy dinner at homestay (house on stilts of Zao people).

Driving time: 3hours – 130km
Walking distance: 10km – 3hours.
Overnight homestay in Thac Ba.

Thac Ba – Hanoi (B/L/-)

Day 10 : Thac Ba – Hanoi (B/L/-)

Ecological Paradise on earth.

In the morning, take a boat trip to discover Thac Ba Lake an artificial lake used for hydroelectric. In front of your eyes, you will admire the huge valley covered by water and numerous hilltops like hundreds of islets which bringing a certain charm to the lake.
Visit a Zao village.
Back to host family to say good bye and transfer to Hanoi.
Arrive in the late afternoon. End of the Adventure Tour among the ethnic groups.

Driving time: 4hour – 170km.
Overnight in Hanoi.

Hanoi – Departure (B/-/-)

Day 11 : Hanoi – Departure (B/-/-)

Enjoy your last minutes in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam before transfer to airport for your next destination.

Tour ends.

Private tour price

The prices are quoted on USD and based on per pax (Twin/double sharing - 3 star accommodation)
Valid to 31 December 2018

Group size 1 pax 2 pax 3 - 4 pax 5 - 7 pax >8 pax
Grand total price/pax 1575 880 690 550 Contact us
Single Supplement 180
Service Included
  • Accommodation with daily breakfast 
  • Private car transfer
  • All entrance fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Meals as indicated (B=Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • Vietnam Visa approval letter
  • Service charges and Tax
Service Not Included
  • International flight tickets from/to your country
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not indicated 
  • Personal Expenses: laundry, drinking, telephone…
  • Tips and gratuities
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