• The best spas and onsen resorts in Northern Vietnam
  • The best spas and onsen resorts in Northern Vietnam

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  • The list of best hot springs and onsen resorts in Northern Vietnam allows you to relax after Vietnam day trips or just an easy vacation to enjoy the natural mineral water of hot springs. These resorts are located in the mountainous areas so you can also enjoy the mountain life of the hill tribes and rice terraces.

    1. Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh
    2. Serena Resort Kim Boi
    3. Le Champ Tu Le Resort Hot Spring & Spa
    4. Tram Tau Spa
    5. Vresort Kim Boi

    1. Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh

    Inspired by the abundant energy and symbol of the goodness of the sun (Yoko - ?? - Sunshine), Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh is the first Japanese standard hot spring resort, invested in and developed by Sun Group in Cam Pha Town, Quang Ninh Province.

    onsen spa resorts north Vietnam, rice terraces

    Nestled on the majestic cliffs, located near the sea and surrounded by natural beauty, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh brings together all the elements to make it a perfect hot spring resort, including the magnificent landscape, authentic local flavour and a unique location. Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh impresses with its design inspired by Japanese architecture and the general layout of the resort and service complex.

    Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh - A destination for you to keep coming back to relieve stress, feel inner calm and balance, relax and regenerate positive energy.

    Price: 240 – 1,000 USD/night
    Address: Quang Hanh, Cam Pha District, Quang Ninh Province
    Tel: 19002633
    Website: yokoonsenquanghanh.com.vn/en/

    2. Serena Resort Kim Boi

    Serena Resort is located in the Kim Boi District of Hoa Binh Province, in a preserved natural area on the banks of the Boi River. Serena Resort is one of the most unique mountain resorts in Northern Vietnam.

    onsen spa resorts north Vietnam, rice terraces

    Inspired by the nature and culture of the Northwest, Serena Resort was built using materials close to nature such as a parquet, thatched roof, stone, and bamboo. The resort has 155 rooms divided into 6 categories: Executive, Executive Suite, Osaka Hill, Bamboo Bungalow, Rock Villa and Grand Suite.

    The most attractive point of Serena Resort is the precious mineral water spring with many minerals beneficial for health. All indoor and outdoor swimming pools and bathrooms use natural mineral water directly from the basement.

    Price: 120-480 USD/night
    Address: Khai Doi Village, Sao Bay Ward, Kim Boi District, Hoa Binh Province
    Tel: +84 218 625 6666
    Website: serena.com.vn

    3. Le Champ Tu Le Resort Hot Spring & Spa

    Le Champ Tu Le is located on a gentle hillside with a system of 96 rooms with bold local cultural identity, exquisite sophistication and standardized interiors, offering guests the ultimate experience of residing in a chic resort amidst the mountains of North West.

    onsen spa resorts north Vietnam, rice terraces

    Growing up near the warm stream nestled around the valley, the Thai people have maintained the custom of bathing naked for hundreds of years. Originating from the ground, the hot mineral spring absorbs the quintessence of the legendary land and promises "spiritual water" containing the secrets of Thai women's beauty.

    It is a good choice for your stay during your adventure trip to Vietnam, staying at Le Champ, visitors can experience the natural hot mineral spring directly in the premises of the resort with outdoor swimming pools and bathrooms private to eliminate fatigue and enjoy moments of relaxation.

    Price: 120-350 USD/night
    Address: Nuoc Nong Community, Tu Le Village, Van Chan Town, Yen Bai Province
    Tel: 0918 33 55 88
    Website: lechamp.vn

    4. Tram Tau Spa

    The complex is in the centre of the village surrounded by rice terraces, covering an area of 600 square metres. The natural hot spring in Tram Tau Township in the Northern province of Yen Bai is very attractive to travellers because of the clear blue water and picturesque scenery.

    onsen spa resorts north Vietnam, rice terraces

    The spring flows continuously day and night into 3 pools with different heat levels. Staying in this place is also a city break for the hill tribes; you can take a short hike to nearby villages to experience the local life of ethnic groups.

    Price: 35-55 USD/night
    Address: Zone 5, Tram Tau Town, Yen Bai Province
    Tel: +84 94 320 8704
    Website: facebook.com/tramtauhotspingbath

    5. Vresort Kim Boi

    VResort is located in Hoa Binh Province in Northwest Vietnam, famous for its natural beauty and ethnic diversity. The station is equipped with underground mineral water sources and magnificent mountain landscapes.

    onsen spa resorts north Vietnam, rice terraces

    At VResort, you will find a new home away from home in one of the comfortable hotel rooms and villas, or the traditional stilt houses. VResort welcomes you to a magnificent complex of 90 luxury rooms and villas inspired by the lifestyle of local ethnic minorities. Many villas offer splendid views of the ecological garden within the resort, while some offer views of the hotel swimming pool and breath-taking scenery.

    Price: 55 – 150 USD/night
    Address: Kim Duc District, Kim Boi District, Hoa Binh Province
    Tel: +84 218 3871 523
    Website: vresort.com.vn

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