• “BE MY VALENTINE” - Romantic dinner for 2
  • “BE MY VALENTINE” - Romantic dinner for 2

  • on Feb 11, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Dear our beloved customer,  

    Can you feel the love in the air? And if you are in love, what will you do this Valentine day? 

    To show our appreciation and adoration to our customers, Authentik Vietnam Travel offers you the most romantic dinner in town on Valentine night. The luckiest couple will receive a cozy and outstandingly romantic dinner. With our warm welcome, music, candle, and sweet vibe around, you will have a lovely night in Vietnam. 

    To join this “Be my valentine” the privilege conditions are listed as below: 
    1. You are traveling with your love one
    2. You are taking our package Tour with us 

    The randomly selection will be carried and announced on February 13rd 2018. The result will be update on our social channel and sent to the lucky couple via email. Follow us to know whether you will be host this Valentine.
    And lastly, we would love to delivered to you, the best Valentine’s wishes! 

    Sent with love,

    Authentik Vietnam Travel 



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