• One day in Hue
  • One day in Hue

  • on Apr 4, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Hue not only attracts visitors with its imperial heritage recognized by UNESCO but also by the peaceful and romantic landscape of green villages, lush greenery, and rich lagoon. By spending a day around the outskirt, tourists can sense the beauty of Hue along the banks of the Perfume River through orchards, gardens in Thuy Bieu Village and the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia - Tam Giang. 

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city exploring the city by bike

    Situated in the Southwest, 7km from the center of Hue city, Thuy Bieu carries the picture of a peaceful village with tea gardens and hundreds of years old fragrant tea houses...In the Vietnamese language, “Thủy” stands for water and “Biểu” is the container. Thus, “Thủy Biểu” can be understood as Aquarius, closely related to the geographical location of Huong river.  

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city Ancient temple

    Thuy Bieu is surrounded by many well-known attraction and ancient architecture such as “Hổ Quyền” – Tiger temple and “ Điện voi” – Elephant Temple, which are two relics in the world Cultural heritage of Hue imperial city).
    Besides the legendary perfume river flowing around, tourist can admire the poetic scene on Vong Canh hill, standing near the Tu Duc Tomb. Across the river, Vong Canh hill views to the famous Hon Chen. Just across the river crosses the  Van Mieu, Vo Mieu, and Thien Mu pagoda.  

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city literature temple

    On the left side of Perfume Riverbank, from Hon Chen Temple to Van, Vo Thanh is the area of two Huong Ho and Ngoc Ho communes with green bamboo has its reflection on the river. The backdrop for peaceful landscapes is the collapse of the pine forest as the wave upside down the end of the mountain view Kim Phung glistening to a heaven.

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city homestay

    Thuy Bieu is the fusion of two ancient villages, known as Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan. Undergoing through many fluctuations, including both long and catastrophic war, Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan still remains the whole face of a rich coastal village as the lords of the South opened the land, or when the Phu Xuan capital was in the golden age. 

    Nguyet Bieu village is beautiful all year round with the peaceful rural folds situated in natural bluish-green garden. In the spring, this landscape is filled with the beautiful white and the fragment perfume of grapefruit. What is more is the wonderful view from the Huong Gang river every morning. 

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city fishing village

    Nothing could be more authentic than picking up the fruit and all ingredient to prepare a delicious lunch by yourself. Besides, visitors can learn how to make jam or local candy, enjoying them with a cup of fragmented tea. 

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city literature temple

    Then eagerly board the car straight to the Chuon lagoon - part of the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia - Tam Giang. With the total area of 100 ha, Chuon swamp takes visitors into the air of the mini ocean in the middle of the ancient capital of Hue. Coming to Dam Chuon during the period of April and July, visitors can immerse themselves into the festive atmosphere of the fishing festival held annually. The scene of fishermen throwing fish in the middle of the lake, the scene of catching mud crabs muddy hands and feet muddy scene, the busy trading in the small village, the children jokingly splash water splashing on the people, they are the footage. 

    Day trip around Hue  the imperial city the sunset in the sea

    That's why every visitor here wants to wander the boat to immerse in the immense sky and enjoy the poetic romance. It is the dawn and the sunset that is the most beautiful moment of Tam Giang lagoon. To complete a wonderful day in Chuon lagoon, do not forget to stop at the hut to enjoy the grilled fish and local beer. 

    Lastly, we hope that you will have a meaningful day in Hue city! 
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