• 3 reasons for visiting Vietnam after Tet holiday
  • 3 reasons for visiting Vietnam after Tet holiday

  • on Jan 30, 2018       By: LucyH
  • For some people and reasons, visiting Vietnam during Tet holiday is not an optimum choice. You are thinking of visiting Vietnam after Tet holiday? This article will give you some suggestions and tips for making the best experience out of your days in our country. 

    A little bit of patience to stay in Vietnam after Tet holiday 

    To many Vietnamese families, Tet Holiday is one of the most important holiday of the year. This is an occasion for family reunion, therefore, there are many traffic jams and the transportation fee as well as service charge is pretty high. However, the period after Tet is a good timing for international visitors since the expense for transportation, accommodation and restaurant services will return to the normal rate. In addition, some days after Tet holiday is also the period of several spring festivals in different regions of Vietnam. 

    1. Many unique festivals
    2. Flexible timeline for travelling
    3. Easy to book inexpensive flight tickets 

    1. Many unique festivals 
    Among 8,900 festivals in Vietnam, there are 7000 festivals with traditional and cultural values. After Tet Holiday is the period of spring festivals and many people start their first trip by visiting pagodas. The majority of these festivals reflect typical culture of each region and attract millions of visitors each year. All of these festivals are organized with themes related to agriculture, dating, traditional songs, sport contest and games. This is not only an opportunity for Vietnamese people to express their gratefulness to ancestors but also an occasion for them to be reunited, get relaxed and strengthen the relationships with their beloved ones.

    In the North


    “Long tong” festival of Tay ethnic group, Tuyen Quang

    To mark the return to farm work, mountainous farmers in Tuyen Quang organise a festival called “Lóng tông”. In January (Lunar Calendar), several well-known festivals in the North will be organised, such as: Perfume Pagoda festival (My Duc, Hanoi) and Yen Tu spring festival (Quang Ninh). In addition, a series of ceremonies and pilgrimage journey occur in different provinces such as: Giong festival (Soc Son, Hanoi), Xoan festival (Tam Thanh, Phu Tho), Lim festival (Bac Ninh).
    Some other festivals that last longer or will be organised later in the March of Lunar Calendar such as: Thay Pagoda festival (Hanoi), Den Hung festival (Phu Tho) and Truong Yen festival (Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh).     

    In the central of Vietnam
    Many interesting festivals organised in the central of Vietnam including: Sinh village festival, fishing festival (Hue), Dong Da festival (Binh Dinh) creating a multicultural atmosphere for the start of new year.


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    In the South


    Thien Hau Pagoda festival, Binh Duong

    After Tet holiday, there are some festivals organised annually in the South of Vietnam including: Thien Hau Pagoda festival (Binh Duong) on January 13th - 15th (Lunar Calendar), Ba Den Mountain festival (Tay Ninh) on January 18th - 19th (Lunar Calendar), Ba Chua Xu festival (An Giang) from the night of April 23rd - 27th (Lunar Calendar)  

    2. Flexible timeline for travelling
    The majority of visitors often use Tet holiday for travelling and visiting relatives. Therefore, the transportation fee usually gets higher during this peak time. After Tet, the demand will return to normal, therefore, you will have a less hassle and more flexible timeline for travelling. 

    3. Easy to book inexpensive flight tickets
    A number of travel lovers share that after Tet is a good time for hunting low-cost flight tickets and inexpensive hospitality services. According to their tips, you only need to spend a few minutes searching and can easily find flight tickets with appropriate price. Beside, you may find it difficult not to be charmed by the beauty of spring in Vietnam, especially the mountainous region in the north. Coming to Vietnam after Tet, you will see green rice fields, white plum blossom forest, imposing mountains hidden in the frog. 


    Authentik Vietnam Travel hopes that you will not miss those wonderful charms and a great trip in Vietnam! 



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