• 3 days in Quang Binh and Phong Nha Ke Bang
  • 3 days in Quang Binh and Phong Nha Ke Bang

  • on Feb 13, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Cruising on the river and exploring Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave, sunbathing in the morning on beach Nhat Le or participating in adventurous kayak and zip line near Chay River and Dark Cave are indispensable activities during your 3-day trip in Quang Binh. This land will surely tempt you and leave you with wonderful memories.

    Quang Binh has become more famous after blockbuster “Kong Skull Island”. However, durimg your trip to Vietnam, you must come and see the magical sceneries of this region with the imposing mountains. Visiting Quang Binh, you will not be impressed with a number of historical monuments but also interesting tourist destinations and services. If a little bit of searching and organising skills, you even do not need to use the services of tourist agencies to create a 2 - 3 day trip in Quang Binh for yourself and your family members. The traffic in Quang Binh is very convenient for all travellers using airline, railway, car or motorbike services. To save time and energy, travelling by plane is the optimal choice. The trip will start from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and it would take around 1 hour to be in Dong Hoi. A part from plane, travelling by train or car can be also an interesting experience for those who would love to see the sceneries. However, the travelling time would be around 10 hours. The road in Quang Binh is large, smooth and not very crowded therefore, it is very easy to travel in this province. You can rent a motorbike for travelling in town and visiting tourist destinations. This will save your budget and you can can also enjoy the full beauty of this region.  

    Day 1: Dong Hoi city, Nhay beach rock, Quang Phu sandbank

    3 day in quang-binh-phong-nha-ke-bang rocks

    Dong Hoi is considered as a perfect combination of mountain and sea, attracting many tourists with not only the imposing sceneries but also the peaceful daily life of local people. Visiting Dong Hoi, a part from going for reputable destinations such as: ancient citadel, Suot Mother Status or Binh Quan Entrance, you should not miss out the specialities in this region. Around 30 km from Dong Hoi city, Nhay beach rock located right beside the Ly Hoa mountain pass. This is one of the most beautiful 2 beaches in Quang Binh.

    3 day in quang-binh-phong-nha-ke-bang sandy area

    From far away, Nhay beach rock looks like a stunning picture with a boundless eye-catching collection of rocks in different sizes looming on the water surface.  On the same route from Nhay rock beach to the city center, Quang Phu sand dune appears with its vast and original beauty. There, you can start your adventure with sand dunes continously changing its shapes by the movement of the wind.

    Day 2: Nhat Le Beach & Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave

    The trip to explore Quang Binh continues with Nhat Le Beach. This is a long beach attached to the estuary and Nhat Le River. While being here, visitors can swim, play on the beach and participate in group activities such as bicycling, volleyball and eating seafood.

    3 day in Quag Binh the sea

    Pic Outside Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave - one of the most stunning and magical wonders of the world.

    It is about 45 kilometres from Nhat Le Beach to Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave by taxi, bus or motorbike. Visitors often choose taxi to save time and the price is not expensive, about 350,000 VND/ trip (3 - 4 people). Tourists, coming to Phong Nha – ke Bang, hardly stop themselves from being astonished by it’s mysterious and sparkling beauty. Since Phong Nha Ke Bang carries with it the longest underground water stream, the best way to admire it hidden charms is to scrolling and flaoting in the water by boat. Besides, o young people who love adventures and explore things, they can either arrange a free and easy trip or book a tour for a day, the fee is for a tour is 1 million VND/ slot.

    Day 3: Chay River - Dark Cave

    3 day in quang-binh-phong-nha-ke-bang cave

    Pic - Chay River - Dark Cave is considered as a ecological tour with many interesting services

    Chay River - Dark Cave belongs to the National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang - recoginised as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. After visiting Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave, you can stay here for one night and visit Chay River - Dark Cave then go back to the city. Here, you can play adventurous games such as Zip Line, Kayak in order to float yourself on the green Chay River. The entrance fee to Chay River - Dark Cave is 450,000 VND/ person. If you just want to participate in the activities at Chay River and do not want to do mud bath, you will just need to pay 270,000/ person.

    Spending 3 days - 2 nights to explore Quang Binh will be a great choice for this summer. This area brings you not only relaxing moments with family and friends but also make you proud of the country and Vietnamese people. More than what you could see from “Kong: Skull Island”, Quang Binh you many residual tastes of great souls from local people.


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