• Pac Ngoi village at the edge of Ba Be lake
  • Pac Ngoi village at the edge of Ba Be lake

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  • Nestled under the foot of Pu Phi Miang mountain in front of the emerald water of Ba Be Lake, Pac Ngoi village reveals the peaceful life of the Tay. If Ba Be lake stands out as a haven of freshness to escape the scorching northern weather, Pac Ngoi village is a highlight, both for its natural setting and for its human warmth.

    pac ngoi village ba be lake nature

    This village is made up of nearly one hundred households living from agricultural and fish farming activities based on the rich layers of soil deposited from the lake. Since their reception of visitors who come more and more to discover the region, the inhabitants see the day by day transformation of the local economic structure. Many travellers prefer to stay with locals in Ba Be to get closer to the fishermen, weavers and winemakers who live in stilt houses with yin-yang tiled roofs.

    pac ngoi village ba be lake fishermen

    The ride on the water in a canoe is synonymous with relaxing moments surrounded by nature while meeting the Tay fishermen. Want more contact? Let the people of Pac Ngoi guide you to visit the Dao and Hmong villages that live at the top of the mountains. For lovers of hiking, the lakeside offers a wide range of activities to do: visiting caves, temples, trekking in the primitive forest of Ba Be National Park...

    pac ngoi village ba be lake traditional handicrafts

    Transmission of know-how from ancestral basketry at the Tay ethnic group

    Nothing like filling an intense day with a welcoming meal with the hosts around the fire. The dishes based on vegetables picked in the forest and the fresh fish will surely salivate gourmets from the plain. 

    To learn a little more about the intangible heritage preserved by the inhabitants living on the edge of Ba Be, treat yourself to a folk evening to meet the dancers and singers of the village. Dressed in their traditional clothes, the young men and women of Tay and Nung who work on the field during the day will present you pretty scenes in the evening.

    pac ngoi village ba be lake traditional singing

    Then singing, national intangible cultural heritage of the Tay, Nung.

    Currently, twenty families in the Pac Ngoi village are ready to welcome you to share unforgettable moments.

    Some homestay addresses in Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district:

          - Khanh Toan Homestay
          - Gia Hiem Pac Ngoi Eco - Homestay
          - Huynh Ha Homestay
          - Hoang Nguyen homestay

    Accommodation price: around 100,000 VND or around 5 USD per person per night.

    Access to the village: From the Ba Be Lake Management Committee, follow the lake along provincial road 254 to the south to reach Pac Ngoi after 5 kilometres.

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