• 3 fishing villages to visit in Halong Bay
  • 3 fishing villages to visit in Halong Bay

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  • The Halong Bay is known for a rich natural and cultural heritage dating back thousands of years. Inseparable from its historic journey, the fishing villages bear witness to the life of man in symbiosis with the sea. It would be very unfortunate to visit Halong Bay without passing through one of the fishing villages which persist in authentic ancestral culture.

    We have selected some good addresses that make you want to go there to extend your stay in Halong Bay, known as one of the natural wonders of the world. Let’s take advantage of your cruise on the emerald carpet in the middle of the rocky corridors to discover life on peaceful water away from the crowds at the most beautiful floating villages: Cua Van, Vung Vieng, and Ba Hang.

    Cua Van floating village

    Renowned for being oneof the most beautiful villages in the world, this ancient village will seduce you with its pure atmosphere and preserved customs. Found in the Hung Thang district, it originates from two small old villages, Giang Vong and Truc Vong. Beyond a town on the open sea, Cua Van and the islets surrounding it are an integral part of the attractions of Halong Bay.

    Men and women have lived for generations caught from the sea and perpetuate the cult of ocean geniuses. Punctuated by winds and tides, rustic means accompany the inhabitants to weave their way between the karst peaks of Co To at Ngoc Vung to Cat Ba Island.

    fishing villages halong bay go to school

    At the foot of Ngoc Mountain, the village’s only school of 150m2 has four classrooms and some for teachers. The children even sail from time to time to get to school every day, and with great happiness. In this nautical world, little ones can easily drive a sampan at the age of 6 or 7.

    fishing villages halong bay centre for aquatic culture

    A must-see in the Van Chai village and Halong is the Centre for Aquatic Culture, the first of its kind in the country. This 330m2 floating museum presents ancestral fishing traditions and practices through hundreds of archaeological objects, documents and images on the folk culture and civilization of Halong in the mists of time. If by any chance, you come across a small village celebration or a wedding, you will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional song performances typical of the inhabitants of Halong.

    You can talk with the fishermen or taste on their houseboat dishes full of sea flavours, go fishing and night fishing for squid, etc. There’re so many rich and pleasant moments await you.

    Vung Vieng floating village

    fishing villages halong bay vung vieng visit

    Nestled in Bai Tu Long Bay, about 25 kilometres from the port, Vung Vieng is the promise of an excursion away from the hustle and bustle. In an idyllic setting, the village welcomes you at its entrance with a natural portal formulated by multiform islets.

    fishing villages halong bay vung vieng

    You can take the time to take a break in its largest boat, a community house that is a meeting place for the villages to have more contact with the locals. Browse the floating houses sheltering nearly 160 souls, you will have the opportunity to learn fishing techniques, fish farming and also pearl culture. You also should know that pearls are known as one of the first specialities of Vung Vieng. It is quite simple to direct you from Vung Vieng to other places of interest in the surroundings, the islet of the Face of Demon, the primitive jungle on Tra Ban Island, Van Don or even the secret beaches in below the mountain on the islands of Ngoc Vung and Van Gio.

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    Ba Hang (Three Caves) floating village

    This small village hides at the foot of the cliffs of Dau go (Wooden Head) Island, near the cave of the Celestial Palace, one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. Staying at around fifty fishermen's homes, the name of the village can be explained by the appearance of emergent and submerged caves according to tidal fluctuations. The sampans circulate through the caves in a relaxing setting that reminds a lot of Tam Coc at the “Halong Bay on land”.

    Needless to say, kayaking is one of the must-do experiences in Halong Bay. The place is also one of the top 25 best places in the world for kayaking, according to National Geographic.

    Did you know that it was the extraordinary karst formations in the Ba Hang village that convinced the producers of the Hollywood film Skull Island? You can book a kayak at the village pier in Cong La, about 30 km from Tuan Chau port.

    Visit fish farms or school in the open sea, sampan or kayak ride, human encounter or discovery, the fishing villages of Halong Bay have everything to satisfy your desires. Why hesitate again?

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