• Discover the unique beauty of Sapa Stone Church
  • Discover the unique beauty of Sapa Stone Church

  • on Jun 22, 2018       By: LucyH

  • Known as the town of fog, Sapa has hidden inside itself a world of staggering landscapes and friendly people, all of which has given it a plus point in tourist’s travel map. Of those landscapes, Sapa old stone church is thought to be the symbol of the town and one of place attract tourist the most. The church is not only the spot where daily life activities are ongoing but also where local customs and tourism promotional activities are performed.

    Let’s follow Authentic Travel to explore this Sapa’s hidden church!

    General features of Sapa Rock Church 


    1. Construction time 

    The ancient Sapa stone church, which is believed to be the most integral architectural building remained from French domination, was built in 1958 in the center of Sapa town. It is also considered as the most long lasting architectural mark of the French left over to this current time. 

    2. Origin of the Church’s name 

    The church has many names which were mostly named after the habits of people and tourists such as Sapa Stone Church, Stone Church or Holy Rosary Church.   

    3. Architectural trends

    The church was made of many carved stone blocks in Roman Gothic style. According to some written documents, Sapa church has its facade in the East that is the sunrise direction in order to “receive the light from God”. At the end of the church standing a bell tower in the west, which is understood as the birthplace of Christ.

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    ♦ Cultural values 


    The church is a public center where local people sell and buy goods as well as the venue for special traditional love market. These local practices help to perform and maintain traditions, customs and culture of minority ethnic groups in the North West of Vietnam. Remarkably, on Christmas Eve, huge crowds of Christian parishioners gather around this reputable church for celebrations, praying rituals and enjoyment of great time.

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    Unique features in the architecture of Sapa stone church

    Located on a prime terrain of more than 6000 square kilometers at the foot of Ham Rong mountain, the old cathedral includes church area, Parish House, angel church, Sacred Gardens, House of the priest, etc. The church area has seven 500-square-meter compartments. The Bell Tower is 50 meter high, stores a 1.5 meter half-ton bell. The construction was made by carved stone blocks and the mixture of sand, lime and honey cane. Noticing point is that the church was built in emulation of Roman Gothic architectural style, which is clearly shown in pyramid shape of the roof, bell tower, arcade. Those free lines and curves create an elegant liberal church. 


    In the church area appearing 32 colorful window panes printed on them with magical images of Rosary, Gods and the Journey to The cross, etc The front yard is like a busy center where local ethnic minorities come and do business in crowds.


    A special and unique event that draw a lot of attention from visitors is love market on every Saturday. In this special market of local ethnic people, you can see beautiful “xòe” dance, heard amazing sound made by leave or skillful flute sound from young ethnic girls and boys.

    Carrying an ancient beauty and gothic architecture, Sapa stone church is one of the foremost indispensable destination for tourist during their trip to Sapa Vietnam. 

    ~ Come to Sapa to explore this unique architecture ~

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