• Why travel to Vietnam ?
  • Why travel to Vietnam ?

  • on Dec 25, 2017       By: Hoàng
  • 1.  A safe destination:
    One of the main concerns for travelers is to choose a safe destination.  That is necessary. The safety is of the main qualities of Vietnam. Whether your length of trip, the places you visit, alone or in group. The country guarantees you to be always safe.

    Peaceful country of Vietnam

    According the research of website Business Insider, 30 ideal destinations, Vietnam is on the top of safest and most welcoming countries in Southeast Asia. This is not the first time that the online media awards for this destination.  Since 2015 Vietnam was listed as the 50 safest countries in the world.
    Other media also awarded Vietnam. The English daily Economist ranked Ho Chi Minh City among the 50 safest cities in 2015. The Belgium DeMorgen Magazine also praises Vietnam as particularly appropriate for travelers.

    2. Variety of tourism heritages:
    It is not surprising  to regularly see Vietnam in many rankings of the most popular destinations in the world. The country is full of spectacular landscapes that are fascinated to discover.
    Here is the non-exhaustive list. Let start from Hanoi, known worldwide as a peaceful and welcoming capital as well as a cheap place for traveling. Halong bay is a natural world heritage site and Son Doong is the largest cave in the world.

    Son Doong - the largest grotto in the world

    We could add to these exceptional places not only the big and beautiful beaches from the north to the south of the country but also the splendid landscapes of rice terraces in the North-West. You will understand more about Vietnam with the history, cultures and natures.

    Hue royal city - The World Heritage 

    3. A thousand year history country:
    Vietnam is with more than 4000 year culture and history . The country has a treasure of cultures and history. Especially, a lot of ancient works, famous legends and traditional festivals, all were enriched and multiplied by the large ethnic minority groups (54 ethnicities coexists in Vietnam) of the country.
    In addition, there are many religious monuments with temples, pagodas, feudal tombs and so many other millennia historical relics. Moreover, in the recent years, travelers come to Vietnam not only to discovery its beautiful landscapes but also to better understand the Vietnam history and people.

    Tran Quoc Pagoda - one of the most beautiful pagodas in the world

    4. A varied and abundant gastronomy:
    Vietnam gastronomy is highly appreciated by gourmets. Many names of dishes travel around the world such as Pho noodle, Banh Mi bread, Bun Cha grilled pork with vermicelli, Nem ran spring rolls. These are all essential dishes need to be tasted during your stay.
    The street food is as various as delicious and deserves a lot of curiosity. It is also a great way to meet the daily life. The foods are not as spicy as Thai foods or fat as Chinese and certainly not presented carefully as the European ones.  However, Vietnamese dishes are sober and tasty that will make you a good appetite.

    Delicious foods in Vietnam

    In Vietnam, it is not surprising to enjoy Pho noodle several times during your stay.  Especially, since there are many kinds of this dish, besides Pho Bo beef noodle – the most famous one,  other versions are also very nice as Pho Ga chicken noodle, Pho Xao Saute noodle, Pho Cuon beef  spring rolls noodle, Pho Chien Phong friend noodle.. All is worth to try.

    5. The Country of coffee:
    Vietnam is certainly not the cradle of Coffee. However, it is still the second largest exported coffee country in the world and known for the special way to drink coffee in Vietnam.
    The simplest and the most original for foreigners is the coffee served in Vietnam style. Take enough the very fine ground Vietnam coffee beans and put them in the filter pot placed directly on the cup, in this way, you can enjoy a particularly strong and tasty drink. You can also order Ca Phe Sua Da (ice milk coffee.  The most updated style is Ca Phe Trung or coffee with egg recognized as creation of Vietnamese by the foreigner press. It is really good for health. Simply mix the fresh egg to coffee to make egg coffee.

    Vietnam egg coffee

    6. Fresh ingredients:
    When we go around the local market, we are struck quickly by the fresh fishes, shrimps alive in the basins. The tropical fruits and vegetables are fresh and it appeals the gourmets around the world.

    Vietnam local market

    7. Hospitality and friendly people:
    The vast majority of foreigners agree that  Vietnamese people are particularly welcoming and friendly.  In fact, anywhere in the street, people are ready to help you whether to show you the best way to access the place you would like to arrive or to find a bus if you need it. This makes a good first impression on the travelers about kind and warm Vietnamese people.

    Friendly Vietnamese people


    8. Very affordable destination:
    Much cheaper than other destination s in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is more and more attractive as it is home to a lot of interesting things to discover. This country is also positioned on the top of cheapest and most enjoyable destinations in the world.

    Luxurious resort in Vietnam with reasonable price​

    For example, according the Happy Lifestyle Journal, you could enjoy a luxurious trip in 5 star hotels in Vietnam with a same price as 3 star hotels in New York.
    Even in the major city as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) where the cost of living is higher than the other regions of the country. This year, Trip Advisor has also ranked Hanoi as the cheapest city in the world for tourists.


James Smith
Oct 20, 2017
Such a great country. I love the landscape and the warm welcome of Vietnamese people
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Jessica Grace
Apr 18, 2018

I fell in love with Vietnam and its people that I decided I want to live here someday and contribute something positive to the country. Food is amazing, people are friendly and the culture is very relaxing. I learned how to drink kuknuy which is one of my favorites now. I will always visit Vietnam every year. I can't live without this country's people.

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