• The top 6 most beautiful caves to visit in Halong Bay
  • The top 6 most beautiful caves to visit in Halong Bay

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  • Known worldwide for its exceptional landscapes and geology, Halong Bay seduces visitors with its wonders in the open sea but also its countless islands and islets. To give you some ideas for visiting these mystical formations dating back tens of millions of years, we have selected for you the top 6 most beautiful caves in Halong Bay that are definitely not to be missed.

    Top 6 most beautiful caves in Halong Bay

    Sung Sot Cave or Surprise Cave

    top 6 beautiful of halong bay surprise cave

    Located on  Hon Bo Island and unveiled by the French in 1901, the Surprise Cave is one of the largest and most magnificent caves on the Halong Sea. To access it, you have to cross a few rocky peaks under shade before entering two large magnificent cavities.

    The first is reminiscent of a sumptuous theatre capable of accommodating thousands of people because of its huge ceiling. With the effect of lighting, one has the impression of being in front of the mysterious surface of the moon. The second, meanwhile, quickly amazes you with a splendid decor made up of stalagmites and stalactites, calling for endless imagination of the shapes like a banana tree, a legendary hero with his horse, bamboo...

    Cave Dau Go or Cave of Wonders

    top 6 beautiful of halong bay wonder cave

    For the Vietnamese, it means the Wooden Head cave because wood was hidden there to prepare for the historic battle against the Chinese on the river Bach Dang in the 13th century, according to legend. This place which enters popular proverbs as a pride of the locals is known to visitors as simply the Cave of Wonders.

    Located at an altitude of 27 metres and covering approximately 5,000 square metres, it is 17 metres wide and 12 metres high. Its three main rooms, which are dazzling and almost unreal, will take you from surprise to surprise. The multiform concretions make the walls and ceilings into the captivating sculptures you will see before you. The first room takes the form of a dome where there is natural light and a magical multitude of stalactites and stalagmites.

    Entering the next room, the sun's reflections never cease to amaze visitors with scenes of spectacular karst bouquets. The last one is a large cavity which leads to a fairy well with ultra transparent water all the time. The imposing columns rich in magnificent natural sculptures are certainly its flagship appeal.

    Me Cung Cave or Labyrinth Cave

    top 6 beautiful of halong bay labyrinth cave

    This is another definite stopover in Halong on Lom Bo Island, some 2 km from Titop Island in the West. Its entrance, which is not very large, opens up to a sumptuous space reminiscent of a labyrinth decorated with sophisticated rock formations. Inside Me Cung cave, one is quickly immersed in a majestic imperial decor of other times. The lush vegetation surrounding the pretty lake is home to wildlife such as birds, monkeys, lizards and more.

    Cave Trinh Nu or Cave of the Virgin

    top 6 beautiful of halong bay cave of the virgin

    Nestled on Bo Hon Island and about 3 kilometres from the Surprise cave, it attracts visitors with a poetic silhouette of a young woman with long hair looking out over the sea. What she saw is the cave of Trong or Man in front, where stands the statue of her man, according to legend. Many visitors come to contemplate the beautiful stalactite formations while listening to the moving folk tale. Inseparable, the cave of the Virgin and the cave of Man represent a legendary temple of young lovers.

    Thien Cung Cave or Cave of the Celestial Palace

    Its reputation is well established as almost all visitors to the cave of the Celeste Palace have the impression of getting lost in a paradise on earth. Discovered in 1993 on Dau Go Island, just 300 kilometres from the Cave of Wonders, it amply deserves the title of most impressive cave in Halong.

    Perched 25 metres high, its 10,000 square metres are spread over several floors with complicated structures. Its interior strikes the eye with a monumental structure formed by very high ceilings and cliffs. The stalactites and stalagmites with strange shapes are omnipresent. Each corner of the cave awaits visitors with a small treasure blessed by Mother Nature, evoking all the scenes of life such as, birds, fish, orchards and more.

    At the end of the cave, natural light gives the ceiling a wonderful view. Small streams flowing down from the mountain create a translucent pond to add to the natural beauty of the cave. On the other side, a beautiful exit gives a superb view of the wonders emerging from the waters of Halong Bay.

    Kim Quy Cave or Golden Turtle Cave

    top 6 beautiful of halong bay golden turtle cave

    The last cave on our list that is worth visiting during your excursion in Halong Bay goes back to the legendary tale of an old, sleeping stone turtle. The Golden Turtle cave on Dam Nam Island is home to a 200-metre high mountain with Soi Rim Island behind it. Measuring almost 100 metres long and between 5 and 10 metres wide, this little corner has atypical structures but also views that will surprise you..

    Following the victory against the enemies of the north, the Sacred Turtle took the sword for its return to the eastern sea, as the story of the lake of the restored sword is told. She strived to eliminate watches in Halong Bay and for that, became totally exhausted. She slept forever in the cave where there were about thirty stalactites which were reminiscent of the pieces of wood from the battle of Bach Dang. These smooth formations, each about 30 to 40 centimetres high, are arranged in a peculiar way. A myth or reality, who knows?

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