• Top 10 things to do in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park
  • Top 10 things to do in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

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  • Located in the centre of Vietnam, 200km north of Hue and 500km south of Hanoi, the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is a must-see destination for all nature lovers and wildlife lovers in Vietnam. Do not miss the best activities that you need to do to make the most of this exceptional natural site.

    Top 10 things you must do in Phong Nha Ke Bang

    1. Exploring the caves

    Son Doong, one of 5 best destinations to discover in 2019 according to Lonely Planet

    Partly stretching over a 2,000 km2 limestone area, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is home to an impressive number of rock cavities and caves that contribute to the renowned nature of this geological park. By boat and on foot, you can visit some of these beautiful caves such as the Phong Nha and Thien Duong or the Cave of Paradise which contain incredible scenery of geological formations, stalagmites and stalactites skilfully highlighted by rays of light. The park is also home to the largest cave in the world, the Son Doong Cave, which is 9 kilometres long and has an uninterrupted gallery 200 metres high and 100 metres wide. What a phenomenal!

    2. Hiking

    phong nha ke bang national park hiking

    With a natural tropical forest and high biodiversity, Phong Nha National Park is ideal for hiking. It’s a great opportunity to discover one of the richest bio-systems in Vietnam. You can opt for trekking on one or more days with nights in bivouac to discover more remote caves. A real adventurous travel experience to challenge yourself in this beautiful region of Vietnam.

    3. Biking in the countryside

    phong nha ke bang national park traveling

    The Phong Nha countryside offers superb landscapes of rice paddies spreading out at the foot of the limestone formations. You will enjoy cycling the countryside to discover the small and quiet hamlets and then observing the life of the local people. By bike, you can go to many of the caves and sites that we mention below.

    4. Discovering the National Park by kayak

    phong nha ke bang national park kayak

    Many streams and rivers run through the National Park. Borrowing a kayak to discover the majestic nature of the national park is a superb experience. You can go up the Chay River by kayak to the primary forest, enter some underground rivers to admire the fantastic geological formations of some caves which are accessible only by kayak. This non-polluting activity allows you to discover this magnificent setting of nature from a unique and rare angle.

    5. Playing the zip-line

    phong nha ke bang national park zipline

    For fans of thrills, this is an activity that will please you. A zip-line crosses the Chay River and Toi Cave (Black Cave) then you can jump into the river for a refreshing swim. This is another original way to discover the wonders of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. This adrenaline activity is accessible to everyone, young and old, and can be practised with the family.

    6. Swimming in the river

    phong nha ke bang national park swimming

    During or after a day trip to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, how about a good swim? It's tempting, isn’t it? Take the plunge! Rivers and streams run through the beautiful countryside and will welcome you for pure moments of relaxation. On the site of the Chay River, you can even enjoy an excellent mud bath with many therapeutic virtues.

    7. Discovering the Botanical Garden

    phong nha ke bang national park garden

    Spanning 40 hectares, the botanical garden will satisfy nature lovers who are looking for a beautifully preserved nature. This is the home to 500 plant species including 133 of the rarest and most precious, and many animal species including birds, mammals or reptiles. In the Botanical Garden, you can enjoy the Gio waterfall which is 30 meters high, clear waters, peaceful lakes and a showroom with its rich flora and fauna.

    8. Go to the beach

    phong nha ke bang national park beach

    Enjoy your stay at Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park by going to Nhat Le Beach, it’s the most beautiful beach in Dong Hoi, a pleasant coastal town just 50 kilometres from Phong Nha National Park. You will appreciate it’s pretty little fishing port and of course, its long white sand beaches which are almost deserted. A destination off the beaten track to enjoy the seaside pleasures in peace and to approach the soul of Vietnam.

    9. Go to the Bang Spa

    phong nha ke bang national park hot spring

    An excellent activity to relax after walking through Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The hot spring of Bang, located a few tens of kilometres from the park, welcomes you in a beautiful natural setting and offers you the opportunity to enjoy its mineral water which is very rich in sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate and calcium. This water is an ideal treatment against rheumatism, stomach upset, intestinal diseases or tension. A perfect way to relax and continue your Vietnamese adventures!

    10. D-Arts Zone

    phong nha ke bang national park restaurant

    You can have a nice evening out in this friendly place run by an artist and a Vietnamese architect. While listening to jazz tunes, you can try some local culinary specialities including spicy sausages from northern Vietnam or farm duck roasted on the barbecue. Let’s sit in front of the rustic wooden tables and watch the bustle of the main street of Son Trach district.

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