• Treat yourself to a luxury trip to Vietnam
  • Treat yourself to a luxury trip to Vietnam

  • on Mar 14, 2024       By: BN
  • After COVID-19, Vietnam once again opens its borders to travelers. Take advantage of the excellent quality/price ratio of the Vietnam destination to treat yourself to a luxury trip. A luxury trip to Vietnam can be seen as a chance to discover this country from another side, from a unique and rare angle, and in the best possible conditions.

    Total personalization of the trip, the height of a luxury trip to Vietnam

    Luxury trip to Vietnam, best luxury hotels in vietnam, what to do in vietnam

    Luxury tourism is the complete opposite of mass tourism and the total personalization of travel is its quintessence. An exclusive, 100% personalized trip, at your own pace, in haute couture style and a limited edition, today embodies the great trend in luxury travel. Call on a local English-speaking agency that will know how, during some dialogue rich in interactions, to unleash your desires, to summon the extravagant and the extraordinary to make your luxury trip to Vietnam both unique and unforgettable. The first luxury is to offer you a trip that lives up to your expectations.

    And since luxury is not about seeing everything but seeing well, an exclusive, English-speaking local guide, as well as a driver with a private vehicle, will allow you to discover at your own pace the must-sees from a rare angle and the unusual places and sites, out of the beaten track and intimate wholes with the eye of an expert.

    By using a local agency, you will have the luxury of benefiting from a dedicated contact person throughout your stay who will ensure the smooth running of your trip to Vietnam.

    Choose accommodation closest to the stars

    Luxury trip to Vietnam, best luxury hotels in vietnam, what to do in vietnam

    Every traveler has their own concept of luxury. And if the ultimate luxury was to be able, on the same trip, to taste legendary Vietnamese hospitality in its most varied forms, to be able to appreciate the comfort, service and amenities of a star hotel as much as the delightful simplicity of a bamboo bungalow clinging to a mountain and floating in a sky studded with stars, why not choose it?

    In the city, in the countryside, on the water or by the sea, Vietnam has a superb hotel offering as rich as it is varied, capable of meeting all requirements. Here are some of our favorite accommodations for a luxury trip to Vietnam:

    The Legend Metropole in Hanoi, a true historical monument of Indochina, built in 1901, offers its privileged clientele colonial luxury with unique charm in the heart of the capital.

    Cruise on the Amour, a traditional wooden junk completely private to contemplate in the best conditions the fantastic landscapes of Halong Bay, classified as a UNESCO heritage site, and to truly put luxury in the spotlight during your trip to Vietnam!

    The Topas Ecolodge perched in the altitudes of the Tonkinese Alps offers warm modern comfort and a breathtaking view of the amphitheaters of rice terraces of the Sapa region.

    Les Bains de Hieu, nestled in the Pu Luong nature reserve, invites you to experience love and fresh water at the edge of waterfalls in offbeat and sober luxury while enjoying the hospitality of a Thai family.

    Azerai la Résidence in Hue is an Art Deco-style hotel that immerses you in colonial-chic luxury on the banks of the legendary Perfume River.

    Amanoi Vinh Hy, considered one of the most exclusive resorts in Southeast Asia, offers you incredible luxury in total symbiosis with the extraordinary nature of Nui Chua National Park.

    Luxury trip to Vietnam, best luxury hotels in vietnam, what to do in vietnam

    The Six Senses of Con Dao communicates perfectly with the nature of this preserved archipelago. This eco-chic refuge at the end of the world will effortlessly reveal a sixth sense in you.

    The legendary Continental Hotel in Saigon is kind of outdated, somewhat shabby but will allow you to immerse yourself in a history book, that of French Indochina for which it was the point of all meetings.

    Cruise on the Song Xanh sampan in the Mekong Delta. This perfect replica of the sampans sailing the Mekong for centuries is completely privatized to allow you to live a unique travel experience in the heart of the aquatic labyrinth of the Mekong Delta.

    Sprinkle your luxury trip with prestigious services

    Luxury trip to Vietnam, best luxury hotels in vietnam, what to do in vietnam

    Here are some of the prestigious services that arouse astonishment and invite travelers to be surprised:

    - Discover the maze of streets teeming with life in a pedicab then the boulevards lined with colonial houses aboard an authentic Citroën Traction Avant.

    - Stroll along the mountain roads framed by rice terraces aboard a sidecar.

    - Fly over the magical Halong Bay, the largest marine karst in the world, aboard a seaplane.

    - Travel to the majestic mountains of the Sapa region aboard the Express Victoria train, in a private and beautifully appointed cabin.

    - Enjoy a private cooking class with an experienced chef to discover some of the secrets of extraordinary Vietnamese cuisine.

    - Discover the fabulous landscapes of Mui Ne, the small Vietnamese Sahara, from the basket of a hot air balloon.

    - Explore the depths of the Son Doong cave, the largest in the world. A unique experience, reserved each year for a lucky handful of people.

    - Visit a museum or a site in the company of an expert, or a recognized specialist.

    - Be pampered in our in-depth selection of the best spas in Vietnam.

    - Take a tai chi class wherever you want with an amazing teacher.

    Articulate luxury around nature

    Luxury trip to Vietnam, best luxury hotels in vietnam, what to do in vietnam

    If true luxury is living and breathing nature, then Vietnam will satisfy you. The country has more than thirty national parks and nature reserves, two UNESCO natural heritage sites (Halong and Trang An), dazzling mountain ranges, a coastline stretching over two thousand kilometers and a truly hypnotic campaign. Opt for experiences focused on sustainability and well-being to enjoy this still well-preserved nature, it’s a luxury on this unfortunately often damaged land. And it’s often far from the hustle and bustle of the cities that we meet the best people in Vietnam!

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