• Two famous markets in Saigon
  • Two famous markets in Saigon

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  • In addition to the unique architecture of the Notre Dam cathedral or the Reunification Palace, Saigon is also famous for long-standing markets. Aside from the historical value, these market is the symbol of the bustling of Saigon where tourists can see the daily trading activities of local people. If the previous article was about the historic hotels, in this article, Authentik Vietnam Travel would like to bring you to the crowded atmostphere of Ben Thanh and Binh Tay market. 

    "Bến Thành" market 

    Address: Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 

    Located in the heart of the city, Ben Thanh Market has long been a symbol of Saigon. Not just a trading pot, during the past hundred years, this market has become a witness of the ups and downs turns of Saigon’ history.  It is just like the bridge connecting the past and present of Saigon.

    two famous market in Saigon Ben Thanh in the past

    In recent years, Ben Thanh Market is an indispensable site for many tours to Saigon. Obviously, tourists visit the market are not merely looking for commodities or souvenirs but also looking for the soul of Saigon, reflecting in the daily routine of local people. 

    two famous market in Saigon Ben Thanh in modern days

    Formed before the French set foot in this land, the original market located along the Ben Nghe River, at a docks Quy (Gia Dinh), and was called Ben Thanh. In 1911, the French colonial government decided to move the market to its present location which used to be a swampy pond. The market was constructed in 1912, completed in 1914 and continously operate since then. 

    Ben Thanh is considered as the largest retail market with all kinds of goods, from popular to high-class, especially the most selective food items. Everthing can be found here, from the onions, chili pepper, vegetables, fish, and all kind of seasonal, fruits, candy, cloth, shoes, handbags, electronic device and souvernirs… With the total area of 13,056 m², in avarage, Ben Thanh market pick up about 10,000 visitors each day. The market has four main doors and 12 side doors radiate in four directions. The South gate carying the symbol of three-sided clock tower, overlooks Quach Thi Trang Square while the main gate opens up an areas of cosmetic and dried food. The North gate laying on Le Thanh Ton street leads to an areas with various stalls selling fruits and vegetables. In the mean while the East gate attracts customers with colorful cosmetics and sweet. And the West gate takes you to a place where you can find clothes and asscesories.

    two famous market in Saigon cosmetics and products in Ben Thanh market

    Referring to Ben Thanh Market, you can not miss the food court with the presence of a full range of traditional dishes throughout the country. By the end of January 2012, Ben Thanh Market has been recognized as one of the 10 most popular street food destinations in the world by the Food and Wine Magazine, which is a strong affirmation of that richness.  With traditional values, long life, the market attracted a lot of foreign tourists to visit and shopping. Here you will find all languages to trade. At night, around Ben Thanh market gathered into a crowded night market, creating a vibrant and colorful Saigon. 

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    ♦ "Bình Tây" market 

    Address: Thap Muoi Street, Ward 2, District 6

    Known as the most beautiful market in Saigon, Binh Tay market is stated to be restored for the third time, after the second and the frist reinnovations in 1992 and 2006. In 1928, a Chinese businessman nam Guo Dam built a market and named it Binh Tay. The market was given to the government of Saigon. A few blocks and a statues was created after the death of the founder. Eventhough the bazaar was built according to modern Western techniques, it was strongly influenced by Oriental architecture. 

    two famous market in Saigon Binh Tay market

    Binh Tay Market built in 1928 by Chinese businessman Guo Dam (Thong Hiep). He built the market and gave it to the city at that time. He only asked to build a few more blocks around the floor and placed statues in the market when he lost. With the total areas of 2.5 hectare, divided into 2 floors, Binh Tay market is the most special market of Saigon thanks to the lush green garden right in the middle of the market. 

    two famous market in Saigon the bustling atmosphere of Binh Tay market

    The design for the main gate of the market is influenced by the French architectural. The corners of the roof winding the style of oriental pagodas, roofed yin and yang ancient. The special spot of the market is in the middle of a large courtyard sky creating cool space and use natural light in a harmonious way. 

    two famous market in Saigon the diversification of Binh Tay market

    In addition to the special features of architecture, Binh Tay Market is also the busiest center of Saigon with many kinds of items. This place attracts the majority of taring activities because most of the goods are wholesalers and moved to the southwestern provinces.

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