• Amazing things to do in Hanoi
  • Amazing things to do in Hanoi

  • on May 16, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Hanoi is the cultural and historical center of Vietnam capital. Therefore, this is an amazing place about gastronomy, culture, history, scenery and people. Here are some suggestions to do in Hanoi during your stay to make your holiday more interesting and memorable.

    1/ Walking around the old quarter:
    you will explore a local life when strolling the Hanoi old quarter, see many interesting things such as traffic with motorbikes, bicycles, cyclos, cars all is in chaos but running smoothly, cozy restaurants, hotels, café shops, street foods, clothes shops, souvenirs shops, groceries or even Vietnamese tea shops by the street. Or the architecture of traditional tube house in the old quarter. All create a vivid picture of life, culture in Hanoi old quarter.
    You can walk along the streets Hang Bac, Ta Hien, Ma May, Hang Chieu, Hang Ma, Hang Dong, Hang Bo, Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Hang Ngang, Hang Dao. Exploring the craft streets.


    walking in the hanoi old quarter
    Walking in the Hanoi old quarter

    2/ Drinking and chatting at Ta Hien Street:
    Called an international crossroad. This intersection intersects with Luong Ngoc Quyen street, located in the center of old quarter. This street is with many pubs, bars or street foods with beers. It is busy all the day of the week and crowded in the weekend. You can sit on sidewalk to enjoy a cold beer with some snack foods. Then you have a busy conversation with your friends.
    It costs you about few dollars that you have a fun evening in the international crossroad of Hanoi Old Quarter.

    3/ Enjoy the street foods:
    As a cradle of culture, so Hanoi has many special dishes. You can see many restaurants with traditional dishes. However, you can enjoy the foods right on the streets, sitting on the sidewalk. Some great dishes such as: fried shrimp cake, donuts, banana cake, corn cakes, skewered meat with chili sauce or you can enjoy the dishes which can be replaces for your meal such as Grilled pork with vermicelli, rice noodle and sour carb beef soup. Vietnamese bread…
    You will probably see the chefs cook the foods as a cooking class before you enjoy it.

     hanoi street foods
    Hanoi street foods

    4/ Egg Coffee in the old quarter? Enjoy the special taste:
    This is a very strange drinking, including coffee and egg yolk that is made into cream plus milk and sugar.
    This is a drink created 70 years ago by a Vietnamese person who worked as a chef in French Metropole Hotel at that time. Now, you can enjoy this drink at Café Giang, 39 Nguyen Huu Huan street. The owner is the son of that chef.
    This place also has just launched a new beverage called egg beer. Many people are interested in it. Which one you prefer? Come to enjoy.
    5/ Enjoy the Hanoi Panoramic view from rooftop bars:
    Experience Hanoi with new perspective from the rooftop bars. Enjoy drinking, Relax and see Hanoi from above. You can choose some rooftop bars in the city center to enjoy the view of romantic Hoan Kiem Lake Or the rooftop bars in higher buildings or hotels by the West Lake to get the further views.
    An unforgettable experience and should not be missed when you come to visit Hanoi city.
    -->Recommended Rooftop bars
    6/ Watch Water Puppet show:
    Water rice civilization is a cradle for traditional water puppet art.
    Right in the city center of Hanoi, you can enjoy this excellent water puppet show by professional artists in Thang Long Puppet Theater.
    Learning more about Vietnamese traditional culture and this is also a great relaxation with lively traditional orchestra for the show.
    Price is only 5$ – 10$

    water puppet show in hanoi
    Water puppet show in hanoi 

    7/ Enjoy a cyclo around the old quarter:
    This is very amazing type of transportation. It is a basic rudimentary vehicle and designed with front seats for visitor to enjoy the scenery. This seating location will bring a strange feeling when you are in cyclo in the middle of the street with motorbikes and cars around you. In the past, cyclo was the popular vehicle for many decades. And today, cyclo is used for tourists to enjoy the sights of Hanoi.

    8/ Join in a cooking class in Hanoi:
    Hanoi is rich in culinary culture and has many traditional specialties which are highly appreciated by tourists. Therefore, attending a cooking class is an exciting activity to explore Vietnamese cuisine. Moreover, you can go to the local market to see the local life, learning about ingredients for cooking course.
    The course will be 4 hours in the morning or in the late afternoon. Then you can enjoy the dishes that you have just learnt or cooked.

    cooking class
    Cooking class course

    9/ Walking in the Long Bien Bridge and take photos:
    The historic bridge with over 100 years old, crossing the Red River. It looks very ancient and solid. The bridge was built by French in the 1890. Same design company with Eiffel tower in Paris. Walking in this bridge and enjoy the fresh air as well as the beautiful landscapes by the Red River waiting for the great shots when the train passing.
    10/ Enjoy Hop on Hop off city bus:
    With this vehicle, you can easily visit the highlights in Hanoi. There will be a bus every 30 minutes for moving between attractive places. The amazing thing is that you will observe Hanoi from the 2nd floor of the bus with 360 degrees of view. There are 3 kinds of tickets: 4 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours for your option. Within these times, you can get on or get off any time between the attractions.


    hop on hop off bus in hanoi
    Enjoy hop on hop off bus in Hanoi city

    There are many interesting things for you to visit in Hanoi, above are the things that we find every suitable for foreign tourists. It is both easy and affordable to discover the amazing and unique things in Hanoi.

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