•  Transportation from Hanoi to Sapa - Travel Guide
  • Transportation from Hanoi to Sapa - Travel Guide

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  • The beautiful Sapa town belongs to Sapa district, Lao Cai province, located on the ground at an altitude of 1500 to 1650 meters, is one of the top destinations in the Northern Vietnam. Sapa attracts tourists by its majestic natural landscapes, comfortable climate and especially ethnic villages that preserve long-standing traditional customs.
    Sapa town is about 35 km from Lao Cai city and 370 km from Hanoi. To move from Hanoi to Sapa, you will have plenty of choices such
    as: motorbike; train; coach; limousine, cabin-bed bus. In this article on
    How to travel from Hanoi to Sapa, we hope to help you find the most suitable way of traveling that fits your interest and budget.

    1. Go by motorbike

    Travel to Sapa by motorbike is a perfect choice for the adventurous souls with both great driving skill and good health. With a cost of less than 200,000 VND (8.63$) on gas for nearly 400 km, you can comfortably conquer the roads, and do whatever you want on the way to Sapa.


    For a convenient trip, refer to one of the following 2 lines:
    Going towards Lao Cai:
    Option 1: Hanoi - Vinh Phuc - Viet Tri - Phong Chau - Doan Hung - Yen Bai - Lao Cai - Sapa (Total distance: 360km)
    Option 2: Hanoi - Hoa Lac - Son Tay - Trung Ha Bridge - Phong Chau Bridge - Phong Chau - Doan Hung - along Road 70 - Lao Cai - Sapa (Total Distance: 370km)
    Going to Sapa by Lai Chau direction:
    Option 1: Hanoi - Hoa Lac - Son Tay - Thanh Son - Along National Road 32 - Sapa (Total distance: over 420 km). Follow Lai Chau, you will pass by two of the legendary "four great passes" of the West-North Vietnam which are Khau Pha (30km) and O Quy Ho (over 50km).

    However, traveling by motorbike requires a good health, perseverance, love to explore and conquer. The travel time is definitely longer than cars and trains, depending on the route it can be from 10 to 14 hours.

    2. Go by train

    Travel to Sapa by train is the choice of quite a lot of people because of the low cost and the safety. The train only runs from central Hanoi to Lao Cai city. From Lao Cai city to Sapa town is about 35 km of steep road which must use car or motorbike to finish.


    Everyday on average, two trains depart from Hanoi Railway Station to Lao Cai and vice versa are SP1 and SP3, (in the peaks like weekends and holidays, one SP7 trip may be added).
          - Distance: 294 km
          - Time: 8-9 hours
          - Frequency: 2 trains / day

    Train schedule:
    Hanoi - Lao Cai: SP1 (21:35), SP3 (22:00)
    Lao Cai - Hanoi: SP2 (20:55), SP4 (21:40)
    Hanoi Railway Station: 120 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
    Lao Cai Station: Khanh Yen Street, Ward Pho Moi, Lao Cai Town, Lao Cai Province
    There are many types of chairs you can choose such as soft chairs, hard chairs, sleepers with air condition. The hard seats are from 200.000VND(9$) / person (starting in Hanoi) while the soft seat is 240.000VND (about 10$) / person. For the compartment for 6 people cost about 365.000VND (16$) / person, the one for 4 people costs 450.000 VND (19.41$) / person.

    Inside of a compartment for 4 people from Victoria Express

    In addition to the usual carriages, you can choose a cruise ship to have better facilities and price, a type of 2-sleeper compartment ticket with the price of more than VND1.6 million (69$) / ticket. There are about 10 such firms with different brands such as Victoria Express, Sapaly Express, Chapa Express, King Express, Dream Train Express, Pumpkin Express .... divided into 6-7 cabins each, equipped with amenities. High-class facilities such as standard mattress and beds, reading lights, free wifi, drinking water, snacks, bathrooms provide sufficient hot and cold water, ensuring the convenience for you.
    Lao Cai city: The distance from Sapa to Lao Cai city is about 35.8 km that you can travel by motorbike, car or bus in an hour.

    - Public bus: Ticket price is VND 30000 (1.3$) / person starting from 5:30 am, one trip every hour with the bus stop right in front of Lao Cai station. The last stop is the Stone Church in Sapa. You will have to move a little further to the hotel.
    - The shuttle bus of the hotels in Sapa: about 50,000 VND (2.16$) / person, pick up at Lao Cai station and transfer to the hotel.
    - Taxi Lao Cai - Sapa: the price is about 400,000 VND (17.25$) / 4-seat taxi, 450,000 VND (19.41) / 7-seat taxi
    - Xeom (motorbike taxi): about 150,000 VND (6.47$)

    3. Go by bus

    The average time for Hanoi - Sapa trip is about 6 hours, in which the fastest is 9-seat Limousine bus that takes about 5 hours, the reclining berth coaches are operated by the travel firms take about 5.5 hours.
    Buses usually run in the 3 most beautiful main time slots of the day, 7-8am 13-15pm and 22-23pm for both Hanoi and Sapa - these are the most reasonable time slots to go. Because those will be best suited for checking in and checking out your hotel.
    The areas to pick up passengers to Sapa are basically divided into 2 main locations:

    * Bus to Sapa from Hanoi center (Hanoi Old Quarter)
    + High-quality buses
    - Limousine bus to Sapa 9 reclining seats of Eco Sapa firms, New Enjoy Limousine, Golden Horse, Sapa Luxury Van, Truong Thanh Limousine, Khai Phat Limousine
    - Limousine 19 recliner chairs of Pumpkin Limousine ...
    - Limousine 29 reclining seats of Sapa Express ...
    Limousine is the most luxurious car seat to Sapa, very spacious space, with facilities such as free Wifi, LED screen, fridge, drinking water, cold towels, snacks, shortest running time .. visitors will be free shuttle in the old town area. Fares range from 350.000-400.000 VND (15$-17$) / ticket.

    - Schedule and fares for Limousine to Sapa by Green Lion:
    > Hanoi → Sapa VND 350,000 / ticket, 01 trip / day, time for picking up passengers at 6:30 - 7:00 in 09 Hanoi urban districts (Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Tay Ho, Dong Da, Cau Giay, Hai Ba Trung, Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan, Long Bien).
    - Vehicles can pick up / drop off at Noi Bai Airport lobby, extra charge 20,000 VND (about 1$) / group (pay directly to the driver).
    > Sapa → Hanoi VND 350,000 / ticket, 01 trip / day, pick up passengers at 15:00 - 15:30 at the hotel lobby in Sapa town.
    The assistance car is free to take place at 09 urban districts in Hanoi (Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Tay Ho, Dong Da, Cau Giay, Hai Ba Trung, Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan, Long Bien).

    Eco Bus Sapa

    + Luxury reclining seat bus
    High-class reclining seat bus range from 34-40 seats to Sapa by firms such as Fansipan Express Bus, Sapa Express, Green Bus, Interbus Line, Queen Cafe, Hung Thanh, etc. These vehicles are also equipped with full amenities such as beds, screens, charger, wifi, drinking water and often have attendants follow the car throughout the journey. Prices range from 250k - 400k / person / way.

    * Bus to Sapa from bus stations, My Dinh, Gia Lam and Giap Bat.
    Bus reference: Ha Son Hai Van, Sao Viet, Queen Cafe, Hung Thanh ...

    For example, the service from Sao Viet:
    > Hanoi → Sapa: 240,000 VND ( about 10$) / ticket, 22 buses / day, starting from 05:30 to 23:50, coming from Office No. 7 Pham Van Dong or Office 789 Giai Phong (Giap Bat),  or Office 24 Ngo Gia Kham (Gia Lam) and My Dinh Bus Station. Passengers can choose where they want to be picked up.

    * Cabin bed bus to Sapa: The most comfortable and relaxing.
    Just appeared from the beginning of 2018, Cabin bed car to Sapa is the latest and most high-class reclining seat bus line on Hanoi - Sapa route.
    Fansipan Express is one of the most high-class cabin-bed bus manufacturers. These buses from Fansipan Express are 20-cabin mobihomes first presenting in Vietnam (wide and panoramic view glass window, with curtains and partitions separating the cabins, creating the feeling of airy, comfortable, and private.) The bus is also equipped with a European standard closed toilet.

    - Schedule and fare for VIP cabin-bed bus to Sapa by Fansipan Express:
    > Hanoi → Sapa: 400,000 VND (17.25$) / ticket, 02 buses / day, departing at 07:00 and 22:00 from 41 Luong Van Can - Hoan Kiem. Assistance cars will pick you up at Old Town, Hoa Binh Park gate or Noi Bai Airport intersection, extra fee for picking up and dropping off is VND 40,000 ( about 2$) / group (pay directly to the driver).
    > Sapa → Hanoi: 400,000 VND (17.25$) / ticket, 02 buses / day, departing at 13:30 and 16:00 from 9 Nguyen Viet Xuan - Sapa. The bus will return passengers to Hoa Binh Park and Noi Bai Airport intersection.
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