• Top 10 things to see and do in Halong Bay
  • Top 10 things to see and do in Halong Bay

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  • The majestic Halong Bay and its myriad of islands and rocky islets dotted with emerald water almost like a mirror, is one of the most legendary travel destinations. A trip to Vietnam cannot be complete without visiting this bay full of legendary tales whose grandiose landscapes have been classified as natural heritages of humanity by Unesco. Don't miss any part of this natural gem by discovering the 10 captivating activities to do in Halong Bay.

    Top 10 things about Halong Bay

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    1. Cruise on Halong Bay with one night aboard a junk

    10 things to do in halong cruise

    To fully appreciate the breath-taking beauty of the unique karst seascapes, it is unthinkable not to enjoy Halong Bay on a junk with a night on board. If sailing on its emerald waters through its thousands of uniquely shaped islands and islets is a magical spectacle, admiring the sunset and its rise from your cabin or the upper deck is another that will enhance your stopover in this natural jewel.

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    2. Kayaking in Halong Bay

    10 things to do in halong kayak

    This non-polluting activity, accessible to all, will allow you to explore the enchanting landscapes of the bay. Kayaking in Halong Bay is an opportunity to go to places inaccessible by boat where untouched nature reveals all its splendour. You will certainly be greeted by the song of birds and the cries of monkeys that reign supreme in these natural sanctuaries.

    3. Sunrise Tai Chi Classes

    10 things to do in halong tai chi course

    Become one with the sun by participating in a tai chi class on the upper deck of your cruise ship at sunrise. A gentle muscle awakening to start the day. It is also an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Halong Bay as the first rays of the sun gradually reveal the surprising forms of limestone peaks. Surely sovereign moments that will leave you with lasting memories.

    4. Floating fishing village

    10 things to do in halong floating village

    For centuries, Halong Bay has been inhabited by fishing communities that have established themselves for generation after generation in mobile floating villages. This is an opportunity to discover a completely fascinating and unique universe of aquatic life punctuated by the sea and its hazards. You will discover the daily life so particular of its inhabitants, their traditions, their fishing techniques and even the floating schools that some schoolchildren join by boat. In order not to spoil anything, these floating villages are very often located in sumptuous settings, huddled in the hollow of the limestone formations to protect themselves from storms.

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    5. One of the many caves in Halong Bay

    10 things to do in halong  surprise cave

    The limestone formations of Halong Bay are home to a considerable number of cavities and caves. Formerly used by pirates, these caves are now open to the public who can admire the beautiful geological formations, such as the famous Surprise cave where stalactites and stalagmites admirably adorn this enormous rocky cavity. Keep your eyes out for the clever play of light that highlights the fabulous masterpieces of Mother Nature in each cave.

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    6. Swimming in its emerald waters

    10 things to do in halong swimming

    What could be more gratifying than enjoying a good bath in the jade waters of Halong Bay? You can jump into the water from your junk or, if included in your program, do it from one of the many beaches in Halong Bay. If you like wild coves then we advise you to go to Lan Ha Bay, little sister of Halong, a neighbouring bay which reveals breath-taking landscapes.

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    7. Climbing the Titov mountain

    10 things to do in halong titov mountain

    To fully appreciate the extreme beauty of this UNESCO-listed natural site, you have to go to Titov Island and climb its mountain. When you reach the summit, you will enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of part of the seascapes of Halong Bay. You can also take advantage of the beautiful crescent moon beach to rest your efforts and take a refreshing bath. It was Uncle Ho or ex-President Ho Chi Minh who gave the name to this island in memory of the visit to this place of the astronaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov, a hero of the former Soviet Union.

    8. Fresh seafood treats

    10 things to do in halong seafood

    Seafood lovers rejoice, the waters of Halong Bay will offer you real mouth-watering feasts. Crabs, shrimps, clams, squid, etc. prepared in Vietnamese fashion will awaken your taste buds. And then what a pleasure to taste them while sailing through the limestone fairyland of Halong Bay. You may not be able to stop!

    9. Walk on Cat Ba Island

    10 things to do in halong cat ba island

    Located on the Southern flank of Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island is the largest island in the bay and an unmissable stopover for nature lovers. Since 1994, it has belonged to the Unesco Biosphere Reserve and shelters within it a national park which homes numerous endemic plant or animal species. You can explore the island on foot on its hiking or biking trails. From Cat Ba, you can then go to the beautiful Lan Ha Bay.

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    10. Relaxing on Quan Lan Island

    10 things to do in halong quan lan island

    Another superb island but located further North, in Bai Tu Long Bay. A beautiful island still preserved from mass tourism which reveals sumptuous wild beaches and a beautiful local activity turned towards the sea and the rice fields. An ideal destination for travellers who like to get off the beaten track. A stay on Quan Lan Island can be combined with a cruise in Halong Bay.

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