• Hoi An among top 25 best destinations in the world
  • Hoi An among top 25 best destinations in the world

  • on Jan 30, 2018       By: LucyH
  • In 2017, Hoi An has honorly been ranked the 13rd by Tripsadvisor in the list of the most attractive destinations in the world.  Being recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, Hoi An is a historical and cultural destination and a mixture of traditional and contemporary values. 

    After 2016, Hoi An has attracted a great amount of visitors (up to 2.6 millions) with the increase of 17.9%.


    The history of Hoi An lies on the border of Thu Bon Lake 

    30km from Da Nang to the South, Hoi An is considered as a prosperous international port in the 17th and 18th century. With its timeless beauty, Hoi An is the pride of Quang Nam people and one of the most well-known destinations of Vietnam that attracts many local and international visitors. 

    Hoi An had been famous as a national commercial port in the past, and remained the its historical and architecture value until today. Coming to Hoi An is coming closer to the ancient architecture, the local charms as well as the warmest hospitality. 


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    Coming to Hoi An, you will fall under the spell of the ancient streets and the beauty of Thu Bon lake. The lovely little houses built in between 17th and 19th century has created a unique exquisiteness for this city.  And just a moment wandering through the romantic and ancient lanes of Hoi An, you may be lost in its beauty and attractiveness! 
    Hoi An is small but full of historical and cultural values. When you are there, it is indispensable to visit Chua Cau (the Pagoda Bridge), the mutual house of Phuc Kien and Thien Hau, the ancient houses: Tan Ky, Quan Thang and Phung Hung.


    A part from the prominent architecture, Hoi An is considered as a living museum due to its intangible heritages. The spirit of this city has been enhanced day by day through traditional festivals, ceremonies and trade villages. Despite of being a touristic city, Hoi An still keeps its own historical and traditional values and these have been reflected in the daily life of local people.


    If you love the beaches and would like to find some peaceful ones, please rent a motorbike and visit Cua Dai or An Bang beach.

    The alluring mixture of tradition and contemporary has made Hoi An become a charming destination to visit and you would never feel bored with its timeless grace. 

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