• Where to go to eat Pho in Hanoi?
  • Where to go to eat Pho in Hanoi?

  • on Sep 22, 2020       By: BN
  • Vietnamese cuisine is known for an abundant and exceptional variety that never ceases to appeal to travellers from all corners of the globe. If Vietnam has been able to make a place in the top of the best gastronomic destinations, a dish which occupies a place of honour in its culinary heritage is undoubtedly "Pho".

    Pho has long been so inspiring that writers have brought it to life with so many timeless stories. For many, it is only in Hanoi that one can taste the best Pho while appreciating all its finesse. Knowing also that the capital of Vietnam is among the gastronomic cities considered "the most attractive in the world" according to a recent survey by The Daily Telegraph.

    A century-old culinary elegance

    No one knows exactly when Pho first appeared, but this dish was already well known in Hanoi as early as the 1940s. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as appetizing for breakfast as it is for dinner, accompanied by no other food, no drink. In a clear broth made from beef bone, rice noodles, cooked or raw slices of beef, ginger, onion and grilled chives. All are complemented by spices and aromatic herbs, served hot, ideally in a ceramic bowl for the best experience.

    pho hanoi the soup

    While the recipe does not seem complicated, the preparation does require great care to bring out a delicious taste resulting from a magical balance of flavours. The noodles are both soft and tough. The broth, the key to a successful Pho, simmers for hours.

    To satisfy fans of rice pasta, there is no shortage of variations of Pho. Besides the traditional version, Pho bo (beef Pho) or Pho ga (chicken Pho), we also have to include Phở cuốn (spring roll Pho), Phở xào (fried Pho), Phở trá»™n (mixed Pho), Phở chua (acidic Pho)… However, many gourmets cherish Pho bo (beef Pho) by highlighting its excellent taste as well as the subtle scent, from cooking to tasting. For some, we feast on it several times a week because Pho is a dish that is both delicious and comforting. For the other, it is a blessing when the weather is cool or simply it is a year-long habit that you never get tired of...

    Vietnamese Pho Day, December 12

    When it comes to eating a good bowl of Pho in Hanoi, you will be spoiled for choice. In neighbourhoods like Ly Quoc Su and Bat Dan, it is not uncommon to find residents and travellers hurrying in front of a Pho restaurant.

    pho hanoi street food

    The fact remains that we find on the sidewalks or at the corner of any street, with a few plastic stools around a modest shelf, workers and the well-to-do, clinging to a bowl of steaming Pho. No matter where you eat, in a famous restaurant or an anonymous kiosk, it is very likely that this double facet contributes to make Pho a speciality as popular as it is sublime. In fact, eating a bowl in the street is a good reason to discover the street food in Hanoi as in the rest of Vietnam.

    pho hanoi pho bat dan

    Simple and refined, the legendary Pho has something to please residents and Western palates alike by becoming a universal soup, a must for a taste stay. Where the Vietnamese table has its place, is where the Pho is invited. This culinary wonder has its own date, Vietnamese Pho Day,  December 12th.

    Top 7 best places to enjoy Pho in Hanoi:

    Pho Bat Dan, 49 Bat Dan Street

    Pho Thin, 13 Lo Duc Street

    Pho Ly Quoc Su (3 Ly Quoc Su, Hang Voi and Hoang Minh Giam streets)

    Pho Vui, Hang Giay Street, in the old quarter

    Pho Suong (the two streets Dinh Liet in the old quarter and Nguyen Hong)

    Pho Nho, at the crossroads between Huynh Thuc Khang and Nguyen Hong streets

    Pho Bung, 1st Hang Trong Street, close to Hang Bong Street

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