• A walk through time in Nom village
  • A walk through time in Nom village

  • on Sep 24, 2020       By: BN
  • We left for a little excursion last Saturday towards Hung Yen to discover Nom village. Located over 30 km from Hanoi in the East, this place has made a name for itself with its postcard-like beauty that almost any member of the Authentik Vietnam team already knows, but unfortunately only through photos.


    Depart Hanoi at 7.15 a.m, enjoy breakfast on the way

    Visits: Nom market, Nom pagoda, town hall, old houses and meeting with their owners.

    Return to Hanoi  at noon

    It is usually very sunny at the end of May, and is around 35 degrees but the heat is bearable. It is to be known that the bright sun only makes our pictures look even more vivid.

    Entrance portico of the village

    nom village close to hanoi entrance portico

    The first symbol of the village is its entrance portico, the traces of time of which are clearly visible.

    Village bridge, a historical witness

    nom village close to hanoi rock bridge

    Two centuries-old, this stone bridge is another emblem of the village that inspires many other bridges that we cross along the village paths and also inside the pagoda. In addition, it was a cultural reference which cradles its inhabitants by its omnipresent image in proverbs and quotes of the village.

    Nom Market

    nom village close to hanoi nom market

    Our visit falls well on the 19th, it is part of the customs of Nom market which is usually held on the days with the numbers 1, 4, 6 and 9 at the end.

    nom village close to hanoi nom local market

    As we are told that it comes alive early, our arrival around 9 a.m only allows us to witness the later parts of the lively market.

    Nom Pagoda

    nom village close to hanoi nom pagoda entrance

    Located a few steps from the market but Nom pagoda welcomes us in an atmosphere full of sudden tranquillity. Erected in a shady landscape, it attracts the eyes at first with its old and grandiose wooden entrance with three portals, the main one of which has two levels. There are two sets of stairs that lead up to a panoramic view of the symmetrical decor of the pagoda.

    nom village close to hanoi nom pagoda drum pavillon

    The drum and bell pavilion

    Then, on two sides of a green square lake, stand the beautiful drum and bell pavilions, each one having three levels. From here begins the structural suite that characterises the traditional architecture of Vietnamese temples and pagodas.

    nom village close to hanoi nom pagoda inside

    Inside, there is another lake in the middle of which stands the pavilion dedicated to Goddess Kuan Yin. Like a splendid lotus flower, it can be reached by a pretty stone bridge. This is a very pleasant stop offering a picturesque view of refreshing vegetation and greenery.

    nom village close to hanoi nom pagoda yard

    Also called “Linh Thong co tu”, the construction of the original pagoda remains imprecise. But two large headstones housed in it told that the kings of the later Lees carried out major renovations to the pagoda in 1680. In 1796, the bell tower was installed and the corridors were also widened.

    nom village close to hanoi nom pagoda statues

    We can contemplate with our own eyes the clay statues which, probably intact despite centuries, impress us with different emotions which strongly reflected in the handiwork.

    nom village close to hanoi nom pagoda old portico

    One of the old portals in Nom pagoda

    Communal house

    nom village close to hanoi communal house

    Opposite the pond is the communal house, the charm of which does not wear off despite the weather. This old work is based on traditional logic with three parallel buildings. Its special atmosphere, mossy walls and old-fashioned patterns remind us of a certain corner of the Hoi An district.

    nom village close to hanoi inside communal house

    Preserved as a national heritage, the communal house of Nom village welcomes many visitors during festive events.

    Village pond, a centre of community life

    nom village close to hanoi pond

    Like any other typical village in Northern Vietnam, we see a large pond in the heart of the village which is a place for locals to meet and relax in the afternoon.

    nom village close to hanoi houses

    We take the time to take a tour of the pond to admire the old dwellings surrounded by lush orchards. There are about ten houses and seven buildings dedicated to the worship of the ancestors of the family lines. The presence of some contemporary style fireplaces does not deteriorate the overall harmony of the architecture and landscape.

    nom village close to hanoi old portico

    We all came back delighted for pleasant moments, a breath of fresh air and wonderful impressions of a village of rare beauty. What to say? A natural setting that is both picturesque and relaxing, well beyond our expectations. And of course, a wealth of photos that lend themselves to sharing with those who wish to discover the Vietnamese countryside in its fullest expression of authenticity.

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