• Thit kho tau and The Tet Holiday in Vietnam
  • Thit kho tau and The Tet Holiday in Vietnam

  • on Dec 10, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Thit kho tau (Caramelized pork and eggs) is a popular dish in the South of Vietnam. This special dish is usually made for the Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year) as a symbol of family affection. Vietnamese people have been always saying "Seeing Thit kho tau is seeing Tet".

    The broth used to cook the dish is made from coconut juice. The meat usually has both lean and fat cut into large and square pieces. Seasoning includes pepper, fish sauce, chili, sugar, and some other spices. This mixture of eggs-coconut juice is just cooked with small fire until the meat is extremely soft and tender. Thit kho tau can be served with rice and pickles.



    On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the Thit kho tau can bring an emotional strength, the spirit of connecting every member of the family. This simple dish has always played an indispensable role in the meal of Vietnamese people in Tet Holiday.
    In the south, the weather is hotter than the north, so the southerners only need to make a large pot of meat that can be stored up for a long time during the New Year's Day when the market is not open. Coconut juice is very popular in the South because of the suitable climate.
    The cultural exchange with other ethnic groups such as Hoa, Khmer here affects a lot to the culinary giving it a typical sweet taste of coconut milk and sugar. The above factors contributed to the formation of thethitkho tau in the South.


    Seeing Thit kho tau is seeing Tet

    A Vietnamese student in France said: "Studying far from home, we miss the food reminding us of our hometown. During Tet, not returning to Vietnam, I used to buy pork myself, bought the ingredients in the warehouse according to the formula of my mother to make Thit kho tau. Standing next to the Thit kho tau pot, hearing it simmering, smelling the coconut juice mixed with the meat spreading in the kitchen I just terribly miss my mom and Vietnam".


    New Year's tasty dish nurturing Love and Affection in Family

    In the New Year's Eve dishes, the thitkho tau reminds any Vietnamese of their memories back home with their family. Thit kho tau sounds easy to make but it’s actually not, especially in how to choose, marinate and season the pork elaborately.
    Thit kho tau is a rare dish that appears in both the daily menu and Tet holiday. The harmony of the ingredients represents peace and family harmony. The taste and the meaning of Thit kho tau have made the dish familiar and long lasting with Tet.


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