• 5 best places for street food in Hanoi
  • 5 best places for street food in Hanoi

  • on Apr 23, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Tourists falls under the spell of Hanoi, not only for it ancient atmosphere of historical sites but also because of an exquisite cullinary. From the delicable taste of rice noodle, the luscious flavor of Bún chả - Grilled pork with rice vermicelli to a fluffy cup of egg Yolk coffee, Hanoi’s food heartens every diners. In this article, Authentik Vietnam travel take you to the most amazing food cornor in Hanoi.  

    1. Hang Buom Street Food
    2. Ta Hien Street Food
    3. Dong Xuan Street Food
    4. Ly Quoc Su Street Food
    5. Nha Chung Street Food

    1. Hang Buom Street Food 

    5 best places for street food in Hanoi Hang Buom street

    Hang Buom Street is said to be a mini version of crowded Hanoi. Coming here, you shall have chances to immerce in the food heaven, where offers every kind of Vietnamese traditional food and different kind of food around the world. 
    Tourists can enjoy the food right at the street vendor or take away. Besides the salty food such as rice noodle, spring roll or congree with pork, visitors can pick up a fresh juice while wandering along the crowded streets. Since Hang Buom is quite close to a night market, this streets attracts a great amount of diners and visitors. 
    Besides various food choice, tourists can enjoy many kind of Vietnamese traditional artform.such as Ca Tru singing at Hương Tuong temple. This can be known as a plus for this street.  

    2. Ta Hien Street Food 

    5 best places for street food in Hanoi Ta Hien street

    Tạ Hiện – the beer heaven must be so familiar to every food lover. This street has become a place where foreign and local people spent their weekend. 
    Ta Hien street offers no luxurious bar but the unique street vendor where diners sit right on the pavement while drinking tap beer 
    Although Ta Hien street offers simple, ordinary dishes, not too fussy, but when enjoying with beer, it creates the best feeling ever. 
    When the night falls over the street, Ta Hien is filled with the bustling of music. When the party is over, vistors shall be surprised with the simplicity and nostalgic of this street. 
    At night, Xie Shi always loudly burst into laughter, shouting singing bustling singing. But also, the Hanoi people must be surprised with the simple, quiet, nostalgic of this street.

    3. Dong Xuan Street Food 

    5 best places for street food in Hanoi Dong Xuan market

    Dong Xuan Market is said to be the oldest market in Hanoi, not only famous for Hanoians but also visitors around the world. At any given time, you can come here to find and enjoy countless delicious street foods.
    Rice noodles with crunchy snails and crab are two unmissable dishes for everyone visiting Dong Xuan market. The secodn choice should be Bún chả - grilled pork with rice vermicelle. The sour taste of the restaurant is not from the vinegar but from the self-made beams, the taste is very unique.

    4. Ly Quoc Su Street Food 

    5 best places for street food in Hanoi Ly Quoc Su

    Known as a short but famous street for food that can please even the most demanding guests, Ly Quoc Su Street has become a popular place for young people both local and foreigns.
    One of the most famous brands of Phở - rice noodle with beef soup is situated at Ly Quoc Su Street. 
    In Hanoi, mention lemon tea, certainly can not miss Ly Quoc Su. You can easily see the tourists busiest and young people gathered at the lemon tea bar, especially the weekend. 
    Lemon tea, salted meats, salt pickles are popular choices. The season is up, the rock summer ice can be replaced with cups of coffee, warm coffee when the weather in Hanoi cold. Prices range from VND 10,000 to VND 20,0000 per cup.

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    5. Nha Chung Street Food 

    5 best places for street food in Hanoi Ta Hien Nha Chung street

    In Nha Tho, you can enjoy Thai coconut cream, enjoy a Japanese food, then sip a pizza. If not, there are also many Vietnamese dinners that appeal to diners.
    The neighborhood also has the beautiful French cafe, luxury, lying under the old trees. Enjoy the hot coffee on the balcony, quietly watching the small town, you will have a wonderful afternoon. 

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Sbrina Spellman
Apr 15, 2018

So I’ve been on my first real solo trip for about two and a half weeks now, started in Korea and I will be at Vietnam next week. I am so excited to try all the street Foods.

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