• Three beautiful ancient villages not far from Hanoi to visit
  • Three beautiful ancient villages not far from Hanoi to visit

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  • Fall under the spell of the ancient villages located around Hanoi to be as close as possible to the peaceful and authentic atmosphere which highlights the strong Vietnamese attachment to its history!

    Duong Lam village

    visit hanoi duong lam village entrance

    The Mong Phu entrance portico, a centuries-old symbol of Duong Lam

    One of the most beautiful villages around Hanoi but also in the country, Duong Lam has preserved traces steeped in hundreds of years of history. It can be seen from afar, through its portico entrance at the foot of the century-old banana tree, its brick paths, its houses with mossy tiled rooves, its old temples and pagodas, its well and its municipal house... Crossing its emblematic portico, it is a Vietnam from another time that stretches out its arms to reveal all that is of a typical Vietnamese village.

    visit hanoi duong lam village mia pagoda

    As the home village of the two kings Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen, classified as a national heritage in 2006, there are 956 traditional dwellings here, many of which date from the 17th century. Despite the weather, this village still has beautiful sculptures with traditional characters of dragons and phoenixes which are intact at the entrance of the houses with the laterite wall. Those walls dominate the paths of Duong Lam village.

    visit hanoi duong lam village communal house

    The Mong Phu communal house recognized as a national historical and cultural heritage in 1984

    Not spacious but very quiet, the Mia Pagoda with a 400-hundred-year-old banana tree is also worth a relaxing stroll. It is found among the pagodas housing the greatest importance of religious statues in the country for the 287 beautiful religious works that stand there.

    visit hanoi duong lam village speciality

    Duong Lam also has something to seduce those who like "Tuong", fermented soy sauce, its speciality that you can take back home as a gift.

    Location: 50 km from Hanoi, capital of Son Tay, Hanoi

    Cuu village

    visit hanoi cuu village entrance

    It is 40 km from the capital that you will reach Cuu village, a jewel over five centuries old and still not very touristy. The place charms visitors with a beautiful blend of traditional and western style found in its many colonial-era houses and small wards. This place was well known in its time for the elegant architecture of the buildings and also for its tailors whose reputation was unsuspected in the city of Thang Long.

    visit hanoi cuu village ancient house

    Over the years, around twenty old buildings have remained standing there, revealing a beautiful harmony between typically Vietnamese sculptures and Gothic inspiration. Under the eyes of the architects, the portico entrance of Cuu village, with an almost unchanging allure and patterns, is largely worthy of the most beautiful in Vietnam.

    Location: 40 km from Hanoi, along the Nhue River, Van Tu commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi

    Cu Da village

    An equally memorable stopover at the other end of the Nhue River, Cu Da village invites you to wander in a pleasant atmosphere to discover its pretty houses dating back more than 100 years and also various remains classified as national heritage.

    visit hanoi cu da village

    Cu Da is known in the North for its specialties like “Tuong” (soy sauce) and “Mien dong”, transparent rice vermicelli

    A courtyard with trees, mossy walls, an old temple and its banana tree, a communal house… everything seems so modest. But for many, these living witnesses of the past constitute a stop absolutely as peaceful as it is rich in discoveries.

    visit hanoi cu da village traditional house

    In a setting where serenity reigns, in addition to the traditional houses, visitors will also be able to admire the buildings which delicately evoke a few French touches in their balcony or mosaic facade. The village is a must-see for visitors and architecture enthusiasts looking for an outing about 30 minutes from the city centre. Cu Da is known in the north for its specialities like “Tuong” (soy sauce) and “Mien dong”, transparent rice vermicelli.

    Location: only 20 km from Hanoi, Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district

    Not to mention other very relaxing places around Hanoi such as the villages of Nom, Uoc Le, and Dong Ngac to visit at your leisure.

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