• 8 reasons why you should visit Vietnam
  • 8 reasons why you should visit Vietnam

  • on May 20, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Having particular differences in lifestyles and culture, Vietnam still is an attractive destination for tourist all over the world by its natural beauty, friendly people and the interesting tradition.

    1. Safe and secure destination


    The first thing tourists should consider when looking for a place of visiting is safety. For that reason, Vietnam gains much adorableness from tourist since providing safe and secure environment for visitors whether they go in group or travel alone. Business Insiders have appraised Vietnam, which is in the list of 30 ideal countries for tourism, as the safest and friendliest country for traveling in South East Asia. Ho Chi Minh city, the southern hub of Vietnam, also ranked the 45th in the list of 50 safest city for tourist in 2015 which selected by “The Economist” (British).

    It was not the first time that Vietnam has been praised but in 2014 Business Insiders rated Vietnam the 45th in safety and the second in happiness scale. Furthermore, a Belgium magazine – DeMorgen listed Vietnam as match place for female visitors.

    2. The variety of landscapes


    Along the S-shaped country spread out wonderful natural sceneries which astonish foreign travelers and many of them were in “the most wonderful landscapes in the worlds” list for times.
    They are the city of peace - Hanoi, the world natural wonder of Ha Long, the world’s largest cave of Son Doong, the amazing terraced paddy fields in the North West or the earth’s most beautiful beach along the coast and dozens of historic relics all over the country.

    3. Long-lasting history
    Having its 4000-year history, Vietnam owns the treasure of special legends, traditions, incredible food cuisine and the combination of French-architect buildings and the ancient local-architect construction such as the old houses, temples and citadels. Not just only for relaxing and enjoying, tourist to Vietnam also have chances to discover the history of an unyielding nation.

    4. Special food


    Vietnamese food is highly recommended and gain its dominant position over the world food map by the contribution of pho (noodle soup), Vietnamese sandwich/ bread, bun cha, spring roll which are all well-known for its tasty flavor. 
    Moreover, it is Vietnamese street food with the variety of tasty dishes that excites foreign tourists to explore not only the cuisine but also Vietnamese lifestyle. Different from the spicy taste in Thai’s food, attractive decoration of Western’s or greasy dishes of Chinese, Vietnamese food has its own pure taste that enthralls food lover. Typically, pho is a beloved dish that you can have in your all meals without being fed up among fried noodle (pho xao), chicken noodle soup (pho ga), spring roll (pho cuon), etc.

    5. Vietnamese coffee


    Coffee did not have its origin from Vietnam but in this country its special flavor has been spreading over the world and the name of the egg coffee has cause curiosity to diners. Some newspaper articles have review egg coffee as a special and tasty flavor drink.
    Vietnamese gourmets often add some condensed milk into filtered coffee or choose themselves a cup of egg coffee instead of flat instant coffee in the market.

    6. Fresh food


    Not displaying the frozen food in supermarket’s fridges, Vietnam show visitors its good and fresh food that comes from a wide range of food providers.
    Just go around a local market in Vietnam, you can see fresh fish, shrimps and other sea creatures swimming in the plastic pots. Not only seafood but Vietnam also have its diversity of tropical fruit and vegetable which grown by local people so that you can have the chance to taste its fresh and juicy flavor right at the spot.

    7. Friendly and kind people
    Most of travelers when coming to Vietnam can feel sense of friendliness and hospitality of local people here. They are always willing to show you the way, help you to take the bus or even can talk to you for hours.  

    8. Economic tourism services
    Not as expensive as traveling to Tokyo (Japan), tourists come to Vietnam can enjoy a wide range of service without worrying about the price. Vietnam has become one of the countries that has the cheapest and most reasonable cost for tourism services.
    Just take consideration into the example given by Happy Lifestyle Journal: the cost for a room at a three-star hotel in New York is equal to that at a luxury five-star complex of hotel and resort in Vietnam.
    Even in the cities which have the most expensive cost for tourism services such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city also have provision of homestay or cheap hostel for backpackers. 

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