• 5 Traditional Cultures of Vietnam
  • 5 Traditional Cultures of Vietnam

  • on May 25, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Eventhough being strongly influenced by Chinese culture, Vietnam, an ancient land in Southeast Asia with many hidden charm, also sees multiple changes along history, where you will discover a fascinating culture. If you are about to plan a trip to our magnificient country, this article will show you 5 of traditional Vietnamese cultures that may help you get an oveview of Vietnam. 

    ♦  A rickshaw can take you to explore the Vietnamese culture closely


    A rickshaw is known as a two-wheel or three-wheel vehicle used for more carrying more than 1 passengers. Rickshaw, or more specifically, cyclo appeared in Vietnam, and became a popular transportation means during the French colonial time. Nevertheless, this unique vehicle now serves mainly as a tourist attraction. Unlike the two-wheel one pulled by man on foot, the rickshaws in Vietnam nowadays are powered by a man pedaling behind, with two of the wheels in the front and one in the back under the driver. 

    ♦ Floating market - The special feature of Southwest region of Vietnam 


    The local floating markets is symbolized as the special feature of Vietnamese cultures. It is believed that the floating markets date back to the 19th century, during the reign of Nguyen Dynasty. One of the special characteristics of floating markets is the produce samples hung on a lateral bar to help buyers know what the traders are selling. With traders carrying their fresh goods by boats, and bargaining on the water, the hustle and bustle of this unique scene has gained its popularity among travelers. 

        >>> Floating markets recommended 

    ♦ Vietnamese New Year


    The Vietnamese New Year or so called Lunar Tet is the most important traditional festival during Lunar New Year (usually around late January to early February). Vietnamese people would celebrate it with different kinds of customs, such as ancestor worship, making special New Year food and writing calligraphy as well as other traditional activities. Besides people would go to visit friends or relatives' houses on the first day of Tet. 

    ♦ Making Banh Chung or Sticky rice cake 


    Chung cake is one of the special traditional foods that Vietnamese people would make during the Tet holiday. It is usually made of sticky rice, along with pork meat and green bean, all wrapped in the shape of perfect square with a leaf of a certain local plant called Dong. Vietnamese would place the sticky rice cake and 5 kind of fruits on the ancestors' altars (ancestor worship) till cook them on one or two days before the New Year.

    ♦ Decprating houses with New Year trees


    To complete the decoration for Tet, a small piece of bare bamboo will be set up, with a little bunch of leaves on the tip, and a basket holding some fish and bells made of baked clay, acting as the marks that lead the ancestors' spirits their way home to reunion with the family.

    ♦ Calligraphy 


    It's an important tradition that every family would hang up the calligraphy on the two sides of the main entrance door. The sentences are usuallu written systematically into two collums, in which words in each part must displays an opposite meaning to the others and in the mean while they must obey some specific matching rules. As a result, this creayes an easy-pronounced effect. 

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Shontelle King
Aug 7, 2018
Hello, my husband and I are thinking of traveling to Vietnam in year..a bother couple of friends are also thinking of coming over with us..we normally go to Bali but I have always wanted to visit your country..see the all war tunnels, learn the culture and do a river cruise..would like to come for around 12 days. Would like accommodation, tour guide, meals etc..when is the best time to come?
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