• Visit Dong Ba market - The quintessential market of the dreamy Hue City
  • Visit Dong Ba market - The quintessential market of the dreamy Hue City

  • on Dec 21, 2018       By: LucyH

    Dong Ba market is a famous market in Hue. It would be such a waste if you go to Hue without buying something as a gift or come and enjoy the local delicacies in this market. In this article, Authentik Travel will share with you the useful tips for a better experience in Dong Ba Market - a very attractive destination for your time traveling in Hue.


    The "golden" time to go to Dong Ba market

    In order to have the most varied experiences in Dong Ba Market, you should start your journey around 3pm for the following reasons:
        - It’s hot in Hue, especially in summer. Therefore, in most of the tours or self-discovery schedules, the more preferred destinations are the royal tombs in Hue and pagodas to start in the morning. Therefore, experience the Dong Ba market in the afternoon will help you save another precious day of your vacation.
        - There is a common belief that has been strongly affirmed among Vietnamese people, not only in Hue that “well begun is half done”. The shop owners there will absolutely unhappy if someone gives them a hansel in the morning and bargain. Surely it will be an uneasy experience for both sides.
        - The gourmet food tavern only really sells bustling late in the afternoon.
    So, starting at 3pm with rich booths to compliment and enjoy shopping without any worries and obstacles, then end with the charming Hue specialtiesin this Dong Ba Market, isn’t it a valuable experience?


    Route to explore Dong Ba market in Hue style

    The area of Dong Ba market is nearly 15,600m², extending from Gia Hoi bridge to Truong Tien bridge with thousands of stalls serving the needs of the people coming to visit the market. If you’re not well-oriented, it’s very easy to get lost.

    Dong Ba Market consists of a three-storey building in the center, called "bell tower" and surrounded by rows of houses forming a U-shaped around the bell tower. Another suggestion seems a little strange but very practical which is starting the route of shopping the specialties in Hue by going straight into the bell tower, up to the third floor and start from here.
    You will discover the fabric and clothing stalls first for the tailoring Hue bouquet for yourself or as a gift.


    In the first and second floor, you can find many kinds of souvenir from the Hue conical hat (Non bai tho)of Phu Cam village, the famous scissors from the village of Hien Luong, to the exquisite pieces of jewelery Ke Mon village. Here we also encounter the famous cast products such as peaks, bronze bell that’s sold in Ngo Mon Gate.
    The first floor is also the place for the dry seafood of the Central and dozens of specialty Hue fish sauce. The seller is so hospitable and thoughtful that almost no one wants to finish their Hue trip without bringing back at least a few jars of Hue fish sauce.

    When the sun is off, step out of the bell tower and go into the food range sold around the market, this is the most interesting point of this route. You can enjoy a variety of Hue dishes without having to worry about your wallet, the dishes are at an absolutely reasonable price. There are rice noodles, rice paper rolls, Kim Long meat noodles, spring rolls Phu Hoa, Vy Da, Nam Pho soup or Van Cu noodles. Even though you have enjoyed the dishes in many other places but after trying them in Hue, you will agree with me that the food here in Dong Ba market is the most authentic, original and delicious.
    After eating all the dishes, don’t forget to drink some green tea made with fresh ginger, or a cup of sugar cane juice made from the one in My Loi, Tu Ha, it will dispel tiredness away. Many people have believed that, just visit Dong Ba Market Hue, you can experience the full flavor of Hue and bring home the most special gifts in just one afternoon. Therefore,Authentik Travel recommends you not to miss this interesting destination whether your Hue trip is long or short.


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