• Lung Cu flag tower, a sacred national symbol in Ha Giang
  • Lung Cu flag tower, a sacred national symbol in Ha Giang

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  • On the map of Vietnam, Lung Cu stands out as the peak of the conical hat worn by the territory stretching over an S. In the direction of the Dong Van district, about 160 kilometres from Ha Giang city to the Northeast, you will find yourself in Lung Cu town, the most distant land in the North which houses the famous Lung Cu flag tower.

    On the Dragon mountain or Long Son stands the imposing Lung Cu tower, a historic vestige and sacred symbol of national sovereignty. Perched at an altitude of almost 1,700 metres, the place gives a panoramic view of a beautiful landscape where mountains, rice fields, lakes, houses with dark grey roofs and borders are intertwined.

    lung cu flag tower dong van ha giang panorama

    In terms of history, the location of the original tower dates back to the 11th century under the reign of Ly Thuong Kiet king, and the current structure has undergone numerous renovations throughout the ages. Lung Cu has two other popular names, each relating to the symbol dearest to the inhabitants, Corn valley for the Hmong and Long Cu (home of the legendary animal dragon) for the Lolo. These are the two main ethnic groups living under the foot of the mountain who practice traditional weaving from linens to activities on rice terraces and cultivation on burns.

    lung cu flag tower dong van ha giang village

    Almost 35m high, the tower displays a 54m2 flag representing 54 people from the great Vietnamese family. The octagonal pedestal highlights the reliefs inspired by the bronze drum of the Dong Son culture of the country's founders, the cultural traditions of the Ha Giang ethnic groups as well as national historical references. In the exhibition hall located at the bottom of the tower, visitors will have a panorama of the customs and cultural traditions of different ethnic peoples of Ha Giang through the collections of objects, clothing, work utensils and more.

    Two large lakes resembling the eyes of the legendary dragon are embraced by the Lo Lo Chai village of the Lolo on one side and the Then Pa village of Hmong on the other. In the middle of the mountain nestles a large, fairly beautiful cave that the locals call "Si Man Khan".

    lung cu flag tower dong van ha giang the lolo

    Lo Lo Chai village of the Lolo

    lung cu flag tower dong van ha giang cafe

    A cafe in the Lo Lo Chai village

    To conquer the summit, visitors will have 359 steps to climb for the first stage and 140 others in a spiral. Upstairs, you can admire the peaceful natural painting of villages nestled in the mountains, undulating paths and green fields.

    If the Lung Cu flag tower constitutes the emblem of national pride to be conquered for many young people, the place and its surrounding promise an unforgettable trip for all visitors for its breathtaking view and rich encounters in the ethnic villages below.

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