• Explore the beauty of waterfalls in Sapa Vietnam
  • Explore the beauty of waterfalls in Sapa Vietnam

  • on Jun 13, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Situated at the height of 1500m – 1800m above the sea level, Sapa Vietnam is known as the wonders of nature with the mangnificient sceneries hilly of topography and the mystery of green forest. And among many stunning attractions, Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall are the unmissable destination for tourists. For those are the fans of mountains and cool water, catching a trip to Sapa to hunt for a perfect vista of northern waterfall as well as the spectacular feeling of fresh mist falling on their face will be the best experience ever.

    1. Silver waterfall 


    For those who are interested in mountain trekking, a combination of bushwalking into Sapa valley and Silver waterfall exploring would be a good choice.

    Silver waterfall is settled at San Sa Ho commune which is right next to 4D highway and about 12km to the West of Sapa town. To reach Silver waterfall, tourists can take a coach or a motorbike and driver for 30 minutes from Sapa town. 

    ♦ Silver waterfall and the magnificient view 


    Along the trail from Sapa town to Silver waterfall, tourists will catch a sight of the hill covering with green pines and rose carpet spreading over the valley. Even more than that, besides be amazed by the stunning views, tourists can enjoy the fresh air of this mountainous area. 

    With the height of 200m, Silver waterfall situates at the upstream of Muong Hoa stream; all together lay down to the foot of O Quy Ho pass. From the top of Ham Rong mountain at the center of Sapa town, tourists can catch a sight the white waterfall every early morning. Water flows down onto rocky terraces creating white smoke - like a mesmerizing, lively picture of mountain landscape of Sapa Vietnam. Like a white dragon landing on earth from the clear blue skye, Silver waterfall invities visitors to come to be amazed by it’s majestic and magnificent beauty. Along the stair to the direction of the open spandrel arch bridge, and stop by the height of about 30m, visitors feel like the waterfall is poruing to their side, spreading out like splashing bubble dancing under the sun. It is also a place where tourits can sdmire the panoramic view of Sapa mountains, Sin Chai valley with the village looming in the mist, surrounded by slammed mountain ranges and hills toward the horizon. 

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    If you like walking, you can stop at Tram Ton and head to Hoang Lien National Park which is about 1 km to discover the Love Waterfall and walk for another 3 km from Silver waterfall to Heaven Gate to see down the valley of Lai Chau and Fansipan peak.

    Note: It is a good choice to visit Silver waterfall in the dry season, thus, travelers should avoid the period from this October to the next March.  

    2. Love waterfall - Sapa Vietnam 
    Love waterfall is set at the height of 100 m, continuously pouring white water down to the Golden stream, creating a poetic view. Observing from distant, Love waterfall is as beautiful and white as the conical hat winding around the green lush vegetation. 


    Situated at San Tu Ho commune, 14 km to the South West of Sapa town, Love waterfall is one the starting point of the journey to Fanxipan. After 20 minutes moving through the forest and follow the red soil, visitors will encounter the Golden Stream which directly lead to the Love waterfall.  

    The myth of Love waterfall - Sapa Vietnam 


    Legend has it that, Love waterfall used to be the meeting place of a fairy and a wood cutter man named O Quy Ho. They had met each other and fell in love in the Love waterfall; but unfortunately, their love was forbidden. Lately, to stay close to her lover, the fairy decided to turn into a small bird, flying around the stream. The bird dressed up itself with yelow feathers and a catching and hoot sound. This tale has made the waterfall become more mysterious and call up the curiousity of many travellers. 

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    Eventhough, Love waterfall is smaller than Silver waterfall but its very suitable for people who love to immerse into the clear and crystal water. In other word, cominng to Love waterfall, tourists not only can admire the water flows down onto rocky terraces  and listen to the sounds of all species in the majestic forest but also can enjoy the bathing under the fresh stream. 

    ♦ Best timming for a visit to Sapa waterfalls
    Summer may be the best time for every tourists to visit the stunning waterfall in Sapa Vietnam. This is when heavy rain empower the beauty of falling water. 

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    Enjoy your summer with us! 


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